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Officer-Involved Critical Incident

This incident unfolded over
several blocks throughout
downtown Salt Lake City, ending
at 3339 S. State Street
Suspect: Harold Vincent
(37 Years Old)

Criminal history:
Simple Assault
Assault with Substantial Bodily Injury
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Possession of a Weapon
(Sawed off Shotgun)
Scene 1
Hotel 150 W.
500 S.

• 10:42 Dispatch received a call of shots fired at the

Sheraton Hotel 150 W. 500 S.

• Additional calls provided further information

Fired multiple rounds
High powered rifle
Automatic gun fire
White four-door truck heading North on 400 W. approaching
300 S.
Older F-150

• Dispatch received a total of 65 calls in conjunction

with this incident

• Reports of suspect driving around the downtown area

• Report of shots fired in various downtown locations

• Report of male shooting out of vehicle window

Camera Footage 100 S. Main
Scene 2
136 S. Main
• Gunfire
• Get down, guy with a gun
• White truck
• Heard two shots
• Sounded like rifle
Scene 3
270 S. State
• Employees of the Marriot Hotel reported suspect
• Stopped in front of hotel

• Fired several rounds

• Casing found on scene

• Vehicle continued southbound

Scene 4
500 S. State Street
• Fired automatic weapon at city county building
• Got out of vehicle
• Fired over car
500 S. 200 E.
Scene 5
500 S. 200 E.
• Car shot at another car
• Car struck by multiple rounds
Scene 5
Traffic Camera 1300 S. State
Traffic Camera 2100 S. State

• Officers cleared vehicle and building

• Officers secured the area

• At least one long gun found

• Cash found

• 10 Salt Lake City Officers are on administrative


• 3 Officers initiated their cameras prior to the end

of the pursuit
Officer-Involved Critical Incident