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1) Shortcut Keys

The following table lists the shortcut key combinations for various commands in the software.

Command or action Shortcut keys

Change active axis of rotation Up Arrow key
(equipment objects)

The default axis of rotation is the

Component or folder name change F2
Define workspace CTRL+W
Delete objects DELETE
Edit locate filter CTRL+E
End a process ESC
Fit all views Hold SHIFT+A, and click Fit.
Help F1
Hyperlink CTRL+K
New workspace CTRL+N
Open workspace CTRL+O
Paste CTRL+V
PinPoint display on or off F9
PinPoint target move F12
PinPoint - unlock rectangular or F6 (E or absolute distance), F7 (N or
spherical coordinates horizontal angle), F8 (EL or vertical angle)
Previous View ALT+F5
Print CTRL+P

Refresh Workspace F5
Rotate about the current active axis Left and Right Arrow keys
(equipment objects)
Route in fast mode SHIFT+F
Route plane lock by turn or branch CTRL+4
Route plane lock by three points CTRL+5
Route plane lock to EL east-west CTRL+2
Route plane lock to EL north-south CTRL+3
Route plane lock to no plane CTRL+6
Route plane lock to Plan CTRL+1
Select All CTRL+A
Selected objects do not move with the F10
pointer during the Move command
Shortcut menu for interface Right-click
component (to open session file in
Windows Explorer, dialog box,
Workspace Explorer, etc.)
SmartSketch locate surface F3
SmartSketch lock constraint CTRL+L or click middle mouse button or
SmartSketch select mode on CTRL+D
Start a command or confirm (OK) a ENTER
dialog box
To Do List CTRL+T
For Extraction of Report pls save below setting

To Extract and update drawings make setting in excel in the beginning only as below.

Open excel from start program  file  option  trust center  trust center setting
 micro setting  click here on enable all micros and click on “trust access to the VBA
project object model”