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Williams 1

Brooke Williams

Emily Gerken

EDU 220

September 23, 2018

Parent Interview

The parent I interviewed has a 19-year-old daughter that graduated within the last year

from a local school. She currently is enrolled in a program that includes half a day of job training

and half of academics for the students with special needs. This program teaches them job training

by taking them on field trips to places. For example, they have gone to Sauder’s Village,

McDonald’s and a farm. They also teach them how to cook and learn how to do basic living

skills. This 19-year-old girl has the disability of Isodicentric chromosome 15 syndrome. This

chromosome abnormality affects many different parts of the body. People that have this

condition have an extra chromosome which is made of two pieces of chromosome 15 that are

stuck together. The extra chromosome in her body contains genetic material. The severity of this

condition varies on the person. This girl had some delays, which are speech, developmental, and

behavioral. She does not use any assistive technology in and out of school.

The parents were very pleased with the Individualized Education Program because they

were very helpful. Their daughter was able to have an assistant throughout school to help her

when needed. They had meetings every two years to talk about how the plan is going and go

through some goals. This meeting is accompanied by the Board of Developmental Disabilities,

the Director of Special Education, the teacher, the assistant and the parents of the child. The

parents were very blessed to know that the IEP process was very helpful. Their IEP’s they had

for their daughter was very in depth. For example, in her IEP the goals were explained fully and
Williams 2

not just a few sentences. The parents also were asked if they wanted to change anything in the

plan or had any questions to ask the Board.

The 19-year-old did not really have goals other than to learn basic learning skills. Some

of the goals her parents would like to see happen is being able to live a normal life as possible.

There are a few things she may never be able to accomplish like driving and living on her own.

In which, another goal is to see her down the road living on her own with an assistant. This will

show her what that real world is like on your own. The assistant will always be there with her to

help her out. They would also love to see her having friends of her own helping her out and

being there for her.

There are many challenges the that the family may face with having a special needs

member in the house. There are some academic challenges that include she hates doing

homework. This could also be a problem because the school was sending homework home with

her that was too hard. She had a hard time trying to understand the math she was learning. Her

brother that graduated college could not even figure some of her homework out. And certain

things where she had to write on worksheets was hard enough because she writes big. She also

has a hard time processing things after she reads something. The family didn’t really have any

communication challenges because she loves to talk to anybody she comes into contact with.

Two challenges she does have with communication would be when is a good time to stop

talking. And the second challenge would be what things to ask when talking. Talking to people is

not a bad thing but you have to stop talking at some point. Some social challenges the family has

is she may be in people’s space and how to socialize with other people.

One thing that I love about this girl is she is very friendly and will talk. She has friends

that will do things for her when she needs help. And if something or someone is bothering her
Williams 3

she will not sit back and watch, she will tell people what is going on. She may not be able to ever

live a normal life like many people do, but that is okay she is her own unique person. She can

live her own life and succeed on her own.