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A. Career Correspondence
Where are job search letters necessary? Quite often. First, there are cover letters that
accompany your resumes. There are also networking letters, prospecting letters, follow up
letters after the interview and finally the acceptance letter. Let’s begin with one of the most
important pieces of correspondence, the cover letter.

B. The Cover Letter

A cover letter or letter of application as it is sometimes called, is the letter that covers your
resume literally. A cover letter introduces you to the potential employer. It makes a first
impression and serves to set the tone for your resume. A well-crafted cover letter contains
useful information not found in your resume and spotlights important items that are included
in the resume. So, it is a fairly important piece of writing.

C. Characteristics of a Good Cover Letter

A good cover letter does the following:
 Makes a good first impression
 Is original and specific to each job application situation
 Provides an answer to the question “Why should I hire you?”
 Is direct and to the point
 Is usually one page or less in length
 Is written on paper that matches your resume paper (a matching envelope should also be

D. Writing the Cover Letter

Remember, a cover letter must be well written. Its purpose is to transmit and present your
resume to recruiter. Because it establishes the very first impression of you, it must put your
very best foot forward. Essentially, cover letter can be written in three basic paragraphs:

1. The introductory paragraph, in which you apply for the position, giving its title and how
you learned about it.
2. The middle paragraph, which references your resume and sells you by mentioning your
key attributes or traits.
3. The closing paragraph, which ask for an interview and indicates te follow-up you will do.

E. Cover Letter Guidelines

March, 21 2016-08-30

Mr. Jerry P. Smith, Vice President

Lakewood General Hospital
545 Weller Avenue
Lakewood, IN 46556

Dear Mr. Smith

In this paragraph, give the reason for the letter, the specific position or type of employment
for which you are applying and mention how you learned about the opening (e.g., classified
advertisement, college placement office, personal referral, internet site). When you mention
how you learned about the opening, give the name of publication and its date, the name of the
person referring you, otr the name of the internet site that promoted the opening and the date
you saw the advertisement. Indicate why you are interested in the position and company.
(Introductory paragraph)

It is recommended that you comment on something specific about the company here; this
could be something you have read recently about the firm, their their mission or vision
statement, or their reputation in the community. Also state what you believe you can do for
the company, what contributions you can make. Be specific here and use examples whenever
possible. If you are a recent graduate, talk about your degree and how you feel that it and your
other experiences make you qualified for the position. If you are experienced worker, poin out
your achievements or talents that make you a good candidate. You may include some ideas
similar to ones found in your resume, but try not to use the same wording. Finally, at the
appropriate spot in this paragraph refer the reader to your enclosed resume, which further
explains your qualificationa and experience. (Middle Paragraph)

State your desire for an interview and your flexibility as to the time and place. Provide
telephone number where you can be reached. Be assertive and active in closing the letter and

tell the reader that you will follow up with a telephone call to arrange an interview time.
Don’t end the letter with a statement that you look forward to hearing from the reader. Control
your job search and tell the reader when you will call and then do it! (closing paragraph)

Yours sincerely

Ryan H. Austin

Ryan H. Austin

F. Example of Cover Letter

Charles A. Sanders
March 12, 2016

Mr. Detik C. Stephenson

Director of Human Resources
Peterson Industries
1345 Sandy Beach Blvrd
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Dear Mr. Stephenson

I am applying for the position of system anlayst that was advertised on March 10 with the
placement service at s
St. Anne’s College. The position is an excellent match with my education, experiences and
career interest.

In your advertisement, you ask for experience in computer system, financial application
software, and end-user consulting. With a major in management information system, I have
training on mainframes, mini and microcomputers. I also have experience and training with a
variety of software programs and applications, my hands-on experience as a computer
laboratory assistant at St. Anne’s and as a programmer and student assistant gave me valuable
exposure to various hardware and software problems as well as situations requiring good
interpersonal communication skills. In addition, I have been employed as a student worker

with alarge credit union, when I gained valuable knowledge of financial systems. My
experience and career goal match your requirements for the position. I am extremely
interested in the system analyst position and in working for Peterson Industries.

Please consider my request for an interview to discuss further my qualifications and to present
you with a resume detailing my educational and work experience. I wil call you next week if
to see a meeting can be arranged. If you would like to reach me before then, please call me at
707-555-7828. If I am not in, please leave a message and I will return your call within a day.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

Charles A Sanders

Charles A Sanders

G. Application Letter and the Example

Similar to the cover letter that covers the resume, the purpose of the correspondence is to
apply for a position. If it is sent by itself, it is an application letter. If a resume is enclosed
with it, becomes a cover letter. This letter is a bit more involved than the cover letter sample.
The level of detail makes it much more appropriate for use a singular letter of application.
When you see an advertisement that attracts your attention, check carefully to note whether
applications should be handwritten. If nothing is stated, you may prepare your letter using a
computer or typewriter.

H. Example of Application Letter 1.
- Example

49 Holland Crescent
(Your personal address) 234432
25 June 2015 (Date)

Mrs. Sally Jenkins

Human Relations Manager
Global Communication House
#03-10 Global House (Address exactly as stated in advertisement)
Orchid Boulevard

Dear Mrs. Jenkins (Use personal salutation)


I am interested in applying for this post as advertised in today’s Straits Times. (Don’t be
long winded-just applied for the job)
I have been employed as part-time Administrative Assistant in Lee Ang Polytechnic for the last
six months while studying there on Business Administration course. My course finished very
soon and I am keen to join a progressive company such as Global Communication.
(Give some brief details of what you are doing now)

My full particulars are shown on my enclosed Curriculum Vitae. (Enclose your CV)

I shall be happy to attend an interview at any time and look forward to hearing you soon.

Yours sincerely

Laura Cheong (Miss)


- Example 2

Tangerang, December 29th, 2016

Attention To:
HRD Manager
PT. Rozak Mobile
Jl. Arteri Vena Kapiler
Kav 12 B Old Office Park Ruko 3-4
Jakarta 11540

Dear Sir,
Subject: Application Letter
I have read from your advertisement at jobsdb.com that your company is looking for
employees to hold some position. Based on the advertisement, I am interested in applying
application for Database Administrator position according with my background
educational as computer science education.

My name is Dedi Dermawan, I am twenty one years old, I was graduated from University
of Pamulang. I consider myself that I have qualifications as you want. I have good
motivation for progress and growing, eager to learn, and can work with a team (team
work) or individual. Beside that I posses adequate computer skill and have good command
in English (oral and written).

With my qualifications, I confident that I will be able to contribute effectively to your

company. Herewith I enclose my :
1. Copy of Bachelor Degree (S-1) Certificate and Academic Transcript.
2. Curriculum Vitae.

3. Recent photograph with size of 4×6.

I enclose my curriculum vitae for your inspection and look forward to hearing from you
soon. I am available for interview at your convenience.


Dedi Dermawan

I. Vocabularies

 In view of my qualification  Citizen card

 Carefully considered  Requirements
 Thoroughly experience  responsibility
 Assistance

J. Exercises !!!
1. Look and read a job advertisement below !
2. Translate into Bahasa Indonesia !
3. Make a good application letter from a job advertisement below !


With an office in Jakarta requires :

Essential qualifications are :

- Fluency in written and spoken English
- Secretarial course graduated
- Experience
- Minimal 2 years
- Able to use Word Processor and Spreadsheet
- Age between 20-30 years
- Pleasant personality, initiative, loyal, & independent

Attractive salary will be offered to the right candidate

Please submit your application clearly in writing to :


PO BOX 391
Jakarta 10310