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Dalpat Chauhan’s Profile

Dalpat Chauhan, who has been so closely involved

in the struggle of Dalit emancipation in Gujarat,
was instrumental in establishing Dalit Panther in
Gujarat and ran a few radical little magazines like
Kalo Suraj (The Black Sun) and Akrosh (Outrage)
in 80s and 90s of twentieth century. He also set up
Dalit Sangharsh Sangh (DSS) in Gujarat in 1982
and brought out an anthology of Dalit Poetry and
booklets resisting and condemning instances of
atrocities and questioning the Government reports
on them between 1982 and 1985 when Gujarat
burned with anti-reservation riots. He has worked
in almost all genres available to a writer and
published a number of books which cover poetry,
fiction, non-fiction, plays, lexicography, anthropology, historiography and
criticism. Notable among them are his novels Malak
(Homeland) (1991), Gidh (Vulture) (1991) and Bhalbhankhalun (Dawn) (2004).
His collections of short stories like Munjharo (Buffaloed) (2002), Dar (Fear)
(2009) have been critically acclaimed. He has also scripted well-received plays
like Patanne Gondre (1987-1988), Anaryavarta (2000), Antim Dhyey (2000)
and Harifai (2003). He has been given more than 15 literary awards, including
those from Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, Gujarati Sahitya Academy and the
prestigious Narsinh Mehta Award. His works have been translated into English,
Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, French and German.