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Gia Faetanini 

gfaetani@kent.edu | (330) 696-5632 

2135 Sand Run Knolls Dr. Akron, Ohio 44313 
April 7, 2019 
Dear Mrs. Alestock,  
I am writing to express my interest in a Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade 
teaching or instructional aide position at Seton Catholic School. I have obtained my 
Bachelor of Science in Education (Early Childhood Education PK-3) and my teaching 
license. The knowledge I’ve acquired in the classroom, as a student and as a prospective 
educator, has prepared me to effectively foster student growth and development in the 
My passion for influencing young minds coupled with my strong passion for my 
Catholic faith, makes me a perfect candidate for this position. I am an active member of 
St. Hilary Parish in Fairlawn, Ohio and am a product of catholic education. I serve as a 
Eucharistic Minister, have attended a mission trip, and have sponsored three people on 
their faith journey through confirmation and baptism. I want to be a person 
who encourages and influences students to love God for the rest of their lives. I also 
want to influence my students to always learn and continue to develop their minds to be 
the best person they can possibly be. 
Throughout my work as a substitute teacher, instructional classroom aid, summer 
teaching experience, coursework and student teaching internships, I’ve accumulated and 
implemented a multitude of instructional strategies, scaffolds, and assessment tools to 
help students of varying achievement levels maximize their learning potential. This is 
indicative of my philosophy of education: To challenge students and watch them grow to 
their full potential by taking students at different levels and guiding their development 
through freedom of expression and creativity.  
In addition to many coursework and fieldwork opportunities at Kent State 
University, I am a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army as an active member of 
the Ohio National Guard. Through these experiences I have learned countless leadership 
strategies and management techniques that I will implement in the classroom. I have also 
acquired skills in teamwork, parent/peer communication, and differentiated instruction 
that transfer into any instructional setting.  
The Seton community has been so welcoming to me throughout my time as a 
substitute teacher and I look forward to sharing my vision more as a member of the 
Seton Catholic School family. 
In Gratitude, 
Gia Faetanini 
Gia Faetanini 

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  

Philippians 4:13