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Candidate's Name (First_Middle_Last):

Current Mailing Address: Permanent Address:

# 41, Sri Balaji Residency, Green Glen Village & Post - Marhi, District Jaunpur, Pincode - 222129,
Layout, Bellandur Bangalore - 560103 State - Uttar Pradesh

Email ID: Contact Number

dymjupi927@gmail.com (Mobile) : Number:
Residence Permanent (Native) Number:
9620061683 9670361788

Chronology Of Experience:

Employer Duration Designation

(Starting with current one) From (Month /Year) To (Month /
Quest Global Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 1/9/2015 22/05/2015 Trainee (Design)

Average duration in a company Yrs (Total Exp / No of jobs)


Education: Institute Year of Passing Percentage /

Aeronautical Engineering Vel Tech University 2010-2014 79.70%
Senior secondary school certificate Shri Ganesh Rai Inter 2008-2009 72.00%
Dobhi College Jaunpur
Secondary school certificate Shri Ganesh Rai Inter 2006-2007 62.00%
Dobhi College Jaunpur

Salary Details

Rs. Lakhs / Annum

Salary Expected from Airbus (if selected 480000
Next Appraisal Due for (Month / Year)
Appraisal %

Current CTC Break-Up

Monthly Components Rs. / Month Rs. / Annum

Basic + DA
Special Allowance
Flexible Benefit Plan
Other Allowances 1:
Other Allowances 2:
Other Allowances 3:

Sub Total A 0 0

Annual Components
Leave Travel Allowance
Medical Allowance
Any other annual allowance

Sub Total B 0 0

Retrial Benefits
Provident Fund (employer contribution)
Any other retrial benefits

Sub Total C 0 0

Car Valuation
Drivers Salary
Fuel and Maintenance
Valuation of lease rentals / asset valuation
Sub Total D 0 0

Variable Compensation
Performance Bonus (Minimum)
Performance Bonus (Maximum)

Sub Total E 0 0

Cost to Company (A+B+C+D+E) 0

Medical Insurance (Please specify amount and if family is covered)
Company Travel
Any other benefits
Personal Details
Name: Digvijay Yadav
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY): 15/07/1992
Marital Relationship Status: NO
Family Details:
Spouse's Name:
Spouse's Occupation:
If yes, then mention their age:
Passport Details:
Name as in Passport: Digvijay Yadav
Passport Number: L3954907
Date of Expiry (dd/mm/yyyy): 23/08/2023
Notice Period Details:
Notice Period (in Days): No
Can it be bought??:
Buying Amount (in Lakhs):
Increment Details
Next Increment due on (month/year):
Expected Increment at current company (%):
Last increment received (% and time)
Any Employment Bond??:
If yes, then date of expiry of Bond (dd/mm/yyyy): No
Amount required to buy the Bond (in Lakhs)
Reporting Structure Details:
Immediate Supervisor's Name:
Immediate Supervisor's Designation:
Leads a team of size:
Who are the direct reportees

Average Level of English (1 to 10) 9

Are you willing to relocate to Bangalore:
Are you willing to travel on job: Yes
Reasons for Breaks in Education (if any): 2009-2010 Engineering Enterance
Reasons for Breaks in career (if any): 2015-2016(Higher StudiesExam
-Not able to take
Reasons for frequent job changes (if any): admission due to financial Problem)
Why are you looking for a change now?

Why would you like to join Airbus?? Airbus has a globally great work culture,
Reserch and Development and respect for
technologies. So I would like to join Airbus to
enhance company product, culture and values.
References: Ref 1 Ref 2
(Preferably an ex-supervisor & a current peer)
Name of Referee
Contact Number (Cell / Res)
Relationship with candidate
(Supervisor / Peer / Subordinate)

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