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Computer Science

Principles applied to
by Stefan Popoiu

Chapter 1: Dimensions
Chapter 2: Century of information
Chapter 3: Guidelines for the spiritual path
Chapter 4: Concepts of time and space
Chapter 5: The wireless network , the
collective consciousness, love and human
Chapter 6: Raising the awareness of
humanity and the MVC Pattern
Chapter 7: Mind - Body relationship

All is energy around us and the energy is information. We have the amazing
opportunity to live into this wonderful period of changes that are happening on
planet Earth. The century in which we live is the century of information. On the
following chapters I will present some ways for evolving spiritually and to benefit
of these new energies that are now on the Earth. The informations I will be
exposing have been experimented by me otherwise I wouldn't be capable to
present them.
Every concept, perception has a size range over which it is useful. Take, for
example the model that the Earth is flat. You might argue that this is a bad model,
since it has been fairly well established that the Earth is in fact round. But, when
laying the foundation of a house, the flat Earth model is sufficiently accurate that
it can be reliably used. Today we face the challenge of changing the paradigms of
our understanding about reality. The sense of our reality, the understanding of
consciousness and the perception of ourselves has reached its limits and
furthermore we need to make a shift. We need to leave the "flat Earth" model
behind (it has been proven useful for a while) and to extend our consciousness
and perception about reality.
For the beginning I will make an introduction into the notions of spirituality.
First of all, "What is up is down", this is the law of Correspondence which we hear
it so often. The energy can be ordered by thoughts. There is this invisible world
that creates everything in the physical world. The Spirit is closer to the abstract, of
exact science, because in essence it is abstract. Here's a vision you do not come
across too often all that is so simple and elementary . Throughout history there
was this conflict between religion and science because of a limited and narrow
perception of reality and the Spirit was treated by the humanistic side society. But
the Spirit is in essence abstract and it would be more natural for the exact science
to deal with it, and here I'm referring with preponderance to computer science,
maths, physics, chemistry etc. The top of science in the present is computer
science - I would emphasize that it is a meta-science because with it we can
approach various domains like maths, chemistry, physics, and so on. The
computer science offers the quintessence of abstract thinking in science. I will
explain along the way and throughout the chapters of this book how this abstract
thinking could apply in spirituality; and when I say Spirituality, I'm referring to
pure universal spirituality, simple and civilised, that could apply anywhere on the
planet, global, independent of the context, which could be applied by the
universal citizen. It's about that pure spirituality that great spiritual teachers have
been talking about : Jesus, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and so on. The methods and
the principles that I will describe are closer to the european and american
civilization, although it integrates spiritual lessons from oriental culture also. This
type of spirituality I will be describing can be applied in our daily life.
The Computer science thinking and principles has been specially designed
for solving problems. An algorithm is a set of steps (instructions) for solving a
certain task. In the same way, for learning a spiritual lesson you must follow a set
of steps. The way you follow these steps is your choice. Most people follow these
set of steps in an iterative way, step after step, instruction after instruction. This is
the easiest and trivial way to follow a spiritual path. At our disposal are a lot of
paradigms for learning spiritually. For example : Event-Driven paradigm or Test
Driven paradigm and much more. There are available a multitude of patterns,
solutions and so on. It is total freedom. You must be sufficiently intelligent to
know them and to apply them into your daily life and these will accelerate
exponentially your spiritual evolution. From a simple "car" you can become a
Mercedes, or even a Lamborghini if you are clever enough (I'm not that
passionate about cars to give you good examples).
The Universe follows computer science principles. Karma is a software
program. Karma works with a "while" loop. While you haven't learned your
spiritual lesson you must repeat the experience. A lot of people are in the same
loop their entire life. For getting out of the loop you must be awake and get to
Chapter 1: Dimensions

To understand our world you need to have some coordinates. There is the
"Consciousness" or "Awareness" and we must have some tools to measure it.
Consciousness is in strong relationship to the soul. I would emphasize that the
soul is more important than the consciousness but in this chapter we will deal
with Consciousness. In the next chapters I will discuss also about the soul. The life
is a real game, and in order to play this game you must learn it to participate
actively in it. To learn this game you must raise your level of awareness.
Consciousness resembles the level of information you managed to gather within
you. Consciousness is entirely just information. As long as you gather more
information, at all levels ( mentally, emotionally and physically) you will raise your
First of all, if you are a beginner on this path, and you read some few books
about spirituality and esoteric knowledge, or watched some documentaries, or
you have been to Yoga classes, you surely have heard of chakras. Chakras are
wheels of light, or vortexes that help express the levels of our soul. There are 12
chakras, 7 chakras within our body, and other 5 outside of our body. Therefore
are 12 dimensions. What you call a "god", per example Jesus, he is dimension 8 or
The levels of consciousness are measured in the following way: we are
vessels, and the level of consciousness is the level of liquid in a "Berzelius" glass.
The "Berzelius" glass has gradations, and we can say about a person that is in 3.7
dimension or 4.1, 4.3, 4.7, 5.2 and so on. The following levels : 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0,
5.0, 6.0, 7.0 are some checkpoints/flags/milestones. If we overcome one of these
milestones our sense of reality and perception about life changes drastically and
we enter a different dimension. The dimensions are like Matryoshka dolls : 5
includes the 4th, 4 includes the 3rd and so on. When we analyze a person we
must pay attention not only at his current level of consciousness but also at his
potential. Some people manage to reach their maximum potential, others do not.
For example, there are people who are 3,5 and can reach 5 and other people who
are at 3,7 and their maximum potential could be 4,8. Everything is possible, now
that the planet Earth has reached 5 dimension, people can reach their maximum
potential at 5.
The planet Earth recently entered the 5 dimension. We have the
opportunity to be in the 5 dimension collectively. Most of us are in the 3rd
dimension and we receive all sort of information from the 5th dimension, we
don't know what to do with it and it seems to us extraordinary - we think we
might hit the Jackpot - and we waste all this energy and information. We are
experiencing just shadows. We are privileged from this point of view.
A brief description of the dimensions (the nature of the dimensions will be
understood more in the following chapters):
7th Dimension - Divine Beings.
6th Dimension - True Wisdom unites with True Love
5th Dimension In the 5th Dimension, you managed to crystallize your
consciousness around Vishuddha-Chakra or your Throat Chakra. Therefore you
crystallized a style about yourself, a way of expressing yourself because this is
what Throat Chakra means ultimately (expressiveness). Mantras are very
powerful if you use them in the 5th Dimension because they use the energy of
sound which is fully expressed by the throat chakra. When you are in the 5th
dimension you are what we call a "SuperHuman". 5th Dimension means
transcended feelings and emotions. You can organize your mind and your
thoughts very clearly. In the 5th dimension you have lost your Ego because you
have fulfilled it. Every person that reaches 5th dimension is enlightened. 5th
dimension beings made use of inner life awareness, extrasensorial senses,
intuition, consciousness, telepathy and reached enlightenment.
4th Dimension it is what we often call the "Kingdom of Heaven". Here you
managed to crystallize your level of consciousness around Anahata Chakra - The
Chakra of the Heart or Love. In this dimension you are capable of feeling and
expressing authentic love. I emphasize on the word "authentic". In the 4th
dimension you learned how to love - you may not be a master in loving yet but at
least you know some basic principles on how to love other being - because love is
an energy that is very powerful and needs to be mastered. In the 4th dimension
you are starting to follow and choose a spiritual path in a conscious manner. In
the 4th dimension there still is some Ego but the tendency is to get rid of it. 4th
dimension beings make use of the inner life, extrasensorial senses, intuition,
consciousness, telepathy and so on. But these beings hadn't reached
enlightenment yet. These are often called lightworkers.
The 3rd dimension represents the ordinary people. These people are the
vast majority now on the planet (around 80%). They are not to be blamed or
judged. This is just a fact. Their level of consciousness is crystallized around
Solar-Plexus Chakra - The Gut feeling ("You must have guts to handle this world"
mentality). They often solve things with conflict, war and so on. They have not yet
chosen a spiritual path. The only spiritual path they follow (not chosen in a
conscious manner) is organised religion. I must mention here that if a person is in
the 3rd dimension it can't love authentic. This person only aspires to love, and
learns to love but it can't love. With mathematical accuracy I assert that persons
in 3rd dimension can't love authentic. 3rd dimension is very centered around Ego.
3rd dimension beings are only limited to the 5 physical senses. These beings
neglect their inner life, extrasensorial senses, intuition, consciousness, telepathy
and so on. These are just very basic ordinary people.
2th Dimension represents the Animal Kingdom : bears, rabbits, lions,
kangaroos and so on.
1th Dimension represents the Kingdom of insects and minerals : insects,
plants, flies and so on.
We exist in all the dimensions at once but our sense of reality and
perception is only aware of the dimension our crystalized consciousness is in. Due
to the fact that we exist in all dimensions at once, we have interference with
other dimensions outside of our level of consciousness. Some people from 3rd
dimension may have sparkles of 5th dimension experiences (this might occur
often in our time because our planet just entered the 5th dimension). 4th
dimensional beings may have dreams, visions from other dimension. And so on.
This is why some 3rd dimension beings have amazing talents in some domains,
and are excellent and "geniuses" in their area of activity. "Sparkles" and the
interference of the dimensions is the answer. A person can enter a new
dimension following any path he desires : painting, music, love, mind, friendship,
maths, biology etc. Basically, our bodies here on planet earth are all in the 3rd
dimension, which means is physical. But we can experience all the other
dimensions with the rest of our senses : mind, consciousness, soul, etc. The 4th
dimension body is astral - this body is able to dematerialize itself. The 5th
dimension body multiplicates itself, it can be in multiple places at once, he follows
the principle of hiper-positionality(if you are able to be in 2 places at once you can
be into an infinity of places at once).
Our common perception about ourselves is that we are very evolved
technological. This is another misconception and confusion. We are so far away
from reaching our true potential. I assert that technologically we are in middle
ages. Our technology is in the 3rd dimension. We think that we have advanced
technology but all that we do is refine 3rd dimension knowledge. This is why
Einstein said that every progress in an involution. We just analyze, study, into
granular pieces, we just create more division and separation. To evolve
scientifically we need to approach science in a holistic manner. We must be aware
not only of the frequency of light but also about the rest of the electromagnetic
spectrum - to be able to analyze not only the physical world but also the nature of
consciousness, soul, emotions and so on. The recurring theme that we use only
our left brain applies into our today science also. We must advance with our
technology at least into 4th dimension to have the feeling about ourselves that
we are evolved technologically. Let me give you some examples of 4th dimension
technology and above:
To be able do build a device which restores balance in the human chakras
instantaneous. This way we can heal ourselves. We can do that.
To build a software computer program which detects which information is
true and which is false. This is very valuable. We can do that using satisfiability
principle and the hologram principle. We start from elementary truths ("Water is
wet", "Sky is blue", "There are 2 genders") we put them into a context and an
equation. The satisfiability principle is able to solve that equation. This way we
unite this truths and build a picture of a bigger truth. The accuracy of the program
will grow exponentially as long as it keeps analysing because the analyzed data
that is proven to be true will be integrated in the system, and the new analyzed
data will have a larger data set to be compared with. The hologram principle
works this way: every small truth resides in a bigger truth. If we can't find a small
truth in a bigger truth it means that bigger truth is incomplete or that small truth
is not a truth after all(the program will decide). This is why we start at the begging
with very small pieces of information and build a picture of a bigger truth. The
process is similar with building puzzle simultaneously and then comparing that
puzzles to build other puzzle and so on.
Knowing the fact that all is frequency, vibration and energy we can
materialize and dematerialize objects for different purposes. As Einstein said and
proved : matter is energy condensed at very low vibrations. What is the use of
computers, smartphones, smart TVs etc. and so on if our consciousness and spirit
is still in middle ages. These are just some tools and we should use them properly,
in a positive manner. If your spirit and consciousness is still low these tools will
enslave you. 3rd dimension people with these tools, unable to use them will be
savages x savages (savage squared). We are in middle ages. The golden age is
about to come - spiritually and technologically. Most of our institutions are in the
3rd dimension.
The Education system across the planet is in the 3rd dimension. Universities
are in the 3rd dimension. Rarely, very rarely, with exception of 1% you find
universities that are in 4th dimension. I doubt there really exists one. Our whole
society is built around 3rd dimension percepts and concepts. These universities
operate with knowledge of 3.8, 3.9 but still not above 4. So, as long as we operate
with that kind of knowledge in our society and the knowledge of 4th dimension or
above will be taboo we won't be able to build a society based on 4th dimension
principles. Some might get mislead that politics or corporations are 4th dimension
or above. Yes, some people, within that institutions are 4th dimension or above
but the institution as a whole is in the 3rd dimension.

Chapter 2: Century of information

We live in the century of information, there is so much information around
us which raises the question how would we be able to use it ?
First of all I would begin talking about intellectual materialism which
inhibits our evolution and holds us down. To be "cultivated" is a concept of the
old world where the information wasn't available everywhere and it was
necessary to memorize. To be cultivated nowadays might be a benefit but be
careful not to be trapped into the prison of the mind. There is this pure
materialism of the objects, when we get attached to objects and our souls get
suffocated . In the same way there exists this intellectual materialism which dries
the mind and keeps us locked from producing our own thoughts. Intellectual
materialism most frequently reproduces the thoughts of the others and repeats
them until these thoughts become useless cliches. This type of materialism is very
highly appreciated in our society, mainly because it is harder to identify it. But as
soon as you find about it you will see it in a lot of places.
I will assert that it is useless to be cultivated into today's world context. We
live into an ocean of information. The difference between a "cultivated" man and
one that is "superficial" it is that the first one is a bigger vessel than the second.
He can extract more information from the ocean. The question which arises is :
why limit ourselves ? We can be one with the ocean on the all levels : mentally,
emotionally and physically and we can absorb the information continuously. In
the previous chapter I stated that the Earth just entered the 5th dimension. Daily
we are bombarded with energy/information from the universe and we are staying
closed in our little shells. We must open to these new energies, receive it, process
it and integrate it within us in order to evolve.
At our disposal there is this huge library or memory (however you wish to
call it) that the Earth is having. It is called the Akashic Field. It is widely known that
Einstein had numerous dreams before he began his scientific research. In those
moments his mind was connecting to Akashic field and it was extracting
information. It is widely known Einstein was more of a dreamer. Knowing this fact
it is no longer necessary to memorize, and thus sets us free. There is no need for
us to attach to thoughts and emotions because these are memorized in the
Earth's library. Another reason that makes us not to memorize anymore is the
advanced tool we have in our age : we call it internet. Due to internet we can
access any information we want anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is to learn
how to use this tool and make use of it : develop your skills in searching,
researching, learning, communicating and so on. Any information can be accessed
instantly with the use of the internet. Another amazing thing which you came to
realize if your level of consciousness is high enough is that the information is
stored instantaneous in your consciousness and you can access anytime,
anywhere through the akashic field. Therefore is no need to memorize.
This way i have demonstrated that it is useless to be cultivated in our
today's context. It might be a slight benefit, if you are wise enough to get it, but
nothing more than that.

Chapter 3: Guidelines for the spiritual path

In this chapter I am addressing directly to the reader and I will be writing at
the second person because the following content it is mainly about path in life. I
will present in this chapter some flags that will give you some guidance in your
spiritual journey. I will try to draw a picture of the most important ideas that
might help you in your path and also in understanding the information I am going
to present in the next chapters. Some few tips about evolving spiritually and the
traps you might fall in.
The first and the most important lesson you should learn is to learn how to
make choices. Start making choices consciously and in this way you will become
more responsible. You will recover your power back and you will value more your
free will. Daily we make hundreds of choices and the question is, how many of
these were consciously ? I will tell you, very few. If you will learn to make choices
you will choose what is best for you, and you will learn to choose love over fear
naturally. Most of our choices are based on inertia, habit, ignorance,
superficiality, unconsciousness, instincts, stupidity and so on. Related to
algorithmic thinking learn to make choices because these are the very
"instructions" of every spiritual algorithm you will learn. Choices are the smallest
units of every spiritual lesson.
Awaken your consciousness ! Try to stay awake for a minute, and then for 5
minutes, half an hour, 1 hour, 6 hours, half a day, a day, a week. Make this
exercise. This way you will manage to be awaken permanently and you will be
lucid all the time. Being lucid helps you a lot to take the best choices. Awoken
consciousness is like a lighthouse, it guides you through life and it tells you what is
right to do and what is not. When you will manage to awaken your consciousness
permanently you will awake your spirit.
Extend your perception of what is possible and what is not possible. This is
very important in order to accept the new concepts and perception about life.
Long story short : all is possible.
Another tip would be : allow yourself to make mistakes. If we cannot
permit ourselves to make mistakes we cannot grow. Don't be so harsh with you.
Learn forgiveness, and forgive yourself every time you make mistakes. If you ever
do a negative action, the only way out of it is acceptance and forgiveness.
Don't be naive. Naivety it is a great obstacle in every spiritual path. Be
mature, don't lie to yourself and see the reality. Don't be too optimistic, don't get
too enthusiastic. Be real. Also don't be pessimistic because in this way you will
create your own nightmare. Another way of being "naive" is trying to be positive.
Be real. Don't be positive blindly. If you decide to be positive have a reason and a
True pure spirituality doesn't have anything in common with the duality
between good vs evil. Don't pretend to be a "good" person if you evolve
spiritually and mistreat others. In fact this is a trap. This is where the spiritual ego
intervenes. Pretending to be a "good" person is very pervert and hypocritical
manner to abuse the others. Good vs Evil are not complementary on planet Earth.
This is a common confusion. This often happen because people tend to interpret
Yin-Yang symbol with the battle between Good vs Evil. The symbol represents the
polarity of energies, male-female, solar-lunar. The symbol comes from the Torus
viewed from above. If you study enough you will find that the sources of Evil are
very different from the sources of Good on planet Earth, these forces are not
complementary, are unbalanced and are not halves of the same whole. It is more
like a battle between styles. But this is not the subject of this book.
Spirituality involves sexuality. In fact spirituality without sex is equal to 0. I
assert this because in the sexual energy there is a huge amount of spiritual energy
which needs to be manifested. Sex at lower vibrations may be destructive. When
Sigmund Freud stated that all is sex he has seen just a part of the problem. In
reality all is energy that tends to manifest it self in any way. Our energy could also
be sexual which might manifest violent if we do not express it. Within ourselves
we have all kind of energies, not only sexual. The sexual energy is the most
dominant one and lead Sigmund Freud to the confusion that all is sex, but it is not
entirely true. All is energy - mentally, emotionally, physically. The energy needs to
flow freely within our body and any type of restriction is a mistake. An intelligent
person is one who manages to channel all this energy in the places it is meant to
Growing spiritually means to channel the spiritual energy that was given to
you by the universe in the way it was meant to be. A lot of people seek power by
all means. They use this energy "to conquer the world" and not to evolve
spiritually. This energy was not designed for this purpose. A lot of people try to
achieve diplomas, to get public functions to get in a position of power and run
over other people. Getting a diploma by all means it is immoral and unethical
because you lose your spiritual energy for getting power over others with
recognition and privileges. They call themself "leaders" or something like that.
They call themselves "leaders", but they are just frauds. There is this proverb that
describes this behaviour and sounds like this : "if you have a hammer all you see
are nails" . This energy was not designed to dominate other people.
Quick reminder: We are all equal. There is no human above other. No
political leader is above a human being. In the same way, no religious leader is
above a human being. Not even the Pope. We keep forgetting these things. A true
leader is first of all a friend and he manages to get into a position of lead by the
power of who he really is. To evolve spiritually doesn't mean just to purify your
energy. It also means to become more clear and simple. Be simple. I value simple
spirituality. Spirituality doesn't imply obscure concepts and percepts that we can't
understand. Evolving spiritually you might get the tendency to be always right.
Practice meditation, prayer and physical exercise. Love yourself. I will talk about
love in further chapters. Trust yourself. It is very important to trust yourself. Trust
yourself more than any personality that have ever existed. You should be the first
person you should trust. You should trust yourself more than any Mahatma
Gandhi, Martin luther king or even Obama. Do not be intimidated by their fame or
big personality. Even more, if you find them a weakness, challenge them. We are
all equal, this is the truth, so don't be afraid to challenge them. Just be yourself.
Assert what you think. But be careful freedom of speech is doubled by
responsibility. Thinking that you can express anything without taking
responsibility it is a trap even for you. This is a trap in our society. If you assert
something you must give proofs in that sense. Being responsible derives directly
from our free will. We choose our feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions and what
we say and so on. This is the power and the beauty of our free will. Use it. Value
it. This is what this whole game is about here on Earth and some might not wanna
manifest your free will. I will give you another reason why you should trust
Physics has recently discovered that every human being is the centre of
universe. We call this singularity. So you are an entire universe. We live into a
multiverse. Multiple universes like me, you and other, the whole universe that we
call nature and so on it's a multiverse. This is what spiritual teachers had taught us
"When you move, the whole universe moves with you". Truth is subjective. Your
point of view is very valuable for us as a society because you are unique. You are
an entire universe. Love is also subjective.
Happiness comes from manifesting freely our free will. Doing what we like.
So for example, if your car's tire has broken, you will have to repair it. You will do
it, but you will be unhappy. You weren't manifesting your free will. You wanted to
be home to watch soccer on TV have a few beers or so. You were obliged to do it.
I will give an example the other way around. You are in highschool and you like
painting. You will like arts classes more than maths and physics. You will be happy
in arts class because there you will manifest freely your free will. Psychologists
have made studies and concluded that people are happy when they are being
themselves. There a lot of statistics and researches in that sense. People complain
a lot about not being themselves. Being yourself is equivalent to manifesting
freely your free will. I am not telling you if you should trust or not the
informations from this book.
What i can tell to the reader is that this information is from my own
personal experience. I have done mistakes, a lot of mistakes in the spiritual area
field. A lot of them were very negative. But i also had a lot of positive experiences.
I did a lot of positive actions and helped other people very efficiently. These
experiences helped me grow and learn a lot. Don't trust ordinary spiritual
teachers. I myself have been manipulated by different persons, informations and
books and experienced a lot of suffering. But i overcame this . So it's up to you
whether to trust this information or not. It's your choice.
There is a common misconception that spiritual and evolved persons are
"good". It is a trap in which you might fall in. If you tend to believe that your
spiritual ego will grow huge and you will do a lot of mistakes. Be honest, be
yourself, is that simple. It can be proven that some "evil" persons are very
spiritual and very evolved. These are more spiritual and more evolved than you
can imagine. And don't judge them, these persons are "evil" by choice. Human
society developed spirituality around male-solar energy. This happened because
they perceived "male-solar" energy closer too "good" therefore it is closer to God
which is considered "good". But God is also female-lunar energy. God has both,
male and female, "good" and "evil". In symbology the females are put aside with
"evil", so don't get me wrong, but as I stated previously there is no "good" and
"evil" (it exists only in our deformed perception). So we tried to move forward
into spirituality with only one leg. Guess what happened ? We didn't make a step.
You cannot walk with one leg. Female energy was excluded from spirituality.
People considered that everything that comes from female energy is evil, and got
scared and restricted it. The spirit is like Thunder. Imagine a thunder - you can't
control it. Spirit is like electricity. So if you want a battery or any electric circuit to
work you can't plug it only to "+" polarity (male-solar energy). It won't happen
anything. You also must connect it to "-" polarity which in this analogy is
female-lunar energy. Regarding spirituality we are where we were 2000-2500
years ago. You might wanna argue about this. Do you think we made any progress
? Maybe a few insignificant steps. Let me recap what I discussed in the opening
chapters, 80% are in the 3rd dimension. People around 3.5 dimension are close
too savages. Only 4th dimension people or above are truly civilised. How often we
find in our today's society people like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle , Seneca, Cicero or
Avicenna ? Open your TV and you will find the answer. Socrates calibred
consciousness was around 540. Plato was a mathematician and he dealt
preponderantly with spirituality - this is another proof that is more natural to see
spirituality from the point of view of exact sciences. In antiquity there was the
library of Alexandria full with information and knowledge (from all domains, but
also with a lot of esoteric knowledge) which raised the planet's awareness. When
it was destroyed we unevolved several centuries.
True pure spirituality promotes abundance and prosperity. True pure
spirituality has nothing to do with poverty and being poor.
Value a being not by his/her wealth but by his/her vibration. So the reason
we remained unevolved all these years it is because we took the wrong path. We
considered only half of the problem (only a side) - the male-solar energy.
The real problem is how do we manage to reintegrate female energy into
our spirituality. Our problem as a humanity and our main concern should be to
reintegrate female energy into spirituality. We must recover this huge gap.
Females are used to express themselves with solar energy because that is what
the society demands them. Rarely you find a woman which expresses the Yin
energy with plenitude which is their primary and natural energy. Females energy
is maimed and also Male energy became maim too. It can't be one without the
other. So to recap what is the today's society problem : female energy has been
eliminated from spirituality. When I am referring to integrating female energy
back into spirituality I am not referring exclusively to females. I am referring to
both, male and females. As Carl Gustav Jung asserted, a human soul has both
energies in it : male and female. Every human has been born by the union of male
and female energy. Male and female energy created life and thus it can create
spirituality. The males should allow the female energy into themselves and the
females should remember how to express it. Female energy was absent from our
spiritual life and path for such a long period. Pay attention to your feelings.
Feelings generate thoughts, A single feeling can generate millions of thoughts.
Look at how many depressed philosophers and poets existed around the world
throughout history because they weren't able to face their feelings.They wrote a
lot of sad, nostalgic poetry; they invented numerous theories about life,
philosophical systems, concepts and so on. All those theories were centered
around that very feeling. If they would have removed the root feeling, they
wouldn't feel the need to create all these theories.
Another idea would be that the belief is the governor of the energy in the
universe. Be careful how you use it. The most vulnerable part of a human and his
biggest weakness is his system of beliefs. If you manage to damage that system of
beliefs you will tear his universe apart. Be careful in which you invest that belief.
This is why is so important to believe in yourself. Don't feed others with your
belief energy. Be careful of what music you listen to because all we are is energy.
Our bodies are 78% water. We are very influential. Listen to what you like, but I
will recommend you not listening to destructive music. To master spiritual world,
first you must master the physical world. The spirit dominates the matter.
A quick reminder: we are not our bodies and we are not our minds. We are
not our experiences. We are souls. We constantly integrate
consciousness(information) into our souls. Soul is greater than consciousness. The
mind and the body are some tools that serve the soul. To control the mind you
must awaken your consciousness. Consciousness is able to control the mind and
the body. If someone really needs to create a hierarchy it will be like this : Soul >
Consciousness > Mind and Body at the same level because they are reflection in
the mirror of themselves ("What is up is down and what is down is up"). I
emphasize that we are not our experiences. We mustn't identify ourselves with
our experiences, this is a very huge trap. Some experiences might confirm our
deformed perception of life and reality. This is a huge hoax and trap; people are
falling in over and over again. I am referring more on how we are manipulated
individually, on our daily life by friends, family, teachers and so on. We do this to
ourselves. We manipulate each other unconsciously because this is how we were
taught. All of us did it. We mustn't feel guilty. We must get a way out of this. To
overcome this you should see the events and the experiences from the
consciousness level. Just observe, don't judge, don't analyze, be a witness.
Applying algorithmic thinking requires a lot of intuitive intelligence. You might
master this technique but be careful to not forget about the feelings and the
meanings behind every action. The technique is dead without the meanings and
senses of every action.

Chapter 4: Concepts of time and space

Being in the 4th dimension will help you understand better the relation
between space and time (the space-time continuum). There are so many sides of
time. The first aspect of time I will discuss is that time is a circle. Let me explain.
All that exists is the present. A big and a deep present. The past and the future are
here in the present. All the past actions are here in the present and also here in
the present is the potential for the future actions. In 3rd dimension the
perception of time is that events occur in a linear way. This is a limited and a
narrow perception. In 4th dimension the time is a circle. The difference consists in
the understanding of the fact that the sense of the actions done in the past can
affect your future actions, and the sense of the past actions can be modified by
the future actions. Also this sense I am talking about can also be modified here in
the present, not only in the future. So modifying the sense of past actions unlocks
potential for the future. This is the power. Also, you can perform actions in the
future to help you modify senses from the past to unlock more potential for the
future. The past is not fixed. It can be repaired by future actions. How many past
actions have been seen in a different light or shadows because the future actions
have shown the true meaning of the past actions ? It happened a lot throughout
history. So time is a circle from this perspective : You go back in time to look
forward to future for unlocking potential, and vice versa you go forward to the
future to fix the true meaning of past actions. By understanding this we can heal
ourselves, or we can unlock maximum potential in us.
The second aspect of time I will be going to discuss here is that time is
unmanifested potential which is infinite. Time is infinite. You won't ever
encounter time crisis in your life as soon as you understand that. Everything is
possible. We are everything, all there is, all possibilities. This sounds cliche. But let
me explain again. First of all, in universe there exists potential for all actions. An
action could be performed or could be not. Try to visualise that with your mind's
eyes. All actions are stored in a bubble of possibilities. All these actions could be
materialised or not. And how do we make all that bubble of possibilities to
materialize in our lives ? By choice. We choose that. We choose which actions
could be performed or not. Remember what I said in the previous chapter ? Learn
to make choices. Choices could save time and energy because time is also an
energy. Visualising that bubble of possibilities will make you understand that time
is like space. Time is space. As soon as you take a choice faster you save time and
energy. Haven't you ever experienced this ? As soon you decided to take a choice
faster you feel relieved because you save energy. Let me give an example : I am in
doubt whether to go to football or to read a book. As long as I don't take any
decision I will stress myself and I consume a lot of energy. As soon as I take the
decision to go to football with my friends I can concentrate all my energy to the
football match. This doesn't mean I won't read the book in the future. I will, but
currently all my energy is focused for the present moment which is going to a
football match with my friends. So time behaves very much like space. If you try
to postpone something what you actually do is you give space to that choice. This
is why trusting in yourself is very important because you took a decision and you
believe in it. You save a lot of energy. If you master the time and the space you
are the master of your universe and therefore of your life. You can choose your
fate and it won't be random like before. Take responsibility, take actions, be
empowered. Algorithmic thinking will help you organize time and what is the
order of the actions, knowing the order of the actions can save you a lot of time,
this is why I was stating that knowing this you won't ever face a time crisis. Being
awake will learn you to prioritize things, which actions are more important than
other and so on. Algorithmic thinking will help you learn your spiritual lessons
faster. The amount of time that is required to learn the spiritual lessons will be
lowered to a half or even more. For example, instead of taking the spiritual
lessons in 40 years (this is usually the amount of time a person takes to learn the
spiritual lessons for which he came here on Earth) it will take 20 years or even
less. It depends on that person, how fast it will learn. Imagine a society where
people already learned their spiritual lessons at age 20. They have all the life
ahead for new rich experiences. To apply algorithmic thinking you must develop
intuitive intelligence. Dialectics of intuitive intelligence is algorithmic thinking.
The third aspect I will be talking about time is frequency and rhythm.
Einstein said that time is relative and he gave some example that if you spend
some time with a nice lady time will go fast and that if you spend time taking a
boring class the time will go very slow. In fact, the reality is that you control how
time goes by the intensity of your inner feeling. All spiritual teachers told us to
pay attention to our inner world. The perception of time that is going fast or slow
it is determined by the frequency and the rhythm of time. So if you control your
inner world, you decide how fast or slow an experience should manifest. When
we meditate we perceive that time dilates and it goes by slower. What happens ?
First of all, did you notice the space-like behaviour of time ? We know so far that
space dilates, we have gases (entropy effect), solids that modify their size to
temperatures. Time is very like space. Time it is another kind of space, I would
even dare to say that time is space. So we know that all around us is energy; when
we meditate we receive energy through the 7th Chakra (the divine chakra, crown
chakra or Sahasrara). That energy we often refer to it as divine source, or divine
food. In sanskrit it is called "prana". Well, this energy lowers down to the heart
chakra through conscious breathing. We need to keep our minds calms while
meditating because it has the tendency to possess this energy and it won't reach
the heart anymore. When we conscious breathing we modify the rhythm and
frequency of our hearts, this is why time dilates. So furthermore, if we practice
meditation we would be able to control the frequency-rhythm of our heart and
breathing and we can control how time passes by. If you are man enough and
don't lose yourself with a nice lady you can control the frequency and the rhythm
of the moment and make it last a while. This is what all this is about : Our
perception about time going fast or slow is determined by frequency and rhythm.
The perception of how time passes by is determined by the intensity of our
feelings. We can control it with our heart, and by the rhythm of our breathing.
Time frequency is measured in Hz. Did you got the feeling that the time goes fast
lately ? It is because planet Earth entered 5th dimension and changed it's time
frequency and we must adapt to it. How would we experience these changes ?
The first place where we would feel these changes it will be in our hearts.
Regarding space, if you manage to get out of your shell you will see how much
space there is. It is an ocean of space, it is a vast infinite ocean of space. It will
change your perception about reality drastically. The best way I can describe are 2
words "air" and "coolness". The space is aether. The aether has memory and this
is where the Akasha Field resides. Space interconnects us all. An atom is
99.9999999999996% empty space. The contact between objects is made through
electromagnetic fields. Our atoms never touch. It is called friction. The objects
around us are not solid, Einstein proved that solidity is just energy condensed. All
is energy as I stated before. Our mind and perception makes things around us
solid, in reality they aren't. I will discuss about interconnection in the next

Chapter 5: The wireless network , the

collective consciousness, love and human
If we want to move forward as a humanity we must be aware of the
collective consciousness. In the previous chapter I was asserting that space
connects us all. Well, it does. We are interconnected. We are connected through
space at the level of the heart chakra (4th chakra) and thus it creates a circuit. The
whole world is a big wireless network. The environment in which this wireless
network emits is consciousness. We are on a human level emitters/receivers. The
vibrations are sent through space. Space is full of information, of consciousness.
As i stated in the previous chapter an atom is 99.9999999999996% empty space.
The information and the potential of energy it is in what we call the vacuum. In
space it exists the whole electromagnetic spectrum, visible light it is just a small
amount of it. We can experiment the whole electromagnetic spectrum with our
mind, consciousness and soul. But with our bodies we can only experiment visible
So, on a logarithmic scale of frequency, visible light is 2.3% of the whole
electromagnetic spectrum, while on a linear scale it is 0.0035%. We are all one,
and one we are all, in the both ways. There is this saying that our wise men left to
us "If single human is lost, the entire universe is lost" - i would say the multiverse.
Well, love and consciousness are fluid. And this circuit I am describing works like
principle of communicating vessels. So, in order to make this circuit to work and
the fluid to flow freely within it we must apply love. The first one in the circuit
who you should love is yourself. Love yourself. Then you would be able to love
others. How can you love others if you don't even love yourself ? When you
managed to love yourself you will be able to spread your love around that circuit.
I would recommend to evolve into the 4th dimension to be able to love authentic.
This circuit works under the term "laws of love" that we here it so often if you are
familiar in some way with spirituality. Jesus used this term for his teachings. The
laws of love work like this in the circuit: a member of this graph(because
ultimately the wireless network is a graph) should apply love to his neighbour
members(nodes of this graph) in this circuit. If the energy is blocked, it can be
unblocked with forgiveness. This is what forgiveness does, it unblocks a
relationship (edge in the graph) and lets the love flow freely again in the circuit. If
you have an enemy you should respond with love ("turning the cheek" is a
metaphor and it simply means to respond with love) and this way you will make
him to enter the circuit of love. A member of this graph should not be violent or
aggressive. I am not saying that he should repress his violence because it is in our
nature to be violent. He should transform his aggressiveness to have the power to
respond with love. It is called passive aggressiveness. If you practice this
technique you will be able to respond with love to your "enemies". A
member(node) of this graph in order to maintain his relationships(edges) should
be kind, friendly and polite because these are expressions of love and of a civilised
person. Love is civilising. So why did Jesus told us to love our neighbour ? Why he
didn't just tell us to love any person ? The answer we find it in the existence of
this graph(circuit) and the interconnections between us. You can't skip the
members of your group to jump and try to love another person that is not directly
connected to you. It is a waste of energy. Mathematically, you can't do it, your
love has to manifest with plenitude to the nodes at level 1 distance. Let's consider
this particular set of nodes a tree. You are the root and the rest of the
relationships are leaves. You can extract a tree from every graph and analyse it.
So the neighbours are at height one. When you will try to love members of the
circuit that are not directly connected to you, and therefore are height 2 or above
in the tree you will get an impediment in members connected directly to you at
height 1. Basically, it is a waste of energy. Love your neighbour is a very pragmatic
spiritual advice. Don't waste your love. You may do it if you want, but your
capacity of loving will lower itself until you become an empty vessel. "Live here
and now" is another pragmatic spiritual advice. Don't get lost within the past or in
the future, don't escape from reality going somewhere else. Live here and now.
Loving our neighbour is a spiritual advice which tells us to stop wasting the love,
which is currently a limited amount of energy and we should focus here and now
loving ourselves and the neighbours. When your love spreads to every edge of
this tree, your love will be able to spread at height 2 and so on. When you
managed to love all your neighbours at level 1 you will be able to love the others
at height 2 or above. Love at distance doesn't work. Why don't we just love every
person we see on TV or on the social sites ? Because it will be a waste of
resources and energies. Our capacity of love, currently, is limited. So we mustn't
spread our love everywhere we can. Love is valuable, we should use it wisely.
Thus love yourself and love your neighbour. Love every person that is connected
to you in your matrix. Your consciousness tells you who is directly connected to
you in your matrix. You are able to see them if you close your eyes, stay silent,
calm and focus on them. Love is subjective.
Love is subjective because when we love we create ourselves in the other
being, so if we don't use and focus this energy in the right way to the person who
truly deserves it we can create monsters. Look at how many dictators have risen
around the world throughout history. The love was channelled in the wrong way.
These leaders were loved. Let me give some examples : Hitler, Stalin. When he
rose to power, Hitler made the german people love him due to his charisma.
Initially Hitler had a higher consciousness this is why he managed to manipulate
masses of people, but with time and during the events that followed his
consciousness became subhuman. When Stalin died the russian people cried a lot
for their dearest leader, the streets of the cities were full of people expressing
their mourning - "Our dearest Dad has died!" - although it is a known fact he was
a criminal. Don't be naive. We are told that love is the answer from the day we
are born. Like every energy in the universe, love has a polarity (positive and
negative). So we are taught only the positive side of love during life. But love can
also be destructive. A person from upper dimension can destroy a person from a
lower dimension with love. For example a person from 4th dimension can destroy
a being of 3rd dimension in a very perverse manner. It just applies love. How this
works ? The 4th dimension being expresses truths in a negative way that are
available at his level of consciousness and also applies to the 3rd dimension. He
can do this with love, and that person will just get destroyed. In this same
manner, some people can get erased, exterminated from planet Earth. Yes, this is
the sad, honest truth. This is the power of love, and thus we should use it wisely.
This is why some people get some blindly mad and angry to other people. They
reach a higher consciousness and apply negative truths to the people that have
lower consciousness. I must assert from my personal experience, the
consciousness isn't the most important part here, ultimately the soul matters
most because a person from 3,5 for example can have a power of his soul that can
exceed the power of the soul of a person from 4th dimension. And this person of
3,5 might grow his consciousness above the person in 4th dimension in time due
to some experiences. It's a chaotic universe, we should not get used to the habit
of separating people in dimensions, put on them labels and judge them. Every
human being is valuable just the way it is.
Again, I am emphasising that we should be conscious all the time, this way
we would be able to love wisely. When we are conscious the power of love
amplifies because it focuses to the other being. Love is qualitative. Love is
qualitative not quantitative. Consider love a circle. In sacred geometry with have
the "flower of life" circle. Love is "flower of life". It is perfect just the way it is. You
don't need to add more or less, you just need it the way it is. We have this
confusion when we say that we love a person so much. We just mean "My love
for you is so qualitative". Like an analogy, when we love a person with highest
quality the circle becomes white, when we don't love the person at all the circles
becomes black. Between those extremes "white" and "black" there is this whole
range of colours we can experiment "red", "blue", "green" and so on. Love is not
quantitative, is qualitative, and we got confused about it.
Carl Gustav Jung spoke about the collective unconscious. Knowing about
these connections and relationships between people an individual can become
aware of the collective consciousness. We won't call it anymore the collective
unconscious, but the collective conscious. This way a being can develop collective
intelligence : how to behave in a group, what is his role, how to value his
relationships and so on. If most of us are aware of these connections we won't be
divided and ruled that easy. A group would be impenetrable. The intelligence of
an individual is valuable, but the intelligence of a group, of a community and
masses is even more valuable. I will discuss next about raising the awareness of
an individual and of the humanity as a collective.
Chapter 6: Raising the awareness of humanity
and the MVC Pattern
Every being from every dimension follows the following structure and
pattern : MVC. M stands for Model, V for View, and C for controller. The correct
abbreviation might be MCV because this is how the information flows, it goes
from the model through the controller to the view and in reverse order from view
to the controller and finally it reaches the model. But the computer science
community agreed to the MVC abbreviation because there is this model-view
connection which is done by the controller. If you are not familiar with this
pattern I will explain it briefly. We have this information about an object(model)
which needs to be exposed to the outer world(view - in computer science we
refer to it as UI, it might be a webpage, or a desktop UI app, etc.). This
information is handled and managed by a controller. The controller performs the
connection between the model and the view (it controls the connection). How
does this apply to the spirituality ? In the same way, we are structured as Model -
Soul/Consciousness, Controller - Personality, View - Outerworld. When two
persons communicate each other it is from the level of MVC pattern to another
MVC pattern. For example, let's say that I communicate with another being.
When I do that, my soul/consciousness(model) wants to express an idea to the
other person. The other person is the View in my own MVC pattern. The way i
express that idea is my own style, it's my own personality and in this context it is
the controller. So basically the controller takes the idea from my mind and
expresses it through words, or chat, or letters to the other person. The way the
information is expressed it is not the Model's responsibility anymore. So if the
information reaches my View the other person is able to receive it and integrate
it. It begins another process in reverse order on his own MVC pattern. So, his View
says to his controller "Hey, I got this information? What should we do with it ?".
The controller responds with "Let me see what I can do with it". So the controller
gets the information interprets it through his own personality in his own way, and
he might accept it or reject it. If he accepts the information it will send it to the
model. The information reaches the model already processed and interpreted.
The model integrates the information and updates itself. But before that, the
model performs his own validations and checks. Some informations might be ok
with our personality but not with our soul and consciousness. A rejection might
occur at this level too. He might decide to respond or not. This is how the
information flows when we communicate described with MVC pattern.
I described above the basic communication between two persons. To raise
the awareness of a person individually you must understand this pattern. So,
when a person with a high level of consciousness wants to raise the awareness of
a person with a lower level of consciousness it applies this MVC pattern. The
communication is different on the both sides. How does this process work ? When
the evolved person communicates the idea from his level of awareness the
information flows from the Model (soul/consciousness) to the controller. Here at
the level of the controller the information is encoded so that the other person
could understand it somehow. The encoding is usually referring to analogies,
metaphors, short stories with meaning, parables, comparisons, concepts and so
on. After the information is encoded it is delivered to the view. The view of the
person with lower level of awareness receives the information, it might apply
validation but not processing. If it passes the validation the information goes to
the controller which decodes it and sends it to the model(soul,consciousness).
Validations are applied on this levels as i discussed before. The model could
accept the information or it could refuse it. It is his decision and responsibility.
For simplicity and to avoid repetition of this long expresion , I will
denominate the person with higher level of consciousness "evolved", the other
person which has a lower level of consciousness "unevolved". There is no reason
for the "unevolved" persons to feel offended or harmed. The process of raising
the awareness individually raises some questions :
1. How does the "evolved" person know how to encode the information so
that the "unevolved" person could understand it ?
Answer : Let's take for example a person from 4th dimension raising the
awareness of a 3rd dimension person. The 4th dimension person knows how to
encode the information because he has been into 3rd dimension, and managed to
evolve to 4th. The 4th dimension knows every aspect of the 3rd dimension, he has
been there before. The 4th dimension being doesn't appear instantaneously in
this dimension, he was a child, an adolescent and then an adult (spiritually) in the
3rd dimension. As I discussed in the chapter about dimensions, these are like
russian Matryoshka dolls. One includes the other. So an information of 4th
dimension includes all the information that is needed for the 3rd dimension and
therefore it can be encrypted. What are symbols ? Encrypted information. Why all
spiritual teachers talked in parables ? The answer is in the very existence of this
pattern which we find it everywhere in nature. It is widely known that Jesus
talked in parables. He tried to communicate an answer for our level of
understanding. Some might say : "Yeah, ok, I understand that, but why he didn't
succeed and he got killed after all ? He followed the pattern exactly, what didn't
work ?". This takes us to the question number 2.
2. How is able the "unevolved" person to decode the information, to
receive it and to integrate it ?
Answer : So the "evolved" person exposes this information to the view. To
the "unevolved" person it appears he talks to a person of his level of awareness
that throws this mysterious phrases to him. The "evolved" person talks to his
language. The "unevolved" person takes this information and decodes it with his
own knowledge tools ( his level of awareness tools - knowledge, education,
cleverness and so on). The communication between two adjacent dimensions
might not be a problem. Often you will succeed if you try to raise the awareness
of a person close to you with his level of awareness. The problem arises when
there is a communication between dimensions that are very distant. There is this
huge gap between levels of understanding and conflict may appear. When the
"unevolved" person receives the information it might not even pass the View
validations and thus it appears conflict. Sometimes, very rarely, when the
information reaches the Model of the "unevolved" person it just simply rocks
their world. The information creates a disturbance and disorder in their system
that is very hard to manage. The person may overcome that disturbance or not. If
he won't, he will be violent. If he will, he will experience joy, and gratitude for the
"evolved" person. There is a saying that sounds like this "If the human discovers
the truth, at first he will be disturbed, then he will experience wonder". When
Jesus tried to raise the awareness of people following the MVC pattern we can
understand that his message didn't even pass the validation on the View so
conflict arose. People back then were savages and they considered it is best for
them to kill him because he was making too much disorder. Facing the decision to
free a prisoner - because that was the tradition during Easter - the people picked
a thief (Barabas) to be freed instead of the greatest man that ever existed on this
planet. Yeah, decisions. Again, I emphasize that the first spiritual lesson a person
should take is learning to make decisions. Raising the awareness of a being is a
very difficult and dangerous task. If a person decides to do this he must consider
these risks. Long story short : it implies death. As Murphy said "Smile, tomorrow
will be worse". It is a very important decision to take.
One advice I can give related with raising the awareness of other being
sounds like this : If you ever decide to do this, do it with power, and with
patience(be patient most of the time, sometimes it is not required to be patient
all the time). Be determined. If you took that decision, follow it. You have to prove
your power to the other person - he has power too, but a brute primitive force,
yours is elevated. Take the actions exactly when it is needed, do not postpone
them. Postponing them you might get in the position when later you might take a
more brutal action. "Turning the cheek" is a very effective way to raise the
awareness of a being - this is why I emphasized it requires patience. I will make a
short recap with what happened throughout history with people that had a high
level of consciousness and tried to raise the awareness of the planet Earth.
Jesus - killed
Buddha - killed
Socrates - killed
Hypatia - killed
Galileo Galilei - close to death
Nicolaus Copernicus - close to death
Giordano Bruno - killed
Rasputin - killed
Mahatma Gandhi - killed
Nikola Tesla - died alone without any recognition
Martin Luther King - killed The list of tragedies and dramas could continue.
In Romania we had this very valuable poet - Mihai Eminescu - who was
tortured for several years (6 years exactly) with injection with mercury into his
veins and then killed. It was all a frame-up made by his colleagues and superiors.
He was a genius poet and also a very good journalist which raised very good
questions about the society of that time. He produced a lot of disorder trying to
raise awareness with his activity in the newspapers and fundamental questions
about how Romania was lead . His superiors decide to get rid of him( Titu
Maiorescu and P. P. Carp ). P.P. Carp even ordered to "Stop Eminescu!".
This theme and pattern of murdering a person who is above us with his
level of awareness is so recurrent in our global history. The question is, are we
gonna change something about this, or we will make the same mistakes again ?
Are we gonna change something about our behaviour, or we will continue to be
savages and throw rocks to whoever manages surpass us ? We behave like crabs
in a bucket. If one tries to get out of bucket we grab him back and don't let him
3. If this is the pattern that explains the human behaviour and relationships,
how can we explain conflict, friendships and other types connections between
Answer : We often here the expression "We are on the same page", or "we
resonate", or "We are on the same frequency". This is strongly related to the laws
of universe like resonance and attraction. I will debate more about this when I will
explain how we can raise our awareness collectively.

Nikola Tesla — 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in
terms of energy, frequency and vibration.' But for now, just keep in mind that
people with the same vibration(resonance) attract each other in the universe. If
they do not have the same vibration they will get in conflict, or oppose each
other. What does this mean from the MVC pattern point of view? In case of
friendships the information flow might not get validated from the very beginning
(it might happen sometimes), so this cycle of information flow appears until we
manage to discover the other being's Model and then we can fix our controller
and View according to him. The cycle of information regulates our Model
according to our friend. When we get in conflict and we have enemies, their
personal opinions don't match our personality, soul/consciousness, so the
information doesn't pass the validations/checks and the conflict arises. Language
of Love. People express their love through a language. Some people understand
your language of love and become your friends, your lovers and so on. Some
don't, you have to be patient with them to understand their language of love.
Some people have a common software installed on their hardware. People from a
country for example have a common piece of software. If they will have to move
in another country, they will have to adapt to that culture and download new
pieces of software.
Language of love refers to that information flow between MVC patterns.
How do we download software? A being exposes an object to the view and we
take it and integrate it in our model. We speak the same language of love when
we managed to match our Views. We can go deeper into details, but this
Computer Science terminology and this new concept of understanding spirituality
can be very exhausting and incomprehensible for the moment. For that reason I
will take it easy. In time it will become clear and obvious.

For raising the awareness of the collective we must understand that we are
all interconnected in the wireless network. The wireless network, ultimately, is a
graph and it works as I described in the previous chapter. We must be aware of
the collective consciousness. There are 3 universal laws and principles we must
respect and focus on in order to raise the awareness of the collective. The other
laws are optional and might be a bonus in this context but these 3 laws are
sufficient to raise the awareness. These three laws are : karma, law of attraction
and the law of vibration/resonance.
How does this work ? A being does positive actions (karma), and it attracts
more positive events in his life(law of attraction), thus it resonates and vibrates
with people of positive vibration. That's it. Is that simple. But this being must be
aware of these laws in order to make it happen efficiently. This being might have
done it in his life before but without being aware. The true power of the
technique was lost without being aware. The key is to be aware of it. This
powerful technique grows exponential, and accelerates the vibration of the
collective. Imagine if the people this being meets are also aware of this technique
- they will take the vibration to someone else and another place, the good deeds
(positive actions) will spread even faster. When I say that a person does positive
actions, i mean that these actions are focused ,at first, towards himself not to the
others. First, this person needs to take care of it self. This person should forget for
a moment about the others and focus only about himself. This way he will grow.
Positive actions, and great deeds towards others should be focused around the
others later on. How would a person can take care of others if it is not able to take
care of himself ?
What does the internet do to ourselves ? What are his effects ? The
internet is a tool which manifests in virtual reality and shapes our collective mind.
The virtual reality is still reality, after all, because if it wouldn't be reality it won't
exist. The imagination is still reality, on the same principle, if it wouldn't be reality
it wouldn't exist. What are the social sites doing to ourselves ? Take Facebook for
example - it shapes the image about ourselves but sometimes it spreads false
images about ourselves. Facebook it's a civilised and positive social site, it is in our
hands how we use it and what informations we choose to spread. A hint would be
that when we spread information on any forum or social site we must be aware of
these connections. To spread positive information in public we must do it in the
light following the standards of a truly civilised society.
This is why Nicolas Tesla asserted that we must look at the universe in
terms of energy, frequency, vibration.

Chapter 7: Mind - Body relationship

Mind and body are mirrors of each other. "What is up is down, and what is
down is up". We might get the tendency to think that the mind uses only our
brain. Most of the time, it does. But the mind also uses the rest of the body. To be
able to perform some functions (on a spiritual level) the mind uses the rest of the
body.For example to be able to discern clearly spiritually a person would need to
have healthy liver. To maintain good relationships with friends and partners a
person would need healthy kidneys. To be able to have courage, self esteem,
maintain good contact with others, a person would need healthy lungs.
Our spiritual behavior and personality is strongly related with our bodies.
Knowing this, we can focus on making good physical exercises and maintain the
healthy of body to improve also our spiritual behaviour.
On the other hand, because this connection exists between body and the
spirit, a true great spirit has a lot of power in his muscles. He won't need too
much exercise to kick the butt of a fellow who goes daily to workout sessions but
neglects his spiritual life.
The brain is a biological computer. It consists of multiple parts; I will discuss
the parts which I find most useful related to the subject of the book. The brain is
composed of 2 hemispheres (left, right), a corpus callosum which maintains the
connection between these two hemispheres, the neocortex, the primitive brain,
brainstem and the pineal gland. The left hemisphere deals with male-solar (Yang)
energy and the right one deals with female-lunar(Yin) energy. Due to the fact that
we mostly eliminated all the female(Yin) energy from our spirituality we are
imprisoned into the left hemisphere. The corpus callosum which maintains the
flow of information is not busy at all. There are few "cars" which pass the highway
between hemispheres. Weird enough, the left brain manages the right side of the
body, and the right brain the left side of the body - take note of this information
when you make your physical exercises and you try to control that energy with
your mind.
The neocortex - this is the place from which all our judgement should come
from. To be truly integrated into the world and be civilised we should emit
thoughts, and ideas from neocortex. It is the elevated and the evolved version of
the primitive brain.
The primitive brain deals with primitive instincts. Instincts of survival, fear,
dominance over other people, possessivity, aggressivity, very strong sexual
instincts and the most common one which we find it everywhere in our society :
"might is right". The primitive brain somehow creates the confusion in our brain
that : "might is right". These kind of behaviours are reminiscent of the time
human lived in the jungle.
To overcome these behaviours a person should think more with the
neocortex, which is able to detect efficiently this kind of behaviours in our society.
Even the most intellectual humans have this reminiscence of these kind of
The brainstem it is important because it makes the connection with the
spinal cord and thus the information flows within the body. Take note of that
when performing physical exercises.
The pineal gland is making the connection with the outer world.
The astral body enters and leaves the body through the back of the head.
The concentration/focus and the vision of our eyes is processed by our
brain at the back of the head and between our eyes.
When dealing with algorithmic thinking into our spiritual world, it would be
wise to use both hemispheres. The left brain should operate with understanding
of algorithms, computer science principles, maths, physics concepts and so on.
The right one should operate with consciousness information like dimensions and
understanding spirituality.