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1. Screening of AAA

-Once in 65 To 75 whoever has smoked

2.Scenario of 68y man coming with some silly complaint. O/E normal. Which organ to screen

-Prostate u/s


-Abdominal Aorta

3. 56y htn pt on diuretics, diagnosed to have gout. change the drug to





4. Old lady with htn and DM epigastric pain since 2months not relieved with ranitidine, now acute
pain in epigastrium radiating to back since two hrs. o/e bp 150/95, hr 115, rr19.

-aortic dissection


-perforation of peptic ulcer

-prinzmetal angina

5.Scenario of a pt with painless hearing loss. imp hx to b asked?

-exposure to loud noise

6.2y recurrent otitis media, irritable and disturbed sleep. Advice?

-surgery consult

-skin biopsy


7.Man htn and DM came with depression symtoms. wt loss and sleeplessness. drug of choice



8.25y female depression pt on ssri, wat s true?

-20% complaint of sexual dysfunction on ssri

_velaxetine is drug of choice htn pt

9.Multigravida 40wk 2days, in labor, 6cm dilated, 60% effaced, some scenario to confuse as
obstructed labour. wat nxt


10.infected sebaceous cyst scenario

-Complete excision

11. HBsAg postive mother bot her 6y old son who s positive for HBsAg, did not take ny vaccine
except bcg at birth .wat to gv





12.Two tables wer given. calculate the rate of the disease.

13.11y old girl with IBD. mouth ulcers n ulcers in GIT.rx





14.miscarrige defination

-within 20wks? 22? 24? 26?

15.drug use to rapid reverse panic attack




16.Case of PCP. WAT to check

-HIV status

17.Elderly with htn c/o blurry vision, headache n dizziness o/e platelets were low n Hb was high. rx



18.Child with swollen hot ankle joint ,fever,anorexia n fatigue. 3months ago same complaints with
salmon rash dx 5th disease n was treated.

-septic arthritis




19.child aft back from trip got pharyngitis with maculopapular rash, hepatosplenomegaly



-Lyme disease


20.Another case with headache and high Hb. investigation?

-bone marrow

-erythropoitin level

21.Patient withTB came with painful eye, red conj, photophobia

-viral conj

-bacterial coj



22.pap smear (every 3 years)

23.typical chronic bronchitis case

24.most common symptom of emphysema (dyspnea)

25.child had viral inf one week ago, now c/o hematuria. investigation ?

x-urine analysis

-renal u/s


26.again child aft viral infection c/o protenuria n purpura. what complication?

-renal insufficiency

-hemolytic anemia


27.child with diarrhea 4days, now bloody diarrhea with chills. pathogen?


-verotoxin releasing E.coli


28.sertoli leydig cell tumor presents wid high testosteron level n deepnin of voice

29.MCA of glipizid inc stimulation to produce insuline

30.how to carry newborn advice

-head inside elbow n body resting in forearm

31,girl after failing in maths exam came hyperventilation n symptoms

-hyperventilation syndrome

-mauchausen syndrome

32.drug f choice for unipolar depression SSRI

33.iucd side effects. wch s true?

-perforation more than one in thousand

-stimulate irregular vaginal bleeding

34.40y lady after tubectomy c/o dysperunia. advice to use lubricants

35.htn on diuretics. now c/o diarrhea weekness





36. introduction food for 5month infant

37.36y pt with hypocalcemia, normal pth, normal vitD, increased creatine.

-pseudo hypoparathyroidism

-chronic renal disease

-digeorge syndrome

-VitD deficiency

38.glaucoma pathophysiology microscopic changes in trabaculae

39. stages of lesions in ischemia of leg dry necrotic lesion

40.side effects of glaucoma drugs timol causes respiratory changes


42. rosacea rx doxicyclin

43.stage wise asthma rx

44.drug with antiinflammatory property in asthma?

45.Mgx of alziemer new methods applied to do daily activity

46.young htn," beads in string" artery




47.newborn with big clitorus,fused labia. xx chrom. with uterus n ovary

-female pseudo hermo

-male pseudo hermo

_androgen insensitivity

48.16y female normal breast development sparse axillary n pubic hair c/o amenorrhea

-androgen insensitivity

-mullerian agenesis

49.RA on methotrexate. advice to prevent contracture after inflammation


-cold compression


50.aft treated colon cancer. metastasis to lung, resected.. wats the chance of 5y survival?

51.GERD surgery fundoplication

52.UC with polyp. rx? total colectomy



-medical rx before fistulectomy

54.iron overdose came with bloody diarrhea dizziness

-iv dexafero

55.5y urti with b/l mild crepitation , diarrhea 5times a day, not v dehydrates , ors started. nxt?

-admit n workup

-stool culture


56.abcess in forearm


-Topical abx


57.ear dischage with rupture tymp memb.

-topical abx

-systemic abx

-topical steroid

systemic steroi

58.hemophilus ducreyi. rx partners.. all or symptomatic?

59.prevention of clamydial conj water n sanitation

60.acute gluacoma rx pilocarpin drops n acetazolamide iv

61.retinal detachment

62.diabetic retinopathy.