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Cecilia Park Park 1

Ms. Thomas

UWRT 1104

12 February 2019

Inquiry Proposal

As a freshman in college, I have learned that college is completely different from high

school. I have a lot more freedom and opportunities, but one of the big differences is technology

use in the classroom. In high school, we were not allowed to have laptops to take notes since

they thought we would be playing games online or watching Netflix. So, taking classes at UNCC

was completely different because we are allowed, more like encouraged, to bring our laptops to

class because we use it for everything. We use laptops to take quizzes, notes, research for a

project, submit assignments and write essays. It is a completely different experience for me.

The first form of technology occurred in the colonial years with the invention of the

Horn-books. Horn-books are wooden paddles with printed lessons on it to help students learn.

Later on, technology advanced and the Magic Lantern was made which allowed images to be

projected on glass plates. Fast forward to the 80’s, the first ever portable computer was invented

in 1981 and during the same year, IBM introduced its first personal computer. Technology has

advanced more since then, especially with the invention of Apple’s Mac, and has been used in

the classrooms. Technology will continue to grow and so will an educator’s ability to teach

Park 2

I didn’t know much about my subject before I began because technology use in the

classroom is new to me since I didn’t have a lot of experience. I learned more about it when I

came to college and started bringing my laptop to every class and we actually discussed

technology use in the classrooms in my UWRT class. Since then I have learned more about my

subject when I started researching for my inquiry proposal. ​After using the Newsbank and

internet searches, I have found some sources for my paper that are useful. By searching

“technology use in classrooms,” I found an article by the Targeted News Service that explains

disconnect from technology use in classrooms. I have also found an article by Purdue University

talking about the evolution of technology in the classrooms. I found these articles by searching

keywords such as, ​“technology use in college”, “technology use in classrooms”, “technology

use in North Carolina”, “technology schools”, “anti-tech schools”, “history of technology”.

Next, I will probably try and find articles on classrooms that don’t use technology in

order to get a comparison of how beneficial no technology is vs. the use of technology. I will

probably also find some data comparing test scores. In order to enlarge my question, I can talk

about technology use in North Carolina, or if I want to be more specific I can say colleges in

North Carolina, like UNC Charlotte. I can also talk about using technology now in classrooms

vs. how classrooms were before the popularity of technology.

After doing research and coming up with ideas for my question, some questions I have

come up with are, Is technology use in the classroom more beneficial than using no technology?
Park 3

Is technology use more of a distraction than anything or is it really beneficial? Are test scores

higher when using technology? I believe these questions are important because with the growing

popularity of technology, we can see if technology is really beneficial when it comes to learning

in the classroom. If it is a distraction to students, then we need to get rid of technology in the

classroom. But, if it is actually beneficial, we need to support it.

Park 4

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