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Text for questions 1-3

Heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers. Millions of people in Britain take
cholesterol-lowering drugs to reduce their risk. Now scientists from the Netherlands
Organisation of Applied Scientific Research believe they may have found an alternative
treatment. It’s a vaccine that helps the body’s immune system get rid of bad cholesterol from
the blood. The first human trials are now under way, but researchers say it will take six years
before they know if the jab is safe and effective enough to get regulatory approval.

1) De acordo com o texto:

a) Doenças do coração e derrames são os maiores assassinos do mundo.
b) Milhões de pessoas no mundo sofrem de doenças do coração.
c) Apenas os derrames são os maiores assassinos do mundo.
d) Apenas as doenças do coração são os maiores assassinos do mundo.

02) ” It’s a vaccine that helps the body’s immune system get rid of bad cholesterol from the
blood….” uma possível tradução para a frase acima é:
a) A vacina vai ajudar o colesterol a se livrar do sangue ruim.
b) É uma vacina que ajuda o sistema imunológico do corpo a se livrar do mau colesterol no
c) A vacina vai tratar o sistema imunológico do colesterol ruim.
d) A vacina vai tratar o colesterol ruim através do corpo que vai se livrar do mau funcionamento do
sistema imunológico.

03) De acordo com o texto:

a) Os primeiros testes em ratos de laboratórios ainda estão em andamento.
b) Pesquisadores dizem que vai levar oito anos até saberem se a vacina é segura e eficiente.
c) Cientistas holandeses acreditam ter encontrado um tratamento paliativo para auxiliar o sistema
d) Milhões de pessoas na Grã-Bretanha tomam remédios para baixar o colesterol.

4. Complete the sentences with the correct pronoun.

a) This is Henry. d) There are two dogs.
_______ comes from Scotland. ________ are brown and white.

b) Look at Jack and Susan. e) Where is Lisa?

________ are walking. ______ is in town.

c) What time is it?

______ is 10 o'clock.

5. Circle the correct form.

a) He knows (his – its) lesson well and I know (my – mine).
b) (Your – Yours) radio is from Japan, (hers – her) isn’t.
c) (Their – Theirs) books are sold everywhere. (Our – Ours) are sold only in England.
d) Those women work with (her – their) computers and that man with (his – theirs).

6. Write questions. Use the correct interrogative words.

a) A: ____________ dress is that ? d) A: __________ is Peter doing now?
B: It’s my sister’s. B: He is sleeping.
b) A: ____________ do you see Jane? e) A: ____________ did you meet?
B: I see her twice a week. B: I met Jane.
c) A: ___________ did the book cost ?
B: It cost 30 dollars.

7. Preencha as lacunas com o artigo correto e confira a ordem no final.

a) Yesterday I ate ________ egg and ________ apple for breakfast.
( ) an – an ( ) an – a ( ) a - an

b) I have ____ important thing to say and ____ new for you.
( ) an – an ( ) a – an ( ) an - a

c) Julia wants to have ____ ice-cream, Kelly wants ____ banana-split, Trevor wants ____
avocado dessert and I want ____ acai cup.
( ) an - a - an – a ( ) an - a - an – an ( ) a - an - an -an