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We got a call from a planet called earth, and it’s from some president’s wife. Usually, our

embassy’s not used to receiving calls from other planets without an invitation from the Ministry,

especially the one that’s populated with two sexes but with various complexities and shades of gray

between them. Lots of labels, our planet could only handle one. I must admit that earth was such a

colorful planet with rainbow-like creatures. But my research about them forced my brain wires to

twist and stretch. The whole thing made my head hurt.

We have many political issues in our planet already, such as how should we prepare

ourselves for the upcoming Centennial Winter or a war threat from our neighboring planet,

Laxomos. Lately, they’ve been paranoid we might invade them sooner or later.

I asked the Ministry about the purpose of the journey I am about to embark on. “You’ll

observe and report about its condition. You’ll see if it’s ripe for the Harvest.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“It turns out the earth is our forgotten chicken coop.”

Chickens are two-legged creatures from earth, with long hard mouths they pecked on the

dirt to eat. “How come we have chickens?”

Mrs. Fernandez refused to perceive herself as a lonely woman. She would hiss like a cat, and

smiled quickly when someone noticed she looked haggard and distressed. She believed she was

happy, and it was all what she would think about all day long. No more gloomy face, no more
wrinkles in the forehead, Mrs. Fernandez prided herself to be the most beautiful, effortless woman

in her city. She wouldn’t lose her patience to this old filthy, rag-faced hag.

“I am really sorry, but you seem disturbed, dear,” the old woman said, placing her hand on

Mrs, Fernandez’s. “You heave so hard it doesn’t sound normal.”

“Do you know who I am?” Mrs. Fernandez had no time for unintelligible rats. She’s

containing her temper. “With all due respect, leave me alone.” Mrs. Fernandez smiled, taking away

her hand.

My god, people these days. Mrs. Fernandez straightened her skirt and walked toward the

comfort room. She needed a little retouch.