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Rudd 1

Brayden Rudd

Ms. Amanda Tibbitts

Language Arts 12

8 March 2019


Have you ever wanted to know what engineers do? What they build? What they must do

to become one? Well this research will tell you what you want to find out. Engineering is what

the human race needs right now. We need it so much because more and more companies are

asking for people that the world just doesn’t have enough of right now. You will find and read

about, what colleges do with thier engineering programs, some work experience that can be done

before anyone joins in the workforce, a study about engineering, and some of the tools that are

used to help engineering.

There are several different types of engineering that they teach in college (Fagette,

Paul)(7). In the article “Engineering General Education Courses” says that there are several

different types of engineering that they teach in college.​ ​This means that you can do like

electrical engineering, or learn about hydraulics and how to use them on projects.​ ​You can also

go into biological engineering, even the medical field has to have engineers develop new

technology for people who need it. It matters because Mechanical engineering is involved in all

of these so it would be interesting to figure out which one works best for me.

They teach you about all the engineering principles (​Fagette, Paul​)​(7).​ There are many

colleges that teach you about many different principles for engineering (Fagette 119) (7).​ ​This is

important because people to know what they are studying. If people don’t know any of the
Rudd 2

principles of what they are learning how are they supposed to work somewhere where they don’t

even understand the principles. It also helps with knowing what some of the actual work fields

are like. It matters because the more principles you learn the more you understand and the more

you can produce.

They want to teach all the equations for engineers (​Fagette, Paul) (7)​. According to

Fagette, they teach many of the important equations to use in the work field for energies.​ ​This is

important because there are different energies that are okay to work with without any safety

hazards, and then there are some that we have to be cautious about because they can be really

dangerous. Also, you also want to know these in case you want to create something that uses any

of the different energies. It matters because the world is changing, a lot, and we as humans need

to find a way to adapt to all the changes and when we understand how to control energy we can

then live peacefully.

According to Ana ​de-Juan (1), many different Universities ​has different degrees you can

get. As stated by de-Juan there are many different degrees that you can get.​ ​There are many

degrees that you can study in the mechanical engineering field. This means that there are many

things that you can study and become highly proficient at it and go into a career and get paid a

good wage. This matters because there’s a field that someone would like to get a degree in, they

then figure out that it’s not for them, they can change it and like the other one more and continue

on with there future.

There are many ways a student can succeed in a certain field (1). There are lots of ways

that you can succeed in order to prepare you for the work field (de-Juan, Ana) (1).​ ​Universities

have different things that they can do to help certain students succeed. It also means that maybe a
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student is struggling or even if a class has a hard time material then they can change their plans

and make sure that the class or the individual can succeed.

It lists all of the finals that you have to take to be certified (Ana ​de-Juan) (1)​ . In the

Article “​Engineering Degree through Student Design” it talks about all of the exams that you

have to take to be certified in a certain engineering field.​ ​ ​This means that you will already know

which tests you’re going to take to be certified. You can also get a feel at if you will pass these

test with flying colors are fail and not be able to be certified. It’s important to know because then

you can study whatever is on the final and then learn all you need to be certified for the future.

This makes life a lot easier because then there will be now extra long period of training with the

job you get out of univercery.

There are many different ways of learning how to use CAD (​Barbero, Basilio) (2)​ . CAD

is a very useful tool in engineering, and so learning how to use it is a very crucial part of it. This

matters because CAD is very complex and you have to use exact measurements with your work

or else the product of whatever you’re making will not fit anything and then it will be out of spec

and then you won’t be able to sell it because it’s not in spec.

The cool thing is that there are different things you can do with CAD. This means that

they talk about some of the things CAD can do, and all of the things you could potentially work

on. They talk about all the different styles you can do. This is important because you want to

know everything you can before you get into to the work field so you can produce all of the

product safely, with exact precision and speed.

You get to discover the difference between weight and size (​Dischino, Michele)(5)​.​ ​In the

article “Does Size Really Matter” by Dischino Michele (5) it talks about weight and size are
Rudd 4

different but they both have a huge factor on something or someone. Something that stays in

motion must stay in motion until another force is put upon it. This is something that engineers

must take into development with them with some of the projects they are working on so that

nothing can go wrong, because if something does go wrong it can put some people at risk of

being injured. There are also very small things that can be made for very specific purposes and

depending on where your working, somebody needs a piece that's small but very lightweight.

There are so many good examples of stuff you can do in the field (​Dischino, Michele)​.

This means that you get to do something that an engineer would do if you worked as one. It gives

you a greater sense of what you’re getting yourself into. Why this matters is because you want to

know whether or not you want to pursue engineering, so doing a project like this will give you a

little bit of an idea of what you could be dealing with.

There are a lot of detailed steps that you have to follow in engineering (​Dischino,

Michele)​. Looking at all of the detailed steps in the experiment that you are doing can teach you

how to look at all the little details that you need for the future. It will help you realize if it’s to

time consuming, or if it’s to confusing so you don’t have to waste money to go to school to learn

how to do it. Understanding this can also help to see where your at with working on projects like

this, to see if you’re fast or slow, precise or not.

“The case study develops reliability analysis for a shaft under a constant torque and a

bending force and includes probabilistic concepts to account for the uncertainties in loading,

material properties and geometries” (​EKER GÜMÜŞ 636​). ​This is important to know because

when you have a project like this it is crucial to get all of material properties and geometries

perfect so the torque from the shaft doesn’t break under pressure. Developing this would be
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amazing because you can make all the adjustment you need before it’s perfect. Why you need to

know this is because again it’s one step closer to being more prepared and have more experience.

“Being aware of failure modes, variables, models, mesures, and methods” (​EKER

GÜMÜŞ, Beril) (6)​.​ ​Being aware of this type of stuff can improve the ability of knowing faults

and strengths in a product, or even in a big project that could turn into a very shout out product.

The reason why people need to know this is so that you can create successful products, instead of

ones that will fail, and no consumer will want to buy. And the whole main goal of this is so you

won’t be able to fail.

In conclusion there is a lot to engineering, but that’s the fun of it. Everyday you could be

working on something new and that’s very exciting! Whether it be weight and size, using a cad

machine, and learning all the different ways in college is a wonderful thing to think about. It is a

great thing to do for the future and that’s what I plan on doing.
Rudd 6

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Rudd 7

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