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bdsecmac@umich.edu​ ​· ​860.918.1751​· ​briandauteuil.weebly.com

Michigan Standard Secondary Certificate June 2019
6-12 Physics (DE), 6-12 Mathematics (EX)

University of Michigan​, Ann Arbor MI August 2019
M.A. in Educational Studies with Secondary Certification
GPA: 4.0/4.0

Colgate University​, Hamilton NY

B.A degree ​May 2016
Major: Physics; Minor: Native American Studies

Pathways to Success, ​Ann Arbor MI September 2018-June 2019
Student Teacher, High School
● Lead teacher for Physics/Robotics, a hands-on Physics class where students build, program, and
learn the physics behind robots
○ Established class norms and soft skills through discussions of robotics ethical dilemmas
such as the use of self driving cars
○ Connect robotics vocabulary and technical language from the curriculum to concepts the
students are more familiar with
○ Implemented an electricity claim-evidence-reading lesson where students used circuit
boards and Van De Graff machines to investigate the properties of electricity
● Lead teacher for two sections of Introduction to Engineering Design, a class that integrates
technical drawings, CAD modeling and 3D printing
○ Teach the iterative process by encouraging student error and correction as students 3D
print mugs and create automatas
● Co-taught English 11, a test preparation course, to ten students, four of which have IEP’s
○ Designed lesson plans that target individual student’s post-secondary interests to drive
○ Communicated and collaborated regularly with co-teacher to discuss overarching goals
and objectives for the course
○ Adapted and differentiated lesson plans to foster student engagement
○ Managed classroom behavior through positive rewards and peer encouragement while
holding students accountable to classroom norms
○ Sent monthly newsletter to parents describing course updates and how parents can
better support their students

Rudolf Steiner High School​, Ann Arbor MI October 2017-June 2018

High school Math Teacher (9th Grade Algebra 1 and 10th Grade Geometry)
● Individualized strategies and differentiated assignments for students from varying math
backgrounds and created lesson plans that targeted the class’s general areas for growth
● Gauged how much practice and guidance the class needs to fully comprehend each concept,
while also challenging the strongest students with especially difficult problems

Americorps Vista, ​Bellingham WA ​August 2016-September 2017
Educational Programmer
● Implemented educational programming for about 100 students (K-12) at Sterling Meadows Mercy
Housing, an affordable housing complex for low income farmworkers
● Led afterschool homework club for kids and teens
● Devised individualized strategies for de-escalating counterproductive emotions by discussing
options directly with each student
○ Relayed strategies to parents and teachers during weekly meetings to bridge gap
between home and school life, and create consistency for the student
● Paired four Western Washington University Master’s in Education students with mentees who
were struggling in high school courses aligned with the mentor’s future teaching interests,
providing students with influential role models
○ Stressed importance of consistent participation from both the mentor and the mentee by
consistently visiting homes to remind students and parents about meetings, as well as
maintaining conversations with mentors about additional opportunities to engage with
○ Tracked the mentor-mentee relationship along with the student’s academic progress by
keeping records of academic growth on Powerschool

Colgate University, ​Hamilton NY September 2015-December 2015

Teacher’s Assistant
● Tutored 67 students, freshmen through seniors, in the class “Astronomy in Culture,” providing
additional tutoring at students’ request and employing individualized teaching techniques
depending on students’ strengths
● Held weekly tutoring sessions to guide students through homework and test preparation, using
Colgate’s Visualization Lab (Planetarium)
● Taught basic astronomy to help students interpret how celestial objects move across the sky and
how they may be associated with numerous aspects of daily life on earth
● Collaborated with other teacher’s assistants in weekly meetings to discuss how to best grade and
correct weekly homework, stressing the importance of the student’s grasp on the overall scope of
the course