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Roll No: 09-LYN- Federal Paper Code 1 2 1 4
Full book T3
Total Marks: 65 Objective+ Subjective Time: 2 Hour
Q.1: Choose the best Answer: 12
i. Which term is the same for one mole of oxygen and one mole of water?
(A) Volume (B) mass (C) atom (D) molecule

ii. How many molecules are there in 16g of oxygen?

(A) O.1 (B)0.5 (C) 1 (D) 0.05

iii. A sub shell that can accommodate 6 electrons is:

(A) S (B) P (C) D (D) F

iv. Which isotope is used in nuclear reactors?

(A) U-234 (B) U-235 (C) U-238 (D) All of these

v. Main group elements are arranged in groups?

(A) 6 (B) 7 (C) 8 (D) 10

vi. Which one of the following you expect to have greater shielding effect?
(A) Li (B) Na (C) K (D) Rb

vii. Which one of the following atom obey duplet rule?

(A) O2 (B) H2 (C) N2 (D) F2

viii. Bromine has melting point of -70C and boiling point of 590C. What is physical state of bromine at 1000C.
(A) Liquid (B) solid (C) gas (D) none

ix. Which one of the following solution is more dilute?

(A) 1M (B) 2M (C) 0.009 M (D) O.1 M

x. What is the mass of 5 moles of hydrogen gas?

(A) 5g (B) 5.04 g (C) 10.08 g (D) 1.008 g

xi. Galvanization is:

(A) Coating with Sn (B) coating with Cu (C) coating with Zn (D) coating with Cr

xii. Chlorine cannot oxidize with ion?

(A) Iodide (B) fluoride (C) bromide (D) Astatine

Q.2. Attempt any 11 questions of the following: 11x3=33

1. Differentiate between ion and a free radical?
2. What is a mole?
3. Calculate the mass of one hydrogen atom in grams?
4. Calculate the number of H-atoms present in 18g H2O?
5. An atom is electrically neutral, why?
6. List the sub-shells of M shell in order of increasing energy?
7. How many electrons can be placed in all of the sub-shells in the n=2 shell?
8. Can you identify an atom without knowing number of neutrons in it?
9. Write two ways in which isotopes of an element differ?
10. Explain why Na has higher ionization energy than K?
11. Alkali metals belong to S-block in the periodic table. Why?
12. State octet and duplet rules?
13. How does Al form cation?
14. How does temperature effect vapour pressure of a liquid?
15. Give difference between diffusion and effusion.
16. Can you make water boil at 700C.?
17. Express the pressure 400mmHg in kPa.
18.Gassoline does not dissolve in water, why?

Note: Attempt any TWO Long Questions of the following: 20
Q.3 (A) What is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 1.25g of HCl gas into enough water to make30
cm3. 5
(B) Write a detail note at Daniel Cell along with diagram 5

Q.4 (A) Explain electrolytic refining of copper. 5

(B)Arrange the following oxides in order of decreasing basic character. BeO,CaO,MgO. 5

Q.5 (A) Give some application of platinum . 5

(B)Define molecular ion, formula unit, atomic number, mass number and atomic mass unit. 5