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Boxley, Ola Elshaar, and Dustin Staples
Photography and Advertising:
Photography Manager: Diversity deserves to be celebrated at Radford University.
Hailey Scherer During the first week in April, the Center for Accessibility
hscherer1@radford.edu Services (CAS) will be hosting Inclusion Week, a celebration of
Staff Photographers: Chad Boxley, Jordan
access and inclusion. 
Bennett, and Brian Angus

SMADs Manager: Yves White

ywhite4@radford.edu Jordan Peele is back at it again with his new horror movie Us
that was released Mar. 21. This movie starts with a family going
For a full list go to rutartan.com/ wordpress/
on a vacation to Santa Cruz. Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o),
her husband (Winston Duke), and their two kids are suddenly
WHO WE ARE confronted by home invaders who look and behave in similar
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The Highlanders Baseball squad began the 2019 season
The deadline for all advertising is 5 p.m. on Tuesday dropping three games to East Carolina, but with the help of
before the desired issue of publication. Ads must be

redshirt-senior outfielder Andrew Szamski and freshman

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outlets. By Dustin Staples
www.ruhsm.com dstaples1@radford.edu
4 | The Tartan Ida Domingo, Managing & News Editor // idomingo1@radford.edu // News

Higher, Further, Faster, Finally

to space to be apart of the for her faults. They gave her
X-Men under the name Binary a protégé, a young Pakistani
while other characters took woman who uses the name, Ms.
on the name Captain Marvel. Marvel.
“Everybody gets to be Captain “Here we are finally getting
Marvel, except Carol Danvers,” to see a female character finally
Dr. Smith explained saying that take the lead,” said Dr. Smith
Marvel created other characters about the Captain Marvel film.
to take on the name Captain “The character is going to be
Marvel. Danvers was eventually at the head of a new wave of
Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios, LLC

brought back to the Avengers Marvel films that really do

and made an alcoholic before emphasize female involvement
visiting an alternate reality and participation.”
where she was Captain Marvel, Dr. Smith believes that
the most powerful superhero. Captain Marvel is a hallmark in
The first 40 years of Carol the progress of the portrayal of
Danvers journey were written heroes and what they can be.
books. He recently helped curate Eventually, Carol Danvers and drawn by almost all men.

B y K a r l i R at l i f f the Marvel: Universe of Super found out about her superhero “They don’t know what to do
kratliff13@radford.edu Heroes exhibit that accounts 80 alter ego, and the writers began with the character. They kinda

Marvel is
years of Marvel Comics history. to build out the character into fumble and foible around,”

aptain Marvel’s journey When Carol Danvers was something more than just the said Dr. Smith about these
to higher, further, first introduced, she was not damsel in distress. She even writers. “The default isn’t [to]

a hallmark
faster has not been the superhero Captain Marvel, becomes the center of the make her stronger, make her
easy or short. For the first but a strong female character Avengers 200th edition but as more powerful, make her more
forty years, the character was that was continually reduced to the victim. From that point on interesting, the thought is [to]
consistently knocked down into
the role of damsel in distress,
the damsel in distress. “It’s part
of the complicated process of
Carol Danvers was continually
built up only to be torn down
make her more flawed, and then
we can do something with her.” in the
said Dr. Matthew Smith, in a this character coming into her again. Dr. Smith continued stating,
presentation that was a part of own in the course of the last 50 “Marvel recognizes there’s a “2012 is really the turning point
Radford University’s celebration years,” said Dr. Smith about the particular value to having that in the characters progression.”
of Women’s History Month.
Dr. Smith, a professor and
struggles that Captain Marvel
intellectual property kept in
house, so they’re never gonna
That year Marvel decided to
make Carol Danvers Captain of the
portrayal of
the Interim Dean of the College After exposure to the Psyche- get along without a Captain Marvel, and nearly all the writers
of Humanities and Behavioral Magnitron gave her superhuman Marvel,” said Dr. Smith regarding from 2012 were women. They
Sciences, has been involved in powers, Carol Danvers became the importance of the character started writing a new Captain
many publications about the
culture and history of comic
Ms. Marvel; she just didn’t know
it yet.
to the Marvel universe.
Carol Danvers was sent
Marvel narrative that embraced
her strengths instead of looking heroes.
VACAS: Redrawing Boundaries
According to the VACAS and Law in China. Each group was assigned Communications student at
B y J e r e m y M o s e r ‘19 website, the non-profit On Saturday, there will be a different jobs that they had to do Radford, she won the SGA
jmoser9@radford.edu organization aims to foster friendly competition between to help create the conference.” presidency and the honor of
the study of communication in the universities at attendance, Tenshaw was part of the Dean Scholar.
various fields. The event will called a “Campaign-A-Thon.” IMC group which their job was Winebrenner is now a Senior
contain submissions of papers, This contest will give teams to promote the event with a Account Executive for Cisco
panels, and poster presentations a few hours to put together social media presence including Systems, Program Manager
to be shown at the conference. an advertising campaign for a posters and fliers around and Central Virginia Lead for
Over 27 panels are planned business in Virginia. campus. Girls Rock in Tech, and an MBA
to take place over Friday and There will also be a The hospitality group put student at the University of
Saturday. graduate fair allowing different together a list of available Richmond.
Communication The 2019 conference is titled universities to hotels for the people Despite the difficulties,

is always poised
“Redrawing Boundaries.” The showcase their One thing I traveling to this Tenshaw has enjoyed her role in
description of the conference graduate programs. enjoyed most conference to stay in planning the conference.

to map new
on Radford’s website reads, “As A special topics about planning for overnight. Indeed, “One thing I enjoyed
a discipline keen to explore class in the School the conference is people are coming most about planning for the

borders when it the unfolding edge of social

phenomena, Communication
of Communication, realizing just how not just from across
Event Planning much goes into the state, but from
conference is realizing just how
much goes into them,” Tenshaw

comes to social, is always poised to map new

borders when it comes to
460), them.
across the world as
said. “At the beginning, I thought
it was pretty simple, but now I

rhetorical, social, rhetorical, media, and

cultural practices. In an era of
conference. The Tartan reached As Tenshaw
out for an interview with a there have been a couple of
described, realize that there’s a lot behind
the scenes that many people
media, and uncertainty, the discipline’s
voice is one that helps to address
student in this class to gather complications over the last two
an idea of what all went into months of planning. Spring
don’t know about.”
Radford University is hosting
cultural where new territories are being
laid out in every communicative
planning this year’s VACAS break, being only two weeks
event. before the conference, disrupted
the entire event in the College
of Humanities and Behavioral
practices. practice from leadership to
social media.”
“There are many things some of the teams’ plans.
that a conference needs to More importantly, their
Sciences building on campus
from Friday, Mar. 29 to Saturday,

adford University is One of Friday’s panels, “The succeed,” said Abigail Tenshaw, planned keynote speaker, Mar. 30. The event is free to
hosting the Virginia Changing Horizon, From China’s a junior. “For the class, we Radford alumna Priya Ramesh, attend and open to all students.
Association of Mainstream Media to New had four different groups, the had to cancel at the very last More information on this
Communication Arts and Media,” will be presented by IMC [Integrated Marketing minute. The class replaced her event head on over to radford.
Science (VACAS) conference this four people from the Southwest Communications], scripting, with another alumna, Stephanie edu/content/chbs/home/comm/
weekend, Mar. 29-30. University of Political Science recruitment, and hospitality. Winebrenner. In 2006, as a vacas.
www.rutartan.com Wednesday, March 27, 2019 | 5

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

spring equinox, April Fools’
B y B r i a n A n g u s ’22 Day could be considered the
bangus@radford.edu initiation into spring.
I would add that perhaps

T Mysterious
he origins of April Fools’ when spring comes around
Day are quite blurry. After people start getting out more,
searching and searching and after being kept inside

Origins of
for an answer as to why we during the winter, we are ready
celebrate April Fools, I came up to get out and release the wild
with only speculations. However, energy that has been stored, and

April Fools’
some speculations were more maybe through some pranks.
popular than others. What’s interesting is the
According to History.com, popularity of this holiday, even
April Fools’ Day may have though it seems that its origins

started when France switched aren’t traceable. It’s like we have
to the Gregorian calendar back all just collectively agreed that
in 1582. Changing the calendar this is something we want to
moved their new year from the do once a year. April Fools’ Day
end of Mar. to Jan. 1. found the unawareness comical The Latin Language Blog An interesting perspective doesn’t serve a purpose, and it
Photo Courtesy of Braydon Anderson | Unsplash

Keep in mind that and laughed at those who mentions that It has also been from daily.jstor.org states doesn’t help us remember a time
communication wasn’t as easy weren’t up to date. speculated that April Fools that new things are often the or person, it exists because it’s
and fast then as it is today, Pranks ensued in the form Day stemmed from the Roman victims of pranks. For example, fun.
so some were not aware of of placing a paper fish on the festival, Hilaria. The festival was employees of an office may prank Maybe, that right there is the
the change to the calendar; backs of such people. The fish celebrated at the end of March the new guy, or fraternities and real reason we celebrate April
therefore they still celebrated represented a young “easily and involved jokes and people sororities may set up an act of Fools’ Day, because it’s fun.
at the end of March. The people hooked” fish and a gullible dressing up in disguises. initiation.
who were aware of the change person. Since April 1 is close to the

Inclusion Week Celebrates Diversity

B y E m i ly S a r g e n t ’19
can get involved with inclusion.
There will also be a table
will give students and faculty an
opportunity to be guided through
Virginia, Inc., in Kyle Hall room
320 from 1 p.m. to 1:50 p.m.
We are all here
esargent@radford.edu at Bonnie called “Together We a calming self-awareness This event will be offered as one, we are
Grow As One.” It will be an activity. They will learn calming by CAS and Women and Gender
super excited
iversity deserves to be activity where students can and coping strategies for anxiety Studies. During the event,
celebrated at Radford
decorate a leaf that will go on a
larger display. The display will
that encourage awareness of the
McGrail will talk about her
experiences with Ms. Wheelchair
to collaborate
During the first week in April, be a tree that shows inclusion as On Thursday, April Virginia. with our partners
the Center for Accessibility a whole. 4, “Universally Designed According to Daby, “CAS
Services (CAS) will be hosting Events scheduled for Instruction” will be presented continues to be committed to to bring these
Inclusion Week, a celebration of
access and inclusion. The CAS
Tuesday, April 2 include a
panel discussion and a Bonnie
by Merrie Winfrey, Instructional
Designer and Learning Architect
the ongoing goal of access and
inclusion so that all individuals opportunities on
will work with campus partners
such as the Student Government
activity, StoryCorps Podcasts.
The panel discussion is called
ar Radford University, in the CAS
office from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
on campus can fully participate
in the University Experience.”
campus in an
Association, Inclusion Club and “Accessibility and Inclusion at The CAS office is located Inclusion Week as a whole effort to celebrate
and bring more
Women and Gender Studies Radford University” and will be on the third floor of Russell will be a great opportunity for
to host a variety of activities held in Heth Hall room 22 from Hall. “Universally “Designed students and faculty to make
around inclusion for the week.
Kate Daby, Assistant Director
11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
The panel discussion
Instruction” will
presentation around making
be a connections with one another
and raise awareness of diversity
awareness to
of the CAS and a Disability will involve a large group of materials accessible for all and inclusion. It will be a time inclusion and
Services Specialist, is looking faculty who have experienced learning styles. Topics will to celebrate what makes each
forward to this event. “We are accessibility and inclusion include creating lessons and person unique. access.
all here as one,” Daby said. “We on campus. The StoryCorps how to make presentations
are super excited to collaborate Podcasts are about disabilities closed-captioned.
with our partners to bring these and will be played throughout Also on April 4, there will
opportunities on campus in an lunch at the Bonnie. be a CAS Accessible Technology
effort to celebrate and bring The CAS and Counselor Open House in the CAS office
more awareness to inclusion and Education will offer an activity from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. The staff
access.” called Mindfulness and Bubbles will show people different note-
On Monday, April 1, on Wednesday, April 3. It will taking devices and technology
Photo Courtesy of Omar Lopez | Unsplash

“Inclusion Starts with You” be led by Dr. Alan Forrest, a supports.

will be presented by Dr. Darren Professor in the Department of Inclusion Week will conclude
Minarik, Associate Professor Counselor Education, on Heth on Friday, April 5 with “Ms.
in Special Education, from 11 Lawn from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. If Wheelchair Virginia.” It will be
a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Bonnie it is raining, the activity will be presented by Radford Alumni
Auditorium. Dr. Minarik will moved to Heth Hall. Emily McGrail, the State
share experiences on how people Mindfulness and Bubbles Coordinator for Ms. Wheelchair
6 | The Tartan Dylan Lepore, Editor-in-Chief & Culture Editor // dlepore1@radford.edu // Culture

Seven Simple Dorm Meals Before the Year Ends: 4 Events In April
well. sophomores bring their gold coins to the
B y B r i a n A n g u s ’22 First, scrub the potato with water By T yl e r M a r t i n ’20 fountain to toss them in, then received
bangus@radford.edu to clean it, then pierce holes in the tmartin100@radford.edu another to keep.
potato with a fork to allow ventilation. This is a great way to reflect on your

ere are seven simple meals that Microwave the potato for five minutes s the school year winds down to time at college and set goals for yourself
can be made right in your dorm. on each side (Low power microwaves an end, there is still no shortage in the rest of your college experience.
You won’t need a stove or will require more time). Toppings such of events to attend and enjoy with
oven, just a microwave. I can’t promise as sour cream, butter, and cheese can be friends before it goes by. These are just a Sundae Funday 5K
they will be great, but I can promise they added to the potato. few of the many events Radford will be The Sundae Funday 5K will be taking
will be good. I mean what do you expect? offering before we break for summer. place at the Student Recreation &
You’re cooking in a microwave. 5. Ramen Wellness Center on Sunday, April 14 from
I couldn’t make a dorm foods list BonnieRoo 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
1. Oatmeal without including instant ramen. The annual music and arts festival, Proceeds from this event will be
One of the easiest ways to start the Most stores sell the food for less than BonnieRoo is coming back Friday, April donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research
day is with a bowl of oatmeal. Just boil a dollar per package making it a very 12. The event will take place from 5 p.m. Hospital. Early registration at the venue
some water in a microwave and pour it cheap meal as well. To cook, just place to 11 p.m. at the Bonnie Plaza and of is available until Friday, April 12 at 5
over some oats. Fixings such as brown the dried noodles in a bowl with water, course, is free to anyone interested. p.m., registration is also available the day
sugar, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits can be microwave for a few mins, stir in the There will be music, free T-shirts, of the event at 3 p.m.
added to give more flavor to the oats. powder flavoring, and that’s it. food trucks and lots of fun activities. The fee for registration is $5 and only
The headliners of the event will be cash or checks made out to St. Jude is
2. Eggs in a Mug 6. Microwaveable Meals Gryzzle, a hip-hop/jazz fusion group accepted. The 5K will kick off at 4 p.m.,
You don’t even need a stove to make If you don’t feel like preparing from Harrisonburg, VA, and Garcian from and there will be giveaways, prizes and
eggs. Simply crack an egg into a mug, anything, you can always go to the North Carolina. This is a great way to as the name mentions a build your own
add a splash of milk, and stir till the egg grocery store and pick up a frozen have fun on campus with friends as the sundae for free.
becomes an even color. Then, microwave prepared dinner. During high school, I year comes to an end, as well as a time to Get athletic, support the cause and
for about 90 seconds. I recommend wasn’t much of a chef, so every day after unwind just before finals week. enjoy some free ice cream at the end.
adding pepper and salt for taste. school I’d come home and pop open a Come out to spread creativity and
microwaveable dinner. After eating so enjoy the art. Having missed out on this Russell Hall Block Party
3. Peanut Butter, Nutella, and many, I’ve grown sick of them, but they event last year, I can say all my friends The campus-wide social, the Russell
Banana Wrap are convenient when in a rush. enjoyed the event, and there were plenty Hall Block Party is coming April 18 at
This is another one of my favorite of activities to enjoy as well. Russell Hall.
easy to make breakfast foods. 7. Nachos Similar to the socials placed at Quest
I like to use whole wheat tortillas, as I have to give credit to my Dad for this Calling All Sophomores and move in weekend, this event will
they taste the most like bread, and spread one. The second ever Halfway There event have a photo booth, games, a sundae bar
peanut butter and Nutella over them. When I was younger, and we’d get will take place Monday, April 8 at the and more. Seniors who attend will have
Then, add a sliced banana in there and hungry at night, he would always make McConnell Library lawn and then onto a signing day, a chance to decorate their
wrap it up. Regular bread can be used as nachos which I thought was the best the Bonnie Plaza. graduation caps and write thank you
well; I just find the tortilla allows you to food ever. After a while of eating them, I This is a time for sophomores to letters to their professors.
taste the flavor of the peanut butter and wanted to learn his secret; to my surprise, celebrate completing half of their college As with most great campus events,
Nutella more. it was so simple. education, and a motivator to push this is free! This event is not limited to
He put chips on a plate, sprinkled through to the end. seniors; any student can attend, and have
4. Baked Potato them with a blend of cheeses, and The previous Halfway There included one last fun campus event of the year.
Hence the name, baked potatoes turn microwaved them for about a minute. speeches, free T-shirts, food, tie-dying, For everything on events at Radford
out best when baked in an oven. However, For everything college tips and tricks and golden Radford University coins for University keep it locked at RUTARTAN.
they will turn out fine in a microwave as stay up to date on RUTARTAN.COM. all who attend. Last year’s event had all COM.

A Movie Review

commentary, symbolism, and and gory death scenes as the have potentially changed the
B y E va n M a s o n ’19 nods to the state of America protagonist’s fight to stay whole outcome of the movie or
and the divide between class alive. There is also the much- even stopped any of the events
and privilege throughout. expected humor that Peele is from happening in general

ordan Peele is back at it A big driving factor that known to break up some of the because when the scene comes
again with his new horror pulls you in is wondering dark moments here and there up, it leaves you wondering,
movie Us that was released why their doppelgängers are as well. “why did this character do that,
Mar. 21. coming after them, where did This movie also doesn’t that’s really irrational and kind
This movie starts with a they come from, what are they? rely on cheap jump scares, of silly.”
family going on a vacation to The mystery keeps you hanging a lot of the tension was the Other things bugged me
Santa Cruz. Adelaide Wilson on. character performances which that may give too much away,
(Lupita Nyong’o), her husband What starts as a tense are creepy, but interestingly but Peele manages to still get
(Winston Duke), and their two home invasion movie expands intriguing as well. his messages across while
kids are suddenly confronted into a grander, layered story The music sets the tone for also providing a thrilling
by home invaders who look with great performances by all both the horrifying and more horror experience. Add to the
and behave in similar ways like the actors. Nyong’o certainly humorous moments. outstanding performances
them, but creepier. stands out above the rest with While the overall movie is it truly is an above average
Photo Courtesy of the movie Us

You can watch this movie a performance that will truly good and has a lot of things to horror movie experience with
and view it as truly just a horror keep you on the edge of your say, there are some plot pieces something to say that is a
movie but like Peele’s “Get seat. and things that don’t add up. horror in itself.
Out” there are layers of social The movie has some tense One scene so big that it could Overall: 7.5/10
www.rutartan.com Wednesday, March 27, 2019 | 7

Growing Strong at the Graduate Art Show

Tartan asked which of her Amongst Chaos, I was feeling this quality that can capture weebly.com
By E va n M a s o n ’19 artworks she liked the most, and very overwhelmed and confused color and expression very well There are other great works
which one she enjoyed making and wanted to gain some clarity and my pieces tend to be very on display for the Graduate Art
the most. amongst all of my stresses. I emotional, so it’s a natural Show available to see until April

n Mar. 20, Radford Gordon replied, “In Growing painted myself with a composed medium for my work. The pen 15 so support your local Radford
University hosted the Strong I was inspired by the and stoic expression, wanting has this great mark making artists.
Graduate Art Show model. It was her dream and goal to be strong in the face of my quality, and my work is very
exhibition in the McConnell as a psychologist to focus on challenges and free to grow from narrative based, I’m trying to tell
library. how community gardens in inner them.” a story, so it naturally connects
The art on display was made cities can help the emotional and “The Lion represents that to graphic novel imagery which
by graduate art students from nutritional health of children.” strength but is also roaring, I am personally influenced by.”
the Radford University Graduate Gordon continued saying, letting out frustrations, and the Gordon also says that she
Student Art Association. “I painted her with vegetables, birds represent freedom and enjoys her time in the graduate
Radford students gathered plants, growing around her letting go,” stated Gordon. “This program, “Radford’s MFA
around for light refreshments and her hair also turns into the piece was very expressive, and program is small, but I like
and to examine the art which Chicago skyline because that’s at first, I really didn’t like it, but that aspect because there are

Photo by Evan Mason | The Tartan

the pieces were made during the where she was from. So it’s a later when I was in a better place more opportunities to really be
students time at Radford. Some very personal piece, and I think emotionally, I started to love it.” an individual and get to know
were experimental pieces, as it has a very sunny and uplifting Gordon went on to explain everyone in the department and
well as different types of media. mood, which accurately portrays her creative process, “Most of the program.”
When speaking with Reilly the model.” my work focuses on the female If you are interested in
Gordon, one of the graduate
students in the program, The
When asked about the other
painting she said, “In Serenity
experience. I like watercolor and
use pens as well. Watercolor has
more of Gordon’s work, visit her
website at reillygordonartwork.
Growing Strong by Reilly Gordon



A page designer creates the look, layout, and features of our
The tea
8 | The Tartan Jennifer Bennett, The Tea Editor // jbennett49@radford.edu // The Tea

Editorials and Opinions

Quote of the week
“Gambling: The sure way of getting
nothing for something.” - Wilson Mizner
The Tartan is looking for dedicat-
ed, fast-learning, and self-suff-
ient student who can set their
own standars or goals for what
they would like to contritbute to
the Tartan.

Culture Editor
Assistant Culture Editor So You Want to Major in Sociology?
• News Editor
• Assistant News Editor
• Staff Writer
• Staff Photographer

For more information head to
Tyler Hall Room 025
Monday - Friday
10 a.m to 5 p.m.

Photo Courtesy of Max Felner | Unsplash

1. If you somehow found a way
to extract all of the gold from
the bubbling core of our lovely and analysis of evidence about individuals that Radford Many individuals with a
little planet, you would be able B y C h a d B ox l e y ‘19 social life to develop and University has to offer. sociology focus are familiar
to cover all of the land in a layer cboxley@radford.edu improve our understanding of Our courses vary from Social with The Center for Social and
of gold up to your knees.
key social methods in a specific Inequality to Social Theory, Cultural Research, Teaching,

often hear many negative task. and we focus on Sociological Consulting (CSCR) which is
Looking for comments about individuals Sociology’s subject matter research methods heavily in this located in CHBS 3200.
who choose to declare a is extremely diverse, and program. The mission at the CSCR
Tartan Archives? Sociology major. Comments it is defiantly for a distinct Also, the university offers is “giving students experience
such as “you chose Sociology individual. a plethora of internships in providing sociological
Rediscover the history of the Tartan because it is easy,” or my favorite It ranges from “crime to around the New River Valley for knowledge and skills, and
through exploring all the way back line, “you’ll never make a lot of religion, from the family to the sociology majors. In fact, you a professional identity as
to 1910, when it was initially called money or secure a dependable state, from the divisions of race must complete three hours of an practicing sociologists; Offering
the Grapurchat to when it was
job with that major.” and social class to the shared internship even to receive your social research services for
rebranded as the Tartan in 1979.
The negative comments beliefs of a common culture, and degree in the program, which University, community, and
Go to rutartan.com and select the come from people who lack from social stability to radical should be no problem. regional needs; Supporting
“More” tab to find those archives. knowledge about the program change in whole societies,” It is a good thing because opportunities for scholarly
and the focus of Sociology in as stated by Mississippi State you will graduate with some research among the Sociology
Do old newspapers bore you? general. University’s Department of kind of work and sociological faculty.”
Majoring in Sociology isn’t Sociology. experience. I am honored to be a part
Check out our new photo gallery a bad thing at all, and in fact, it Majoring in sociology can I love that the individuals of the Sociology program, and
on Flicker by selecting the “photo” is just as effective as any other be the base of anything that and professors throughout the I wouldn’t change it for the
tab to wander our photos taken
major, if not more effective. you desire to pursue in life, and sociology department take so world. Also, I honestly believe
by our exceptionally phenomenal
Majoring in Sociology gives you you don’t always have to focus much pride in assisting their that many others would feel the
an advantage in your everyday on becoming a counselor just students in and outside the same if they just gave it a shot,
life because it offers you the because you’ve majored in the classroom. so why not, especially if you’re
necessary skills that can be used sociological field. Even if you decide not undecided like I was.
everywhere. Radford’s program can to major in sociology, Dr. So next time you hear
Sociology can be defined as get students ready for any Stephanie Bradley, who is the someone say that individuals
many things, but I define it as occupation or future decision faculty advisor of the Sociology who major in sociology aren’t
the scientific study of society, that you may be pondering. Club as well as a professor in the successful in life, I hope that this
including various patterns of Also, many of our amazing department, invites students of article helps you understand that
social relationships, social instructors came from different any focus to join the Sociology the negativity about Sociology
interaction, and cultures. backgrounds before they even club. It offers a relaxing majors is wrong and we are just
In the Sociology department decided to focus on Sociology. environment and fun activities. like every other program.
here at Radford University, Nothing will be handed to A minor in sociology is also If you have any questions
faculty refer to their students as people in this major; everything offered by the department for about the major, feel free to visit
sociologists. As a sociologist, we is earned. You will be taught by individuals who choose not to the Department of Sociology in
often stress the careful gathering some of the most intelligent focus on the major. CHBS 3131.
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Women’s Basketball Season Recap


B y C h a d B ox l e y ‘19
South conference in double-
doubles with a whopping 13. Her
all season. She has been an
extremely consistent player Unfortunately, as
cboxley@radford.edu consistent performances earned
her first team all-conference
during her tenure and has
accepted every responsibility
this memorable

he Radford University honors as well. She averaged given to her on and off the court. season finally
comes to an end,
women’s basketball team 12.0 points throughout the Walker is a one of a kind
has officially concluded regular season. player and was named to the Big
the 2018-19 season after their
loss in the first round of the
Rivers continued
dominate throughout the Big
to South all-conference first team
this year for her performance
Highlander fan
NCAA tournament on March 24. South tournament. After her 14 this season. Walker has been a should be proud
As the Tartan looks back points, 14 rebound performance first-team all conference player
on the season, we would in the championship against in two of the past three seasons of the hard work
like to honor the women’s
basketball team for some of
Campbell, she was then named
the Most Valuable Player of
and two years she was named
first-team, the Highlanders went
and dedication
An eccentric philosophy professor
gave a one question final exam
their outstanding achievements
en route to making history this
the entire tournament after
recording her 15th double-
on to win the regular season
the women’s
after a semester dealing with a season! double of the season. Rivers Walker has been a major basketball team
broad array of topics. The class
was already seated and ready to
Junior Redshirt forward
Lydia Rivers dominated the
scored a whopping 57 points and
snatched 37 rebounds in three
factor in the Highlanders success
this year; she’s averaged a solid displayed this
go when the professor picked up
his chair, plopped it on his desk
court the entire season.
The Kinston, NC native
games for an average of 19.0
points and 12.3 rebounds per
14.0 points per game in her 33
games played.
and wrote on the board: “Using led the entire Big South in game. Redshirt junior Sydney season. Falconer was a major
everything we have learned this rebounding, snatching an Senior guard/forward Nunley had a monster season key this season in setting up
semester, prove that this chair impressive 10.2 boards per Destinee Walker has been this year after sitting out and running the Highlander
does not exist.” game. Rivers also led the Big the main focus on this unit the entire 18-19 season with offense from her guard position.
Fingers flew, erasers erased, a medical redshirt. The 6’4 She often gets her teammates
notebooks were filled in furious center was second in the entire involved, and her outstanding
fashion. Some students wrote over conference in double-doubles defense is nothing to overlook.
30 pages in one hour attempting with 12, only one behind her Falconer is currently
to refute the existence of the teammate Lydia Rivers. pursuing her master’s degree in
chair. One member of the class Nunley went on to score over business and has an outstanding
however, was up and finished in 22 points in three games this 3.88 grade-point average. She
less than a minute. season against Hampton, High went on to dish out a career-
Weeks later when the grades Point, and Mount St. Marys. high eight assists in the home
were posted, the rest of the group Nunley’s standout season also win against Longwood on Feb.
wondered how he could have Khiana Johnson earned her Big South second 16.
gotten an A when he had barely (4) , Sydney team all-conference honors! Senior Khiana Johnson has
written anything at all. His answer Nunley (50) Jen Redshirt junior Jen Falconer played a major role in running
consisted of two words: “What Falconer (5) , and has been dominating in the
Lydia Rivers (20) TURN TO RECAP PAGE 11
chair?” classroom and on the court this
www.rutartan.com Wednesday, March 27, 2019 | 11

Tennis Falls to UNC

of her way, but she can also step to a program-record outstanding
outside and shoot anywhere on 17 Big South victories as well as
the offense from her guard the court when needed. the 2018-19 Big South regular-
position as well. The Church Hill Tennessee season championship, which is
Johnson has been able to native dropped a season-high the program’s second title in the (AVLM) 6-2, 7-5
contribute on both the defensive 23 points on Nov. 15, 2018, and past three years. He also led the B y C h a d B ox l e y ‘19 4. MORKEL, Charlie
and offensive sides of the ball. also snatched a season-high ladies to an impressive 18 game (AVLM) def. Michiel
Her speed and quickness give 21 rebounds on Nov. 7, 2018, consecutive win streak, as the Meekers (RADM) 3-6,

her an advantage over many against SC. State. Highlanders didn’t lose a game he Radford University 7-6, 6-4
players she faces as well as her Sophomore forward Tina from Jan. 10 to March 24. men’s tennis team 5. CULL, Olly (AVLM) def.
high basketball IQ in which Lindenfeld and Freshman guard This was the Highlanders lost its first Big South Matko Varga (RADM)
often makes great decisions. She Makaila Wilson have shown a first championship in 23 Years Conference match of the season 4-6, 6-2, 7-6
went on to average 11.0 points lot of promise all year as they’ve since the 95-96 season! at UNC Asheville on Saturday, 6. BIERBAUM, Leo (AVLM)
per game this season, and her played in their roles coming Unfortunately, as this Mar. 24. def. Andres Silva
outstanding gameplay earned off of the bench and hitting big memorable season finally Sophomore Yevhen Sirous (RADM) 6-2, 5-7, 6-1
her Big South second team all- shots when needed. Both ladies comes to an end, Highlander kicked off singles action as he Order of finish: (1,3,6,2,4,5)
conference honors this season. have been able to heat up from fan should be proud of the hard took on one of the top doubles
Redshirt Junior Savannah a 3 point range at any time, and work and dedication the Radford players in the nation who is DOUBLES RESULTS
Felgemacher has helped this next season is looking extremely University women’s basketball Henry Patten. Sirous went on 1. CULL, Olly/PATTEN,
team in every aspect possible bright for the dynamic duo. team displayed this season. to lose 6-1, 6-2 Patten’s victory Henry (AVLM) def.
since she transferred from Coach Mike McGuire was This one will go down in gave UNC Asheville a 2-0 lead. Yevhen Sirous/Rodrigo
James Madison University. At named Big South Coach of the the record books as one of the Alexandros Caldwell went on Magalhaes (RADM) 6-1
6’3 she is a force to be reckoned Year for his third time in six greatest seasons ever. Great Job to win on court 3, 6-2 and 7-5. 2. DAOSAENGSAWANG, S./
with in the paint, and she is a seasons. Ladies! Caldwells singles win then gave NOLAN, Oli (AVLM) def.
very physical player so stay out McGuire led the Highlanders Radford its first point of the Alexandros Caldwell/
afternoon. Michiel Meekers

Big South
Although junior Matko Varga (RADM) 6-2
and Redshirt senior Michiel 3. MORKEL, Charlie/
Meekers suffered defeat, they FENDER, Quinn (AVLM)

took their opponents to a third vs. Matko Varga/Andres
set. The set of late victories gave Silva (RADM) unfinished
UNC Asheville a 6-1 victory. Order of finish: (1,2,3)
What’s Next?

Honors for
SINGLES RESULTS Radford is scheduled to host
Photos Courtesy of RU Athletics | Right - Andrew Szamski

1. PATTEN, Henry (AVLM) Davidson on Sunday at 1 p.m at

def. Yevhen Sirous the Radford Tennis Complex.

(RADM) 6-1, 6-2 To stay updated on the
2. NOLAN, Oli (AVLM) Radford Men’s Tennis team
def. Rodrigo Magalhaes follow @RadfordMTennis on
(RADM) 6-4, 7-6 Twitter and Instagram, as well

and Bryant
3. Alexandros Caldwell as Radford Men’s Tennis on
(RADM) def. Facebook.

Bucknell University. he hit 2-for-3 from the plate the season.

By L u c a s C a r r ’20 Szamski was awarded Big followed by an RBI and scored a Radford Baseball also
South Player of the week, and pair of runs. played a tightly contested
Bryant achieved his first Big The Highlanders played the game against Virginia Tech in

he Highlanders Baseball South Honors as Freshman third game over the weekend Blacksburg ending the game 7-8.
squad began the 2019 Player of the Week. Their following the second Bucknell Szamski also went 1-for-2 and
season dropping three contributions for both neutral game against Wofford. Szamski had another RBI to add to his
games to East Carolina, but site victories led to a 9-1 victory and Bryant both played an impressive streak.
with the help of redshirt-senior on Saturday, Mar. 24 and a 17-4 important role in the match-up. This is the first time Bryant
outfielder Andrew Szamski and victory the following Sunday. Unfortunately, they fell to the has been award Big South Weekly
freshman infielder David Bryant, In the first match-up against Terriers in a slightly contested honors and the second time
they were able to bounce back Bucknell, Szamski tallied three bout 10-9. for the Maryland native after
with a two-game sweep over hits from four at-bats and an Bryant hit his first career receiving the award February 19
RBI. He also scored the third run home run in the sixth inning. of last season after going 8-for-
The work of both of the afternoon. Bryant utilized Szamski’s 13 with six RBIs and five runs

Szamski and
In Sunday’s afternoon game, sacrifice right field fly to tally against North Florida.
Szamski hit a pair of two-run a run for himself and an RBI for The Highlanders will play Top to bottom: Andrew
Szamski and David Bryant.
Bryant helped homers and scored three times
to aid the Highlanders to win in
Szamski finished the
their first home game against
the College of William and Mary
the Highlanders seven innings. He leads the team
with three long ball hits and
weekend series going 6-for-10
for the weekend with six RBIs
on Wednesday, Mar. 6 following
a three-game series against the
go 2-1 for one seven RBIs this season already. and six runs. He posted the UAB this past weekend. This first
Szamski finished the weekend highest on-base percentage of home game marks a seven-game
on the weekend against Bucknell going 5-for-7 anyone in the Big South at .677. homestand competing in two

which was a
from the plate. Bryant tallied a run in all three separate series against Harvard
Bryant’s performances games and had .615 on-base and UMass Lowell.

complete turn in both Bucknell games were

equally impressive as he was
percentage with four hits and
four walks.
around since the able to bring in the final blow
in the first game, hitting a
The work of both Szamski and
Bryant helped the Highlanders Let’s continue to root for
beginning of the single up the middle to bring his go 2-1 for one on the weekend Szamski and Bryant and the rest
teammate Colby Higgerson to which was a complete turn of the Highlanders on as they
season. home plate. In the second game, around since the beginning of enter the midseason stretch!
12 | The Tartan Yves White, SMADs Manager // ywhite4@radford.edu // Advertisements



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