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2018 IEEE Malaysia Final Year Project Competition

Automated Color Feature Extraction for Wound Tissues

NoorHana Laili binti Abdul Basari
960808025752, noorhanalaili9696@gmail.com


Wound tissues classification is important for the doctors and clinicians to classify the
tissues of the patients wound. The ability to classify the wound tissues automatically
Manual method
will be a great support to doctors and clinicians to prevent inaccuracy of wound
Mukherjee (2014)
measurement as the current method is using the traditional method which is using ruler
and measuring tape. This project attempted to use image processing technique to
classify the features of wound tissues image by using color. A total of 421 images
comprising from 50 images from each 4 tissues which are slough, granular, epithelial Complexity of wound
and necrotic were used for developing algorithm and accuracy prediction. Analysis of images are due to the
classifying the tissues in the wound using SVM algorithm classifier and the accuracy noise
of classifying being assessed. The SVM classifier algorithms shows that of 87.5%, Pires & Garcia (2015)
35.15% , 81.82% and 39.19% for wound classification of slough, granular, necrotic
and epithelial tissues.. Hence, the classification of wound tissues that being proposed
can be used to make decision on the wound tissues. In future, the classification of
wound tissues can be done in real time image processing that can have a device that Complexity of the wound, the
can snap the real time image and classify it at that moment. variable lighting conditions,
and the time constraints in
clinical laboratories (Loizou,
Kasparis, & Polyviou, 2013)


Develop prototype of wound tissue


Wound image

Extract color features

of the wound images

Test the accuracy of the proposed

RESULT Mean 0.370467

Standard Deviation 0.482932

Image Type of Accuracy % Extaction Variance 0.16244

Slough 87.5

Image Predicted Ground Truth

Granular 35.15
Slough -Slough
Necrotic 81.82

Granular -Slough
i) This project shows the accuracy rate of 87.5%, 35.15% , 81.82%
Epithelial 39.19 -Granular and 39.19% for wound classification of slough, granular ,necrotic
and epithelial tissues
Necrotic Necrotic ii) Multi SVM shows as a promising method for classifying wound
tissues which are slough, granular, necrosis and epithelial
iii) This project can help doctors to assess and analyse the patient’s
wound tissues.
Epithelial Epithelial iv) Further works may focus on extracting other texture and color
features such as skewness and kurtosis.