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Detailed Lesson Plan in Health Education 10

SY. 2017 – 2018

Content Standard
The learner demonstrates understanding of the concepts in planning health
Performance Standard
The learner prepares an appropriate plan of action in pursuing a health
Learning Competencies
1. Discuss the components and steps in making a personal health career;
2. Understand the importance of Health Career through preparing their
career plan; and
3. Make their own health career plan using the components and steps


Topic: Health Career
Sub Topic: Components and Steps of making a Health Career Plan
Values Integration: Insights of Possible career goal

 Pictures for motivation
 Visual Aids
 Powerpoint Presentation
 Projector
 Laptop

Reference: Physical Education and Health Learner’s Material 10

pp. 302-307


Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

A. Preparation
1. Short Prayer
2. Greetings Good Morning!
3. Classroom Management
4. Checking of Attendance

B. Priming/Motivation

Identify the object and write the

initials in the space provided to
find out the topic for today.
Learner’s answer: House/H-ome

Learner’s answer: E-lephant

Learner’s answer: A-pple

Learner’s answer: L-ion

Learner’s answer: T-iger

Learner’s answer: H-eart

Learner’s answer: C-ake

Learner’s answer: A-irplane

Learner’s answer: R-ibbon

Learner’s answer: E-gg

Learner’s answer: E-arth

Learner’s answer: R-abbit

After finding and combining the Ma’am the words that we form is
initials, what are the words that we Health and Career.
Ma’am our topic for today is
about Health Career.
Very Good! What do you think is our
topic for today?

C. Activity

Concept Mapping…
List down the words associated with
the word “Health Career”.

Learner’s answer may vary.

D. Analysis
How can you define the word
Learner’s answer may vary.
Career is an occupation or profession
that requires special training. When Health career, careers in the
you heard the word health career what medical profession and allied
comes into your mind? health services. Health career can
give you a lot of benefits; these
Kindly read the definition of health include working with others,
communication skills, legal and
ethical responsibilities, cultural
considerations in healthcare
industry, problem solving,
decision making, accepting
personal responsibility, and self-

Health career planning refers to an

individual’s plan to make a career Learner’s answer may vary.
choice, growing in chosen career or
It involves continuous learning and
making career shift. Health career improvement to build and grow in
planning it involves the very important the chosen career path.
step of self-assessment. So what do you
think is self-assessment?
Self-assessment – discover your
personal strengths through self-
Self-assessment is to understand one’s assessment (values, interests,
personality, testing, skills, etc.)

Now let’s talk about the components

and steps in making health career plan. Career Exploration – you can
Kindly read the definition. explore different careers and work
environment through career fairs,
online research, meetings,
internship, alumni connections,
professional resources.
Self -assessment is also discovering
your personality. This will also show
Decision making – before you
what things you are good at and also decide on taking a career that works
your weak points. for you, you can evaluate and
The next one please read. narrow down your options through
listing the pros and cons, comparing
your personal strengths and
interests, and deciding which career
fulfils both current and future goals.

Career exploration can simply define as

gaining experiences in the career that
you chose.
Plan of Action – plan achievable
goals and develop strategies to reach
your goals, organize your goals into
smaller steps, identify actions for
each step, utilize helpful people and
resources, review and adapt your
plan regularly.
In decision making, you need to ask
yourself what career you like the most
after experiencing the real situation of
the certain career you tried. You need
to think if you are really interested in
doing that certain job. And lastly think
if it still fulfil your goals in life. And Learner’s answer may vary.
the last one.

Learner’s answer may vary.

Plan of action is planning how you will A career is an occupation or
profession that requires special
achieve your goal step by step and trainings.
identify the things you need in Career is want you want to be in the
achieving that goal. future.

Health career, careers in the medical

As a student why do you it is important
profession and allied health services.
to know and understand the steps of Health career can give you a lot of
making a health career plan? benefits; these include working with
others, communication skills, legal
and ethical responsibilities, cultural
How this career plan will help you in
considerations in healthcare
planning for your future. industry, problem solving, decision
making, accepting personal
responsibility, and self-management.
E. Abstraction
What is career?
Career Exploration
Decision Making
Plan of Action

What is health career?

What are the components and steps in

making a health career?

F. Application

My Health Career Plan

Write your own career plan by
answering the questions in the table
My Career Plan
My career goal/s:
What are my skills and interest?

Career Exploration
1. Career
What health career do I want to
What will I do to explore the 2. Career Exploration
different health careers?

Decision Making 3. Self – Assessment

What health career will I choose
based on my skills and interests?
What do I need to consider?
4. Health Career
My Plan of Action
What will I do to meet my goal/s?

G. Assessment
IDENTIFICATION: Write your answer 5. Decision Making
on the space provided before each
1. It is occupation or
profession that requires
special training.
2. This is exploring different
careers and working
3. It helps you to discover your
1. S.A.
personal strengths, interest,
skill and your personality.
4. It was designed to
familiarize students with
various medical career and 2. C.E.
5. This is evaluating and
narrowing down your
options through listing pros
and cons and comparing
your personal strengths and
II. Identify which steps in career
planning are applicable in the given 3. P.A.
situation. You will only write the given
initials as the answer; SA – Self
Assessment, CE – Career Exploration,
DM – Decision Making and PA – Plan
of Action.
1. Divine loves reading medical
books especially if it’s about 4. D. A.
mental health. She wants to
help people that suffering
from mental illness.
2. Marc wants to become a
chef. He attended workshops
and seminars about cooking
and work on a restaurant as 5. S.A.
assistant cook during his first
year in college.
3. Jon came from poor family
and can’t afford to enroll him
in college. But Jon wants to
become a teacher. He was
planning to work while
studying and applying to
some scholarship program
for him to take the course
that he want.
4. Christian was confused in the
course that she will take after
graduation, she wants to
become an architect and also
a broadcaster. After assessing
her own skills and interest
she choose architecture over
5. Anne thinks that she is good
at handling stressful
situations and always
fascinated on how human
body works. She like to save
life and help people with
diseases and disabilities.
V. Agreement

Write your insights on how you see yourself as an individual who is working for their
career today, after senior high school and after college. Plot your insights on the table

How do you see yourself

……today ….after Senior High …….After College