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Product, The product, The product, The product, service

Service or service or service or business or business is
Business business is not may have some uniquely different
marketable. There similar counter- from anything else
is no use for this in products on the on the market. The
society. People market. It is product is useful
would not be able interesting, but not and marketable.
to develop this. It necessarily The product is
is unrealistic. something many realistic.
people would
actually benefit
from. It may not be
entirely realistic.

Presentation The presentation The presentation The presentation

was below was average. was engaging,
average. The There was no creative, and the
presenter(s) creative hook, but presenter(s) were
seemed to not put the presenter(s) confident and
much effort into did a nice job knowledgeable
their presentation. speaking to the about their product,
There was no audience. The service or business.
creative hook, and speaker(s) There was some
the speakers probably sort of hook to
weren't able to convinced a few convince audience
answer most of audience members members of the
the questions to buy their usefulness of their
posed to them. product. product.
Their presentation
didn't convince
anyone to buy
their product.
Business Plan Not all All requirements The business plan
requirements are are addressed in is neat and orderly.
addressed. The the business plan, Roles are clear and
business plan is but the plan is marketing strategies
not professional in average. There are make sense for the
format. Many/most some questionable target audience.
of the facts or facts/numbers, but Expected start- up
numbers are most answers are costs and funding
questionable. accurate.The are realistic. How
overall plan was success is
lacking in specifics. measured is clear,
as are specific goals
for business. All
posed questions are
answered, and
facts/numbers are
well researched and

Shark’s Score The Sharks would There are some This product is
not invest in this good ideas used in amazing. The
product. the product, but Sharks would
overall, it would definitely invest in it!
need some work to
be something the
sharks would
invest in.

Total Score: