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MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2019


The City of Chicago and the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation (R.A), a registered
non-for-profit association incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel, have decided
to enter into a memorandum of cooperation to foster stronger ties between Chicago and
the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation particularly in the areas of inclusive innovation
and entrepreneurship.

Innovation and entrepreneurship have profound impacts on local communities and
economies. They can fuel growth and impact trajectories of individuals and
neighborhoods. Chicago and Israel are leading centers for both innovation and
entrepreneurship, and the desire of this memorandum is to establish enhanced linkages in
these spaces. Through the expertise of the City of Chicago and the Peres Center for
Peace and Innovation (R.A), this memorandum hopes to create opportunities for positive
impact on all members of each community and economy.

The City of Chicago, in conjunction with World Business Chicago, and the Peres Center
for Peace and Innovation (R.A) (herein by called The Parties) will work with partners in
both Israel and Chicago to achieve the objective laid out in this memorandum of
cooperation. The areas of focus will include, but are not limited to:

1. Innovation Collaboration – The Parties will work together to create access points
into the Chicago and Israeli ecosystems, with a particular focus on innovation and
entrepreneurship. On the Israeli side, the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation
(R.A)’s ‘Israeli Innovation Center’ will serve as the access point for Chicago. On
the Chicago side, the City of Chicago and World Business Chicago will serve as
the access points. Collaboration will include but is not limited to:
a. Facilitation of connections to corporate, academic, civic, and government
leaders for the purposes of economic development through innovation and
b. Promotion of The Parties in the respective partner locations through
appropriate channels
c. Organization of joint promotional activities in Chicago and Israel

2. Community Development – Through each member’s areas of expertise The

Parties will work to ensure that Chicago’s and Israel’s economic growth will have
a positive impact across all local communities. This will be achieved by
collaboration with additional local partners through specific programs and
initiatives focused on using the tools of innovation and entrepreneurship to
promote inclusion, diversity and bridging divides between sides.

3. Knowledge Sharing and Partnership – The Parties will participate in continual

knowledge sharing for ensured achievement of the stated goals of cooperation.
When appropriate, The Parties will facilitate connections to relevant outside
partners to ensure the impact of this cooperation is felt across all communities.

To ensure implementation of this memorandum, an annual Work Plan will be drafted and
agreed to by all parties. This Work Plan will be reviewed and updated on a semi-annual
basis, with the consent of all parties.

This Memorandum of Cooperation expresses our combined intention but does not create
a legally binding agreement or financial commitment.

For the Peres Center for Peace and For the City of Chicago of the United
Innovation (R.A) States of America

Chemi Peres The Honorable Rahm Emanuel

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mayor, City of Chicago
Peres Center for Peace and