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Photography and Advertising: privacy, it allows you to connect with the whole world, and
Photography Manager:
Hailey Scherer sometimes we just can’t help but follow what is new and trendy.
hscherer1@radford.edu Snapchat is one of so many popular social media networks that
allows you to share every moment of your day with your ...
Staff Photographers: Chad Boxley, Jordan
Bennett, and Brian Angus

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Radford Baseball wins largely after overwhelming Winthrop
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Szamski had a historic day that saw him hit 6-6 including back-

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Tartan. They may not have been submitted to, posted Radford University Latino’s Taste is a quality
to or published by any other media. They must include
President Dr. Brian local dining option in MORE THAN A PAPER.
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We train future journalists, editors, radio

producers, news anchors and even entrepreneurs *This forecast is always
through our ever-evolving student-run media subject to change!!
outlets. By Dustin Staples
www.ruhsm.com dstaples1@radford.edu
4 | The Tartan Ida Domingo, Managing & News Editor // idomingo1@radford.edu // News

it’s cheap, but you’re getting so

B y J e r e m y M o s e r ’19 much out of it.”
jmoser9@radford.edu She also pointed out that not
raising tuition could help bring

adford University more new students to Radford.
President Dr. Brian “You can look at what the
Hemphill announced via tuition was at one point and
email April 1, his proposition to see that it’s gotten increasingly
not increase tuition and fees for more [expensive],” she added.
the 2019-2020 school year. “When it freezes, maybe we’ll
The recently passed state get more students to come in. I
budget will divide $52.5 million think it’s a good idea.”
among each Virginia university In Enos’s years at Radford,
that agrees not to raise their in- the tuition cost has risen
state undergraduate tuition and significantly. Should Radford
fees this year. choose to freeze tuition,
Item 253.50 of the House underclassmen, particularly

President Proposes Tuition Freeze

budget bill, HB1700, states first-year students, would stand
that the fund is for “In-State to benefit the most.
Undergraduate Affordability.” Chris Osborn, a freshman
The budget passed the House May 10 is when the final Radford by this budget bill: is still up to the university’s mathematics major, agrees that
of Delegates but has yet to be decision will be made by the $450,772,194. board of visitors. Radford’s low tuition was a
signed by Gov. Ralph Northam. university’s board of visitors. Should Radford vote to The budget proposal also deciding factor in his decision to
“The accessibility and According to the Partners freeze their tuition and fee rates includes $8 million for the attend.
affordability of higher education For College Affordability and this year, this would amount to Virginia Community College “I understand why it has to
have been and continue to be Public Trust (PCA), tuition at $1,659,000 in additional state System “in order to effectuate rise,” he said. “If more students
top priorities for our University,” Virginia state universities has funding. the goals of this item.” come, then they have to have
Dr. Hemphill said in the email. risen an average of 83 percent The money will not be spread PCA ranks colleges by their more programs, and they have
“I am proud to announce that in the last 10 years. Radford’s evenly; some Universities are net price, the expected out-of- more reasons to have more
Radford University is proposing tuition has risen slightly less set to receive more or less pocket cost of attendance after money.”
to freeze tuition for in-state, than the average at 72 percent – than others. According to PCA grants and scholarships are He also brought up inflation
undergraduate students the eighth highest out of all 15 data, Virginia Commonwealth applied to that number. Despite as a reason for some of the
and planning to accept the public four-year institutions in University has risen its tuition having risen so much in the past increase. However, according
additional investment by the Virginia. and fees by 114 percent in the decade, PCA ranks Radford’s net to the CPI Inflation Calculator,
Commonwealth of Virginia.” This budget bill covers last decade, the second-highest cost as the second-lowest in the inflation can only account for
Mark Lawrence, Rector of both 2019 and 2020. It splits increase in the state. This budget state, at $13,573. 17.82 percent of the 72 percent
Radford University’s Board up the funding given to public is offering $6.7 million to VCU, Tannis Enos, a increase at Radford in the last
Members, echoed Dr. Hemphill’s institutions each year. If we take the most out of this proposal. communications major, says she decade.
Photo Courtesy of Agustín Lautaro | Unsplash

intent to freeze tuition, stating a look at the money allocated In fact, according to the and many other students view “For it to be rising that
in the email, “On behalf of to Radford for both years, the Commonwealth Times, VCU’s Radford’s low tuition as a reason quickly … I don’t really see what
the Board, I also want to echo university is set to receive administration has already for attending the school in the the money is going towards,”
President Hemphill’s words $213,203,929 in 2019 and outlined a budget proposal that first place. Osborn said.
of appreciation to our elected $237,568,265 in 2020. Adding includes the first tuition freeze “I live in Roanoke. Roanoke
leaders for the investment they these figures together gets us in several years. However, as College is super expensive,” she For more on tuition head on
are making in our students.” the total amount allocated to with Radford, the final decision said. “I like Radford because over to RUTARTAN.COM. The


Go to RUTARTAN.com
for more details.


www.rutartan.com Wednesday, April 3, 2019 | 5

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

taste of succulent authenticity.

As a college
Great Latin Cuisine Has
B y N i c h o l a s C l a r k ’19 As of now, those are my favorite
nclark12@radford.edu dishes, but those are only two student, eating
Been Hiding in Plain Sight
of more than a dozen affordable

atino’s Taste is a quality entrees available. out frequently isn’t
local dining option in In addition to the food, the the most fiscally
Radford, serving authentic staff is welcoming, and the
Salvadorian food. interior of the restaurant is clean responsible habit
Latino’s Taste is a small and cozy. I’ve never been to El to develop, but on
restaurant located on the part of Salvador, but the atmosphere
W. Main Street that sees minimal and scents of the kitchen seem those days when
traffic, and in passing, the as if they would make a native one can’t resist,
building doesn’t garner much feel right at home.
attention. I only mention the As a college student, eating Latino’s Taste will
aesthetic value of the outside out frequently isn’t the most provide a hearty
of the restaurant to validate the fiscally responsible habit to
“don’t judge a book by its cover” develop, but on those days when entrée for $10.50 or
cliché. one can’t resist, Latino’s Taste less.
In my experience, locally will provide a hearty entrée for
run eateries are often more $10.50 or less. spare the time, Latino’s Taste food is very good and at a good forward to my next visit.
concerned with the quality of While fast food restaurants offers much more substantial price. I love it. I just wish they
food as opposed to fast-paced offer inexpensive meals as well, meal options. delivered.”
mass production, and that holds but often those meals leave me Asha Zane, a Radford I’m pleased to have had The restaurant is located at
true for Latino’s Taste. feeling sluggish and unsatisfied. University junior, said, “Latino’s Latino’s Taste be my introduction 1126 W Main Street and operates
The pupusa, a traditional El That doesn’t mean I’m Taste is the only Salvadorian to Salvadorian cuisine, and since from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday
Salvadorian dish, is fresh and renouncing drive-throughs, but restaurant around here, and I’ve heard of no plans to start through Friday and 11 a.m. to 8
flavorful and the quesadillas it does mean that if one can that makes it unique. Their delivering anytime soon, I look p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The

A Movie Review

A Madea Family Funeral

When the movie only shows It relies heavily
B y T yl e r M a r t i n ’20 the grieving family, it almost
feels like an entirely different
on slapstick,
movie. Moreover, when the cursing and sexual

yler Perry’s big name comedic reliefs return, it plays references, which
character, Madea, makes off like a drama with too much
while not bad,
her way back to the comedic effort.
big screen in his latest film ‘A Which also to point out, did not seem to
Madea Family Funeral.’ This is this movie has no true main be executed well.
the twelfth installment in the character. We have Jessie and
I took a mental
Madea series and here is what AJ, two brothers of the father
I have to say about this latest who passes away, but they’re count and only
release. never a huge focus. Madea laughed out loud
Having never watched any could arguably be considered about 13 times.
of the previous films, I must the main character, but she also
say I went into this movie with gets an equal level of screen
not a lot of context. Even with time here. grieving daughter. Although
this being the case, I was able to There is not a lot going on in after that the movie ends on
dive into the movie fairly easily. this film. Most of the scenes are a lighter comedic note and
The movie follows a family made up of dialogue and back finishes.
celebrating their parents 20th and forth comedic banter with I found Joe’s character to
anniversary when a lot of the characters whether it be in be a little funnier than Madea.
wacky hi-jinks take place and the home, hospital or hotel. There is one funny scene that
all of a sudden the anniversary In funeral scenes, we does shine a light on the issues
becomes a funeral. see a lot more movement of police brutality against
This movie has a lot going of characters and overall people of color, which does
Photo Courtesy of A Madea Family Funeral the movie

on, with not a whole lot of interaction, which does make provide for some good one- well. I took a mental count and The Radford Theater in
focus. We are shown the family for a pretty interesting comedic liners and commentary on the only laughed out loud about downtown Radford is showing
in their home, but it takes so twist on a funeral. subject. 13 total times; however, there this latest Madea film. Student
long for all the characters to The film does end with Overall I think the comedy were some close chuckles in the prices are only $5.The

intertwine with each other. A some heavy dialogue in the last is not my style. It relies heavily mix I will admit.
lot of the scenes involve Madea two scenes. With topics about on slapstick, cursing and sexual For more reviews head
and her elderly counterparts, family and relationships that references, which while not bad, Overall: 3/10 over to “Movies & TV” at
such as Joe. gives more depth to Hattie, the did not seem to be executed RUTARTAN.COM
6 | The Tartan Dylan Lepore, Editor-in-Chief & Culture Editor // dlepore1@radford.edu // Culture

A Videogame Review

Devil May Cry 5

B y E va n M a s o n ’19
V, a new character, can escape. The fun lies in the skills and power when his devil Sporting a balanced
From there the story shifts complexity and variety of the trigger bar is full.
from past to present as you combat system. V is interesting in the fact
campaign with three
play through the game from With Nero, he has a sword that he doesn’t fight with characters with

C intertwining stories,
oming from a line of each characters perspectives. that he can charge up to boost guns or swords. He summons
action games starting Not only do Urizen and V his melee attacks, a gun that familiars to do the fighting for
from the PlayStation 2 provide a mystery to the game can charge up for extra power, him. He summons Griffon, a and different play-
with its quirky humor, intense about who they are and what and he has detachable and bird that is mostly a distance styles makes for a
boss fights, and over the top they want but the game also interchangeable mechanical attacker who fires projectiles. game that is fun and
stylized gun and sword battles includes easter eggs to the arms that have different Shadow, a cat that attacks as
finally comes the long-awaited original games and fills in plot abilities and can be launched a melee character, and can one of the best entries
Devil May Cry 5. holes. to grapple enemies and pull transform his body into blades to date.
Sporting a balanced In the end, the answers and you in closer to deal damage. and even other types of animals encourages using a variety of
campaign with three characters revelations were exciting and Dante is similar to previous to deal damage. methods for taking enemies
with intertwining stories, and left me wondering where they games, in that, he can change Lastly, he can summon down.
different play-styles makes for might take the series next. his melee and ranged weapons a giant beast using the The graphics and the
a game that is fun and one of The combat is what drives to older one’s and some new Devil trigger, but he can’t sound design were well done.
the best entries yet. this game. one’s added into this game. be controlled by the player The graphics and lighting set
When the story first begins On easy or normal you Dante can also change directly, but he destroys anyone the mood of the locations,
you are thrown into a fight that could probably get by using the his style of fighting. Trickster in his way. The familiars can’t cinematics, and gunplay. They
you are meant to lose. Dante, basic commands. One button mode is specialized for speed; kill anything though; they do all stood out visually and
a devil hunter, stays behind to does the melee attacks, another Gunslinger specializes in his enough damage and V has to sounded great even with each
fight an overly powerful demon for guns, another to jump, and ranged attacks, Sword Master teleport to deal the finishing gunshot and sword clash.
That my named Urizen, so depending on the character, a for melee, and Royal guard for blow. Level design, in my opinion,
friend, is that Nero, another button that’s used for a style defensive. He also can turn It can be frustrating at was better in this than past
one big gun! devil hunter, and technique. into a demon with upgraded times to use V due to having games because it relied less
full control over everything on puzzles and more on skills
and keeping him at a distance in combat. They even have
before he can finish enemies challenges that give you access
off but when you upgrade your to upgrades if you beat them.
familiars enough they become I also liked how some levels
more useful. revolve entirely around one
The fun of the game-play is massive boss fight. However,
how you approach each battle. the levels can be a bit linear
There are cannon fodder and can look very similar from
enemies and tanky ones. Some level to level.
are flying, on the ground, or Overall, with the great
just really fast. story, fantastic game-play, a
Due to the variety of variety of enemies, fun boss
Photos Courtesy of the videogame the Devil May

weapons and abilities, it’s all fights, a wanting to upgrade

about having the best strategy my characters further, replay-
to take everything down. Not ability, and free downloadable
only that, but there is a ranking content coming soon this game
system for each battle situation is definitely a must buy. The

and how stylish it is, which Overall: 9/10

www.rutartan.com Wednesday, April 3, 2019 | 7

MON. & FRI. • 5 - 6 PM
The tea
8 | The Tartan Jennifer Bennett, The Tea Editor // jbennett49@radford.edu // The Tea

Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week

“I’ve sometimes thought of marrying -
and then I’ve thought again.”
- Noel Coward
The Tartan is looking for dedicat- Virginia’s
ed, fast-learning, and self-suff-
ient student who can set their
own standars or goals for what
they would like to contritbute to
the Tartan.

• Culture Editor
• Assistant Culture Editor
• News Editor
• Assistant News Editor

Law is Not
• Staff Writer
• Staff Photographer


the Answer

Photo Courtesy of Itay Kabalo | Unsplash

For more information head to
Tyler Hall Room 025
Monday - Friday
10 a.m to 5 p.m.

Now there will be all these use and reverse rising underage
B y B r i a n A n g u s ‘22
Interesting bangus@radford.edu
teenagers addicted to tobacco
without a way to fulfill their
e-vapor usage rates.”
When a big tobacco company
Fact cravings. This will cause even is advocating for a bill to

eb. 21, Gov. Ralph more people to obtain tobacco restrict tobacco usage, but a
McDonalds calls frequent buyers Northam signed the bill illegally, in turn, causing more health organization like the
of their food “heavy users.” HB2748 making it illegal people to run into trouble with American Cancer Society is
for anyone under the age of 21 the law. not, something’s off. The new
to buy tobacco in Virginia. Shockingly, the American law seems like a half-hearted
Our state joins Hawaii, Cancer Society Cancer Action attempt at doing the right thing,
Looking for California, New Jersey, Maine, Network (ACS CAN) didn’t even with the hope that it will make
Massachusetts, Oregon, and as support the bill. the state and tobacco companies
Tartan Archives? of just last week, Utah, in raising ACS CAN website says, look good.
the tobacco age to 21. The law “Although ACS CAN applauds While the bill does help
Rediscover the history of the Tartan will become effective on July 1 our state legislators for their promote awareness around teen
through exploring all the way back of this year. desire to prevent kids from using tobacco use, the results might
to 1910, when it was initially called The bill seems to be aimed tobacco, we did not support this not be the one’s legislators and
the Grapurchat to when it was
at preventing the youth from legislation. ACS CAN’s work on parents are hoping for. The

rebranded as the Tartan in 1979.

vaping. Delegate Christopher
Stolle, M.D. (R-Virginia Beach),
this issue in multiple states has
shown that the focus needs to
“[...] we did not
Go to rutartan.com and select the
“More” tab to find those archives. who voted for the bill in the be on the sale, not the purchase, support this
Do old newspapers bore you?
house, said, “The rapid growth
of the number of teenagers
of tobacco and e-cigarette
products. Penalizing and
legislation. ACS
vaping, at a time when the use of fining youth who make these CAN’s work on this
Check out our new photo gallery
on Flicker by selecting the “photo”
traditional tobacco is at an all- purchases has not been proven issue in multiple
time low, should set off alarms to effectively reduce tobacco
tab to wander our photos taken
for every parent. This legislation use.” states has shown
by our exceptionally phenomenal
will help to reverse that trend.” It’s silly to expect that results that the focus needs
However, I have been in Virginia will be different.
wondering, if the goal behind Penalizing the youth could also to be on the sale,
the legislation is to prevent cause fear about receiving help not the purchase,
teenagers from smoking, then for addiction, since they may
how will raising the age limit be fined for revealing they have
of tobacco and
stop them? If they are under tobacco. e-cigarette products.
the age of 18, they are already Even more shocking, the
Penalizing and fining
Photos Courtesy of Mathew MacQuarrie | Unsplash

obtaining the tobacco illegally. corporation, Altria, who is one

Also, in the House bill, there of the world’s largest producers youth who make
is no indication of a grandfather
clause. Meaning even if you are
of tobacco, and has a large stake
in JUUL, said, “We believe that
these purchases has
18, it will now be illegal for you raising the minimum age to 21 not been proven to
to purchase tobacco come July. to purchase tobacco products effectively reduce
This is bound to backfire on is the most effective action to
the state. further reduce underage tobacco tobacco use.”
www.rutartan.com Wednesday, April 3, 2019 | 9


Photo Courtesy of Thought Catalog | Unsplash

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Henry | Unsplash

Use Snapchat
reason for using Snapchat at all. sending a quick update note.” really interesting with my I started to be really active on it.
B y O l a E l s h a a r ’22 Ashley Wilson, a junior John William, sophomore friends. I don’t take snaps of I would share every moment
oelshaar@radford.edu at Radford University says, Business major said, “I have the everything that going on in my with my friends and family,
“Honestly I used to use Snapchat app on my phone, but I stopped day, I’m not that obsessed.” and all of a sudden I stopped

hile social media is all the time, I would record every using it [a] long time ago, I Smartsocial.com published using it and deleted it. I didn’t
controlling our lives moment with my friends when feel like it’s kind of stressful to an article that was originally see a reason to keep exposing
and exposes our we go out, then I deleted the app record what you up to every time published in ABC news, my private life with people I
privacy, it allows you to connect for a while because I thought you have to go out with your which states, “Snapchat barely I know whether they were
with the whole world, and it was overwhelming, and I friends, now I just watch my has mechanisms in place to classmates, coworkers, or people
sometimes we just can’t help but don’t get to live the moment.” friends’ stories and what they incentivize teens to become I just hung out with a couple of
follow what is new and trendy. Wilson continued, “I figured have been up to.” daily users with a phenomenon times.
Snapchat is one of so many that I’m just showing people, Using Snapchat several times called the Streak. Dr. Jodi Gold, I tend to live in the moment
popular social media networks look I’m having fun and my life a day can be overwhelming the author of “Screen Smart and enjoy every second with
that allows you to share every is awesome.” sometimes, imagine seeing your Parenting,” said to ABC that those I love and care about, and
moment of your day with your Snapchat was initially a waiter/waitress headed toward “streaks can create a concerning I think that we all should start
friends and family. It also teen app, according to cnbc. you with your yummy plate of hierarchy of friendship that focusing on that more.
gives you the opportunity to com in an article about how food you’ve just ordered, and can leave some teens afraid to I’m not saying to delete the
document the good times and teens use Snapchat, states that, you can’t wait to devour that disappoint others if they drop a app and isolate yourself from
share them with your friends. “The majority of teens ranked food, and the first thing you do streak. the entire world, but maybe
Being one of the most highly Snapchat and Instagram among is to start taking a picture of Gold also says, “The more you try to take advantage of how
used social media apps, many their top three favorite apps. it and post it on Snapchat. It cannot leave one day without peaceful it is when you’re not
people don’t use the app daily, However, they serve two very because in the way. being on social media, the more under so much pressure to post
and some don’t use it all. I’m not different purposes in their Shelton Philip, junior fashion your identity gets wrapped up in six times a day to enjoy the good
talking about middle-aged or lives. Snapchat is more for design major said, “I have the it [and] the more likely it’s going times you’re having with your
older adults, I’m talking about communication with peers, like app on my phone, and I would to have negative effects.” loved ones. The

millennials who don’t see a sharing something funny or use it when I’m doing something I had the app for a while, and

The Struggle of Having a Job and Being a Student

studying for tests and your work ugly truth about part-time jobs my practices and performances
B y O l a E l s h a a r ’22

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Henry | Unsplash

schedule, it’s challenging to is that you will rarely find a job during the week always conflict
oelshaar@radford.edu balance everything. which can help glamorize your with my work hours, and I end
Dalia Shaheen, senior fashion CV and at which you may not up giving up more than one shift
I work 35 hours a design major said, “I’m a part- find any sympathetic ear when in one week.”
timer at Kohl’s, I work around 30 you need to change shifts or Having a job while you’re
week, most of the hours a week, it overwhelms me miss a few working days to meet a full-time student is not only
time I go to school most of the time, between all the your assignment deadlines.” about struggling with time
projects I have to work on, and I work 35 hours a week, most management and balancing
with my uniform on assignments and tests, I find of the time I go to school with work hours and meeting your started to look like I’m about to
because after classes it hard to completely focus on my uniform on because after deadlines. There is a bright side barely pass classes. When I felt

I barely have time to academic performance.”

Shaheen continues with,
classes I barely have time to
drive back home and change.
to everything.
Being independent and
that it would be too much for my
family to send me pocket money
drive back home and “It’s just one of the cons of Then I go straight to work until gaining experience in learning every two weeks, I applied for
change. Then I go having a job with school, you’ve
just got to live with it.”
11 p.m., and I can’t tell you how
stressful it gets sometimes.
how to do something, or
interacting with people and
another job with flexible hours
just to cover my needs during
straight to work until In an article published by I miss a lot of fun things on widening your circle is essential. school.”
11 p.m., and I can’t hotcoursesabroad.com discusses campus, all the club meetings Whether you were doing an Students who work are doing
the pros and cons of having a that I’m a member of, making internship related to your major their best to be independent
tell you how stressful it part-time job along with school, friends, or even studying and or working a job just for the sake from their families and not
gets sometimes. regarding a disadvantage, it interacting with my peers. of money to support yourself, being a liability on their parents,
said, “One of the down sides However, I can’t give up my both are very beneficial and will however having a job can be

tudents who have jobs, to working part-time is that it job; at least it covers my daily prepare you to the real world. very time consuming and will
whether it’s for paying takes up time. Though it isn’t as expenses and helps my family It gives you a clue on how life prevent you from doing so many
off their student loans or time consuming as compared to pay for my tuition. would be like after college. things you want to do in college.
trying to be independent and a full-time job, it still does take Hannah Underwood, a Christopher Tickle, a However, it also has its
support themselves, always up time. As a student, time is one sophomore dance major, said, sophomore psychology major, benefits; think about the
struggle with too many things. of your greatest assets especially “I work 25 hours a week, even said, “I had a job until two experience you’ll get out of this,
One of the main things is when your course gets tougher – though that’s not a lot of hours, months ago, and to be honest the relations and money you’ll
time management, between more time is needed for research but it can be struggle. Time I had to quit for the sake of my make and how this step will help
classes and assignments, and revision. Besides that, the management is the key here, academic performance as it you grow up. The
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Men’s Basketball Season Recap


B y L u c a s C a r r ‘20
ended with a final score of 76-
65. In Ed Polite Jr.’s last time
per game and ranked top-10 in
the Big South in steals (1.5) and Before beginning
lcarr15@radford.edu suiting up for the Highlanders,
the 6’5 senior had 15 points, five
blocks (1.2) per game as well.
Polite Jr. also became Radford
conference play

he Radford Men’s rebounds, and three blocks. University’s career leader in in January, the
Highlanders were
Basketball team had yet Head Coach Mike Jones total rebounds with 1,119.
another successful season led the Highlanders to an He has also been selected to
to add to their continuous
streak of winning seasons. The
impressive 22-11 overall record
while remaining at the top of the
participate in the 2019 Dos Equis
3x3U National Championship
able to shock the
Highlanders were fortunate Big South, tying with Campbell game scheduled for April 5-7. nation two times
enough to make it to the Big at a 12-4 against the rest of the The players will compete at a
South Conference Championship conference. chance to take home a hundred as they defeated
for the second year in a row.
Unfortunately, the outcome
They posted a win percentage
of .667 keeping an outstanding
thousand dollars in prize money.
Carlik Jones, as well as Polite
a couple of power
A kid called up his mom from his
college and asked her for some money,
was not as bright as last season’s,
as they fell to Gardner-Webb in a
11-2 for games inside the
Dedmon Center and also sharing
Jr., have been named to the
2019 National Association of
five conference
because he ran out of it. His mom tightly contested battle. the Big South regular-season Basketball Coaches Division 1 teams, the Texas
said, “Sure, sweetie. I’ll will send
you some money. You also left your
The Highlanders’ home
court was overflowing with fans
title for the first time since the
2008-09 season.
All-District 3 First Team. This
marks the first time in Radford Longhorns and
calculus book here when you visited
2 weeks ago. Do you want me to send
from all over, including former
Virginia Tech Hokies head
The Highlanders can rest
easy knowing they had one of the
history that more than one
player has been named to an
Notre Dame.
that up too?” football coach, Frank Beamer. greatest to ever play for Radford NABC All-District team in the the No. 17th ranked Texas
“Uhh, oh yeah, okay,” responded the Unfortunately, the boys in red in Polite Jr. He was awarded same season. Longhorns in Austin 62-59.
kid. So his mom wrapped the book were unable to respond to lights All-Big South First Team and Jones, who additionally won They were able to participate
along with the checks up in a package out shooting from Gardner- Defensive Player of the year. First Team All-Big South Honors, in the Gotham Classic also in
and went to the post office to mail the Webb’s on fire backcourt. He averaged a career-high 13.4 followed up his Freshman November and beat the Fighting
money and the book. The championship game points a game, 9.5 rebounds of the Year campaign quite Irish of Notre Dame 63-60 in
When she gets back, her husband impressively. He tallied 15.7, South Bend. The Highlanders
asked, “Well how much did you give 5.2 rebounds and 5.8 assists per went 3-1 in this mini-
the boy this time?” game. He tossed perfect dimes tournament with wins against
She said, “Oh, I wrote two checks, one 181 times this season, ranking Notre Dame, William and Mary,
for $20 and the other for $1000 out second most in program history and UIC.
to him.” while also being named Big The Radford Men’s team
“That’s $1020!” yelled her husband. South Player of the Week twice. had another impressive season,
“Are you crazy?” Before beginning conference and they look to make another
“Don’t worry, Hon,” she said. “I taped play in January, the Highlanders run at the championship next
the $20 check to the cover of his book, were able to shock the nation year for the second Big South
but I put the $1000 one somewhere two times as they defeated a Championship trophy for two
between the pages in chapter 19!” couple of power five conference times in three seasons. The

teams. On Nov. 30, they defeated

www.rutartan.com Wednesday, April 3, 2019 | 11

Photos by Hailey Scherer | The Tartan

Radford Passed Winthrop Winning 20-11
Highlanders came out slugging hit or walk. His performance Raines would hit a double driving Butler hit a two-run single.
B y Z ac h P ot t e r ‘20 in the third inning. Szamski in the middle stretch proved in yet another run. Thanks to Designated hitter J.D. Mundy
zpotter2@radford.edu continued his record-setting critical enough to earn him their wonderful eighth inning, finished off the inning earning
day, hitting his second straight his second win of the season the Eagles were able to cut his first hit of the day, after

adford Baseball double of the afternoon. The improving his record to 2-1. the Highlanders lead to three, nailing a triple which drove in
wins largely after six runs by Radford gave them In the bottom of the seventh, making the game 14-11. two runs making the score 20-
overwhelming Winthrop a 9-5 lead, a lead which would the Highlanders hit a pair of The Eagles inning ended 11.
Saturday afternoon, winning prove too much from Winthrop home runs. Horwitz continued on a low note which saw their The score would stick thanks
20-11. Senior outfielder Andrew to come back against. his impressive day, hitting manager Tom Riginos ejected to an impressive closing effort
Szamski had a historic day that The middle of the game was the first solo home run. Then out of the game after arguing from Radford’s pitcher Brandon
saw him hit 6-6 including back- quiet, besides a three-run spark Szamski hit another solo homer, with the umpire after an inning- Feathers. Feathers put the nail
to-back home runs. in the fifth inning. Szamski which was his second straight ending strikeout. The strikeout in the coffin for the Eagles
The Highlanders rocketed off hit a booming home run right home run of the night. The pair was thanks to some clutch knocking off his first three
to a quick start jumping ahead over the 400-yard mark which of home runs increased the pitching from right-hander batters to finish the game.
2-0 in the bottom of the first drove in the first baseman Highlanders lead 14-6. Though Austin Gerber. The ejection The game improved
inning. However, Winthrop came Spencer Horwitz, who had just Winthrop would prove, they seemed to spell disaster for Radford’s conference record to
right back thanks to their left hit a double to left center field. were not out of the game yet. Winthrop as Radford answered 6-2 thanks to the twenty-one-
fielder Matthew Mulkey who hit Radford would end the inning up Winthrop would open up back loudly in the bottom of the hit effort by the Highlanders. It
a three-run homer, something 12-6. the eighth inning in dramatic eighth. also made their seventh straight
that would become the norm for Radford’s right-handed ace fashion. After managing to In the bottom of the eighth, win. Szamski tied the school
the day. Bruce Hudson would put on one load the bases, Winthrop’s Jake Radford exploded off another record for most hits in a game
The top of the third inning of the only pitching clinics of Sullivan would hit a grand slam, six-run inning. Outfielder Adam in Highlander history with six,
ended with Winthrop obtaining the day. Hudson managed four driving in all the base runners Whitacre knocked off a solo while also totaling 14 bases. The

a 5-3 lead, that lead would strong innings. He faced twelve with his seasons fourth home home run to get things going
be their last of the day. The batters and didn’t allow a single run. Winthrop’s catcher Alex early. Then Center fielder Kyle

Tennis Takes on Big South Opponents

6-4 on court 2. While Michiel The Highlanders brought the of the day, Meekers gave the Acierto, a sophomore from
B y D e v i n S t u bbs ‘19 Meekers, a redshirt senior from fight directly into doubles Highlanders a 5-1 lead. He won Chantilly, VA, and Anastasia
dstubbs@radford.edu Belgium, dominated 6-3, 6-2 competition, taking the first 6-4, 6-4, his 14th victory of the Belyaeva, a junior from Russia,
on court 4. The streak finished point. Varga and Silva picked up season. won 6-3 on court 3. Charleston

adford men’s tennis on court 6 with Andres Silva, the first win on court 2 6-4. Radford picked up their 13th Southern retaliated with two
came off of a big win on a freshman from Venezuela, Going up against the 74th win of the season, breaking doubles wins, taking the doubles
Wednesday, Mar. 27 down defeating his opponent 6-3, 6-4. ranked doubles team in the Gardner- Webb’s undefeated point and pushing into the lead.
in Rockhill, SC. The Highlanders Winthrop took their last country, Sirous and Magalhaes record in the Big South. The Fighting tooth and nail, the
took on the Winthrop Eagles, point, tying up the match, ultimately fell. Clinching the Highlanders improved to 4-1 in singles competition proved a
ultimately besting them 4-3. with a victory over Alexandros doubles point, Caldwell and conference matches. difficult match. Earning their
Radford came back from behind Caldwell. In the battle for the Meekers took the win, 6-4, on Radford men’s tennis will be only point of the entire match
and took the first victory over winning point, Matko Varga, a court 2. taking on USC Upstate at home and in the singles competition,
the Eagles since 2013. junior from Croatia, clinched the Gardner-Webb tied the score before taking on James Madison Malin Falk took the court. The
The win came down to the match for the Highlanders. Varga after the first singles match, and Campbell on the road. The freshman from Sweden battled
final singles match, and proved won 4-6, 6-4, 6-1, defeating the scoring one of the only two Highlanders will face off against in three sets, prevailing 6-0, 6-7
a wonderful birthday gift for one Eagles in his 11th singles victory points they achieved. Heading Big South opponent Campbell (4-7), 10-4.
of the Highlanders. of the season. His teammates back onto the court, Silva on Friday, April 5 at 1 p.m. in Radford women’s tennis will
Radford began the match at rushed the court, celebrating brought the heat. He defeated Buies Creek, North Carolina. be hosting Big South newcomer
a 0-2 deficit as Winthrop took both his clutch victory and his his opponent 6-0, 6-2 on court 6, Radford women’s tennis USC Upstate on April 3 at 2
the doubles point as well as 21st birthday. giving the lead back to Radford. faced a tough loss on Mar. 26 p.m. The following Saturday,
the first singles match against Defending their home turf, Varga kept the momentum going against Charleston Southern at April 6, the Highlanders will be
Yevhen Sirous. The Highlanders the Highlander men took on with a 7-5, 6-4 victory on court the Radford tennis complex. The defending home turf against
retaliated with three straight Gardner- Webb on Mar. 29 at 5. Highlanders fought valiantly but Gardner-Webb at 1 p.m. The

wins to take a 3-2 lead. 3 p.m. The Runnin’ Bulldogs Over on court 3, Caldwell were still bested 1-6, dropping a
Each of the matches all ended came into the match undefeated gained another win on his record Big South Conference match. For more articles on Radford
in two sets. Rodrigo Magalhaes, in the Big South conference with a 7-5, 6-4 victory. Playing in The Highlanders started off sports head on over to
a junior from Portugal, won 6-2, and left with a hard defeat. the second to last singles match with a win in doubles. Jeanine RUTARTAN.COM today!
12 | The Tartan Yves White, SMADs Manager // ywhite4@radford.edu // Advertisements