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ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 24-2000 (RA 2005) ASHRAE STANDARD Methods of Testing for Rating Liquid Coolers Approved by the ASHRAE Standards Committee on February 5, 2000, and eaffimed February 5, 2005; by the ASHRAE Board of Directors on February 10, 2000, and realimed February 10, 2005; and by the American Natonal Stancards Institute on Api 25, 2000, and reaffirmed February 10, 2006. [ASHRAE Standards are scheduled tobe updated ona five-year cyte; the date following the standard number is. the year of ASHRAE Board of Directors approval. The latest copies may be purchased from ASHRAE Customer ‘Service, 1791 Tule Circa, NE, Atlanta, GA 30329-2905. E-mail: orders @ashrae.org. Fax: 404-321-5478. Tele- ‘phone: 404-696-8400 (worldwide) or tl free 1-800-527-4723 (for orders in U.S. and Canada). © Copyright 2005 ASHRAE, inc ISSN 1041-2936 When addenda, interpretations, or enala to this standard have been approved, they can be downloaded tree of charge trom the ASHRAE Web sie at hiip:/mwwashrae.org @ American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. 1791 Tullie Circle NE, Atlanta, GA 30329 ‘wwwashrae.org [ASHRAE Standard Project Committee 24-2000 Cognizant TC: TC 8.5, Liquid-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers Shane A. Moeykens, Chair ‘Arthur Fovargue* ‘Joseph B. Huber, Secretary” Michele Friedricht Shan §. Lr Neelkanth S. Gupte Robert R. Bittle” Kaushik Ozat ‘Steven J. Eckels* “Denotes members of voting status when the document was approved for publication ASHRAE STANDARDS COMMITTEE 2003-2004 Frank E. Jakob Davor Nowosel, Vice-Chair ‘Stephen D. Kennedy Donald B. Bivens David €. Knebel Dean 8. Borges Frederick H. Kohloss Paul W. Cabot Mere F. McBride Charles W. Coward, Jr Mark P. Modera Hugh F. Crowther (Cyrus H. Nasseri Brian P. Dougherty ‘Gideon Shavit. Hakim Elmandy David R. Tree Matt R. Hargan Thomas H. Willams Richard D. Hermans James €. Woods John F. Hogan Ross D. Montgomery, BOD ExO Kent W. Peterson, CO Claire B. Ramspeck, Manager of Standards ‘SPECIAL NOTE ‘This American National Standard (ANS) a national voluntary consensus standard developed underthe auspices ofthe American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Consensus defined by te American National Standards Intute (ANS), of which ASHRAE isa member and which has approved ths stardard as an ANS, as“subslarial agreement reached by decty and materially affected intrest categories. This signifies the concurrence of more thana simple majority, but not necessarily tunanimiy, Consensus requires that all views and cbjecions be considered, and that an eflart be made toword ther resoluton ‘Compliance wit this standard is voluntary unl and unless a legal jurisdiction makes compliance mandatory through legislation, ASHRAE obtains consensus trough participation of is naional and international members, associated societies, end public 'ASHRAE Standards are prepared by a Project Committee appoinie specifically forthe purpose of wring the Standard. The Project Committee Chair and Vice-Chair must be members of ASHRAE; while otter committee members may or may not be ASHRAE ‘members, all mist be technically qualifed in the subject area ofthe Standard, Every ofr is made to balance the concered interests onal Project Committees, “The Manager of Standards of ASHRAE should be contacted fo: 2. Interpretation of the contents of tie Standare, b: patcipation inthe next review ofthe Standard, «offering constructive crtcism fr improving the Standard, 4. permission to reprint portons ofthe Standard DISCLAIMER |ASHRAE uses its bost efforts to promulgate Standards and Guidelines for the benefit of the puble in ight of avaliable information and accepted industy pracices. However, ASHRAE does not guarantee, certly. or assure the safety of performance of any products, components, or systems teste, installed, or operated in accordance with ASHRAE's Standards ‘2 Guidelines or that any tests conducted under its Standards or Guidelines wil be norhazardous or fee from risk "ASHRAE INDUSTRIAL ADVERTISING POLICY ON STANDARDS ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines are established to assist industry and the pubic by olfleing a uniform method of testing for rating purposes, by suggesting safe practices in designing and istaing equipment, by providing proper definitions ofthis equipment, and by providing eer information that may servo to guide the industry. The creation of ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines is determined by the need for them, and confoemance to them completely voluntary. In refering to this Standard or Guideline and in marking of equipment and in advertising, no claim shall be made, either sated or mpeg, thatthe product has been approved by ASHRAE. CONTENTS ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 24-2000 (RA 2005) Methods of Testing for Rating Liquid Coolers SECTION PAGE 1 Purpose .. 2 Scope 3 Definitions. 4 Classifications. svn 5 Expression of Test Results 6 Test Methods 7 Instruments, Test Apparatus, and Physical Properties... 8 Test Procedure 9 References aR ORK H NOTE ‘When addenda, interpretations, or errata to this standard have been approved, they can be downloaded free of charge from the ASHRAE Web site at http:/www.ashrae.org. © Copyright 2005 American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. 1794 Tullie Circle NE Atlanta, GA 30328 www.ashrae.org All rights reserved.