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Name : Albertus Yordhana Arsanto

Stud# : 121214017

Misa Keliling (Mass on Road)

Nowadays, we know that there are a lot of activities and events that church does.
Sometimes, there are sport events or other competitions. All this events or competitions have
many benefits. One of the benefits that we can get is relationship and faith. The main point or
target that the church wants is youth people. As we know, we always call them Youth Catholic
People or Orang Muda Katolik (OMK). Every church has their own community and they have
their own way to assemble the Youth Catholic People. It is because Youth Catholic People has
important point in the church. Youth Catholic People will continue the duty and work that are
important in the church structure.

In this time, the news comes from Purwokerto Diocese. The news is about the events
that the church does. Purwokerto Diocese has five regions which are North Region, South
Region, East Region, West Region, and Center Region. In Purwokerto Diocese, there is one of
the programs that makes them have good relationship with others and God. In this programs,
there are five or six church from different cities which come together and join this program. As
you know, the program is so interesting and amazing because the program has their own story.

The program is called by Misa Keliling. Why Misa Keliling? Because they move from
one church to another church. In this time, the writer will discuss about the program which is
in South Region of Purwokerto Diocese. South Region of Purwokerto Diocese creates this
program every six months.

This program is so interesting program because we will have new friends from other
church and we will learn something new from the guest speakers who are the priests. In Misa
Keliling, we also have to show our creativity from role-play, singing, comedy, and many more.
One of the interesting events of Misa Keliling is role-play. In this role-play, the Youth Catholic
People have to make a role-play based on the problem which is around the church. The Youth
Catholic People will show the performance in front of the Priest and other people. Besides,
there is an activity which makes our relationship increases. This activity is games. There are a
lot of games which make us become closer. In this game, we also learn about competition. As
usual, after playing the game, there are information about the best group, the winners, and many
other categories like the freak and craziest group.

In Misa Keliling, there is a theme. Each Misa Keliling has their own theme, so we will
learn something new in every Misa Keliling. The speaker also changes because the theme is
different. Not only we have new friends and also we learn something new especially about God
and relationship.