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A Dogs Life

Team Pedigree
The mood of the piece

• Dark horror aesthetic

• Deep ambient sounds

• Impactful sound effects harsh jagged sound

The Ambiance

• Use of wind, thunder and washing machines to

create low rumblings throughout piece.

• Crescendo generating tension.

• Use of eq to filter high frequencies and pitch

shifting to create dark aesthetic.
Climax of Ambiance occurs here
The Foley

• Three key foley sounds

• Rain

• Barking of dogs

• Wind
The sound effects
• 7 key sound effects

• Gate opening

• Dropping of Dog bowl

• Dropping/kicking of football

• Stepping in dog poop

• Kicking the dog

• Violent pulling of dog chain

• Car boot opening

The sound design

• Dropping the dog bowl

• Dog being kicked

• Gate opening
The dog bowl dropping
Dog being kicked
Gate opening