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ARITA, Macky John Q.


3.1 Did the study have an abstract and its standard elements: purpose, main
problem, design and method, summary of findings/results, main conclusion,
research directions and key words?


ITS CHALLENGES TO FILIPINO FAMILIES provided a concrete abstract that served as
an overview of the study. It was clearly stated the background and its main problem as
well as their framework used in the study. The abstract laid out specific details about its
study. Lastly, results and finding were not completely included in the abstract. But I think
the abstract was made to be serve as an introduction for the study. It was meant to hook
the readers about it and to finish reading to better understand the topic.

3.2 Did the study mention at least one of the three indicators of a research
problem ?

- It was laid out in the introduction part of the study that the main problem does
individualism exist in this generation where the youth are more exposed in social media
and technology. Will there be possibility that being exposed in this type of environment
will result to a mentality of individualism?

3.3 Did it mention a background or context?

- Yes, just in the abstract of the study the background was properly and clearly discussed.
In a collectivist country where everything is in unity or community-oriented and an
individual perspective is somewhat loner, narcissistic, or selfish. Does the youth in our
country are spared with this culture?

3.4 Did it mention its significance or rationale?

- It may not be presented specifically, but yes, the significance of the study is presented
in the paper. It will provide benefit for the your and the church how does the youth walk
in today’s path or in today generation with an overwhelming culture that collides with our
perspective and ideals.

3.5 Did it mention a theoretical framework to help organize and interpret its
quantitative data?

- Yes, the study provided a clear discussion about the theories used in the paper. A better
explanation about the terms like individualism or collectivism and the underlying idea
about them in the society. The paper also explained how to properly interpret the data
with scales and categories for the result.
3.6. Did it mention its research design and methodology?

- Yes, 4,007 different students is the total population of the study. Survey questionnaire
was used to gather the data from the participants. The design and method was clearly
discussed. The method of the study was specific and concise with its explanation for the
readers to be focused on the important parts.

4. Overall, how would you rate this paper, 5 highest and 1 lowest. Explain your

- I would rate this paper 5/5. Because for me it was written unlike some studies we read,
but as an article that will make you read it all, from top to bottom. In some cases, the
abstract already gives the key points of the study without further explanation. This study
gave out specifics that will make you want to finish the study and learn afterwards.