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Thomas Jamieson 260875376

DMP Reflective Response

EDEC 262- 002

The Digital Media Project offered an interesting assignment in which I had the

opportunity to blend a variety of skills, tools, and assets together to create a final product. The

technical skills required for the Digital Media Project included a basic understanding of one of

the website-creation programs. In my group’s case, we decided to use Wix. Fortunately, I

previously had the opportunity to learn about how this program works and was able to quickly

contribute with my classmates. Additionally, being able to successfully edit various pictures

together and add the ability to have specific pictures show up when hovered over greatly helped

with my portion.

During discussions of what we could make our Digital Media Project about, we

ultimately decided that creating an informational-based website would be best. We planned on

creating this website to be used as a tool for schools, teachers, and students at a high school

demographic. Once we set up the structure of the website we were able to identify four different

topics that each of us would specialize in and contribute to. From there, I focused on the actual

design of my specific tab and formatted it the way I wanted. After doing some research, I added

the relevant information and supported it with pictures/ diagrams. Finally, each member did a

quick read through/ edit of the other members topics and our project was ready to be submitted.

The main challenge that I faced was being able to collectively work on the website at the

same time as my group members. Any time I made edits to our website and attempted to save my

progress I found that it would override the progress of my group members which caused us to

lose a lot of content/ material that we added together. This caused a major problem right before

the deadline as we quickly found out that a lot of the information added by other group members
Thomas Jamieson 260875376

became completely deleted. Fortunately, we were able to find a way to reload various saves that

were made by other members of my group. While this allowed us to keep the progress that they

made, I found that I had to make similar edits (such as adding sources/ resources) multiple times

to keep adding to older saves. While this challenge was a minor inconvenience it did not stop me

from contributing/ completing this assignment.

The Digital Media Project improved my knowledge of how to create a successful

website. I found that my formatting skills improved greatly. As this website differs greatly to the

one made for my Digital Binder, I had the opportunity to learn a completely new way to setup/

format a website. Going for a more informational/ school-based style was interesting and I look

forward to using these skills in the future.