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People v.

Teehankee  Accused fired his gun killing Chapman and WON out-of-court Out-of-court investigation is conducted by the police in various
mortally wounding Hultman and Leino identification is valid ways. It is done thru show-ups where the suspect alone is
then left. Leino though wounded called brought face to face with the witness for indentification. It is
for help. done thru mug shots where photographs are shown to the
 One of the witness after the gunman sped witness to identify the suspect. It is also done thru line-ups where
away ran outside his house helped the a witness identifies the suspect from a group of persons lined up
victims and reported the incident to the for the purpose. Since corruption of out-of-court identification
authorities. contaminates the integrity of in-court identification during the
 While in the hospital, Leino was shown 3 trial of the case courts have fashioned out rules to assure its
photos of different men and he identified fairness and its compliance with the requiremnets of
the petitioner as the gunman. constitutional due process.
 In order to confirm the identification
made by the witnesses also pointed the The out-of-court identification of the accused is valid and ilicit
accused thru separate out-of-court when it is in line with the rules that the SC have fashioned. In the
identification procedures case give, the authorities did not violate anything stated in the
 Petitioner assailed the validity of the out- latter, otherwise it is stated in the decision that they violated
of-court identification by the witnesses one.
and LEino