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Endocrine System

-regulates and coordinate the activity of nearly all body structures.

Function of endocrine System

1. Water Balance= regulates water balance by controlling the solute concentration of the blood

2. Uterine Contraction and Milk release= regulates uterine contractions during delivery of the new born
and stimulates milk release from the breasts in lactating females

3. Growth, metabolism and tissue maturation= regulates growth of many tissues, such as bone and
muscles and the rate of metabolism of many tissue, which helps maintain a normal body temperature
and normal mental function. Acts in the maturation of tissues, which results in the development of adult
features and adult behavior.

4. Ion Regulation= regulates Na, K, Ca concentration in the blood

5. Heart rate and Blood pressure regulation= helps regulate the heart rate and blood pressure, help
prepare the body for physical activity

6. Blood Glucose control= regulates blood glucose levels and other nutrient levels in the blood.

7. Immune system Regulation= helps control the production and functions of immune cells.

8. Reproductive function and control= controls the development and the functions of the reproductive
systems in male and females.

Endocrine Glands- are ductless glands that secrete chemical signals into the circulatory system.