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Archer | ENGL 20803 | Spring ‘19

Final Website Portfolio Project

This semester, you have been asked to engage in argumentative papers and thus have had to examine how best
to approach that process. The first paper in particular asked you to reflect on your personal experiences with
and beliefs about argument, which will be important for this upcoming assignment that asks you to reflect on
whether or not that has changed. It is very likely that your stance has not changed, but it is important that you
be able to reflect how your view of argument was reflected in what you produced for this course. To that end,
you will be asked to put together a website portfolio that demonstrates your understanding of the conscious
decisions you have made when creating an argument.

You will create a website using the tool of your choice (I suggest Weebly). On this website, you will be asked
to provide several components for assessment. Your website must include the following:
1. A “homepage”—this will be the first page an audience sees when visiting your website. This will
include links to navigate to the other components of your website and should include an
introductory statement that gives some background of who you are, your major, what you are
working toward as a career, etc.
a. Word count: 100-200 words
2. Personal Philosophy of Argument—this page will be the summation of your own philosophy of
argument. In other words, after this semester, what do you believe about argument? You can take
from your first paper, but it cannot be a direct copy. You do not have to use narrative in this
section, but feel free to. Your philosophy of argument will be the thread that carries throughout
the rest of the portfolio, so be mindful of writing something that you can use to make connections
with what we’ve done in the class
a. Word count: 250-350 words
3. Reflection on the course—this page can be included in your homepage or it can be its own page.
You should use this space to reflect on what you have been asked to do in this course and what
you have gained from it (or what beliefs of yours have been reaffirmed by the work you have
a. Word count: 150-300 words
4. Synthesis Essay Reflection—this page will include your synthesis essay with an introductory
statement that frames the essay in terms of how your philosophy of argument played into this
essay. What did you prioritize in order to communicate your point?
a. Word count: 100-200 words
5. Research Essay Reflection—this page will include your research essay with an introductory
statement that discusses why you chose the topic you chose, what you learned from the process,
and what approach you took to arguing your point. Connect your argument to your personal
philosophy (as in the previous section). How did your view of argument play into this
a. Word count: 200-300 words
 The order and placement of these pages is up to you, so you can be strategic and creative about how
you organize your website.
 Each page of your website MUST include some multimedia component, whether this be a video or an
image or something that enhances the visual aspect of the website
You will have 3-4 minutes to present your website portfolio to the class. In this presentation you will talk
through each page, give a brief overview of the assignments you did, and connect your personal philosophy of
argument throughout all of it. Presentation does not have to be formal, dress- or speech-wise.

My own sample (not exactly your assignment): https://archerdan.weebly.com/