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11 Mar 2019 WRK-01-RAPP-004 0














PT. Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi


1. General
The Construction of New Futong Jetty Project requires the construction steel pipe piles
and spun piles. foundation would be used if the design of foundations to support the
minor structures such as cable tray and others.

2. Location of Piling
The proposed Construction of New Futong Jetty Project area shown in the bid

3. Soil Condition
A programme of test piling has already been carried out. Based upon the resultof this
programme the expected pile tip elevation for each area is estimated prior to piling

4. Main Equipments
The main driving equipment will be used for piling as follow :
 Crane
 Service crane
 Diesel hammer
 Welding machine, steel plate, etc.

PT. Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi

5. Execution
5.1 Handling
All pile shall be stacked in accordance with the arrangement below. Ensure that
operation involving loading, transporting, offloading, handling, stacking ang pitching
piles, are carried out in a safe manner as to prevent injury and damage to the piles.
Figure 1. Each piles is marked with the sling point. Sling will only be placed at these
location to move the piles.

Figure-1. Handling the Steel Pipe Pile Material

Pile shall be placed near the driving point by service crane. Any damage that does occur
shall be drawn to the attention of the employer and the contractor shall submit his
proposal for remedial works for in the form of an NCR (Non Conformance Report)
approval prior to commencement. The making good/ replacement measures shall be
carried out by the contractor at his own expense. The employers approval of the
completed remedial measures will be required before inclusion into the structure can
take place.

5.2 Marking of Piles

Each piles shall be clearly identified by its number in white paint at least every 3 meters,
with a minimum of 3 locations at the top, bottom, and middle prior to driving, the pile
shall be marked with paint every meter with the expected depth identified. Intervals of
500 mm shall also be marked with paint.

5.3 Setting Out

The main setting out of the piles is to be completed prior to commencement of piling.
The setting put of pile for building will be carried out based on marking as per center
of grid line of building with draw out line from wall existing at site. Then continue to
set up of stake and continue for checking using measuring tape. Secondary or individual
pile setting out is to be completed and agreed upon not less than 8 hours prior to
commencing work on the piles concerned. All main setting out points (exact
coordinates), lines, station and other work are to be maintained safe an undisturbed.

PT. Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi

The pile driving points shall be set to the correct place according to pile layout drawing
with employer’s confirmation. The main setting out lines, please see on Appendix-3
(shall be presented during construction stage).

5.4 Driving of Piles

All piles shall satisfy the tolerance for position and inclination as started herein. The
deviation of the as-driven centerline of a pile or the projection of its centerline from
the pile center point as shown on the setting out drawings shall not exceed 75mm when
measured in horizontal direction at the defined level. Deviations from vertical shall not
be more than 1 in 100 for vertical piles and better piles shall not deviate by more than
2 in 100 f.rom the specified batter. If piles are installed out of plan position or line
beyond allowable tolerances, the piles shall be extracted or additional piles shall be
driven, as requested by the owner, to properly provide for load conditions and to avoid
overstressing of piles without additional cost. Manipulation of piles to force them into
proper position or line will not be permitted. The contractor shall be responsible to
extract and/or drive additional piles as noted above without additional piles as noted
above without additional cost to the owner. Piles shall be driven until the required final
set at the specified depth, pile shall be driven deeper until specification is met. And
upper portion shall be extended by welding. On completion of driving of the first 12
m section of pile driving will stop (Approximately 1 m above ground level). Steel
driving head will be cleaned and prepared for welding.
The second section will be lifted into place alignment and verticality checked.
Following cleaning of jointing surface. Welding will proceed as describen in Appendix-
11 (shall be presented during construction stage).

PT. Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi

A driving log will be kept during the driving of each pile. The number of blows for each
500 mm of penetration will be recorded. From previous experience in installing test
piles for this project, when the number of blows approaches approximately 140 blows
for 500mm close attention will be given to the readings and as the penetration measures
around 10mm per ten blows pile driving will be temporarily halted.
An A4 leaf of graph paper will be attached to the pile at a suitable distance above ground
level and coincident with a reference table. A pencil is placed on the reference table
with its tip resting on the graph paper. Driving is continued for ten blows as the pencil
is drawn horizontally across the reference table to measure pile penetration and
The resultant values are calculated and compared with the relevant tables in Appendix-
9 (Table of Bearinq Capacity, shall be presented during construction stage). If resultant
value so obtained is greater than the designed ultimate load bearing capacity, the pile is
considered to have reached its final set and driving is stopped.
If the resultant value is less than the value indicated in the table, driving is continued
until suitable values are obtained, at which time the pile is considered to have reached
its final set.
Previous project experience indicates a final set of 6mm for 10 blows will satisfy project
design requirements:
A comparison of Attachment 9 tables of estimated bearing capacity using the Hilley
Formula and that derived from the pile load test report for test piles are attached. This
confirms that based upon the Pile Load Test reports a final set of 6mm suitable for the
designed pile bearing capacity fot the Gas Engine Power Plant foundation and building.

PT. Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi

Final set of the last 10 blows shall not be larger than 10 mm.

5.5 Pile Head Treatment

After completion of driving a series of piles and the series have passed all required test
requested by employer, the pile heads will be prepared for cutting the required
elevation. Design elevation will be marked on the pile and the pile cut by either
mechanical or manual means or a combination of both methods. Following cutting, pile
heads will be surveyed for both elevation and position and the data recorded as part of
the records. Detailed pile head treatment will be.subject to a further Method Statement.

6. Recording Forms
The contractor shall keep complete and accurate piling records. Two signed copies of
these records shall be submitted to the employer's not more than 48 hours from the date
of the works detailed therein. The pile records shall always be submitted with sufficient
time for the owner’s approval prior to the piles becoming inaccessible due to further
The records shall contain the following information :
 Type of pile
 Pile number and all principal characteristic of the pile including dimensions
 Detail of driving and installation sequence progress, including dates, times,
equipment used and personnel
 The equipment hammer model number, weight, and rate energy
 Number of hammer blows for each 500 mm of driving
 Actual location of piles as driven, with variatons from plan location indicated

PT. Wijaya Karya Rekayasa Konstruksi

 Set of completion of the initial drive and final test set on completion of the final
 Any unusual phenomena encountered in driving piles
 Depth and type of soil strata
 Observation of ground water level and ground water flow
 Name of inspector for each pile
 Cushion material shall be placed between anvil and pile’s head. Cushion material
shall be hard wood and shall be replaced periodically.
 Top elevation when driving is complete
 Elevation of pile head
 The depht and rate of penetration in relation to site datum for the length of the pile
A sample of pile driving recording forms is attached in Appendix-5

7. Schedule of Piling
The schedule of piling can be see on Appendix-4 (shall be presented during construction

8. Cycle Time of Pile Driver

The cycle time for pile driver can be see on Appendix-6 (shall be presented during
construction stage)

9. Sample of Calendering
The sample of calendering of pile driving can be see on Appendix-7 (shall be presented
during construction stage)

10. Safety Procedure

The safety procedure of pile driving can be see on Appendix-8 (shall be presented
during construction stage)

11. Table of Bearing Capacity

The table of bearing capacity for pile driving can be see on Appendix-9 (shall be
presented during construction stage)

12. Inspection Test Plan

The inspection test plan for pile driving can be see on Appendix-10 (shall be presented
during construction stage)