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ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2004 (Includes ANSVASHRAE/IESNA Addenda listed in Appendix F) ASHRAE STANDARD Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings SI Edition ‘See Appendix F for approval dates by the ASHRAE Standards Gommite, he ASHRAE Board of Directors, the IESNA Board of Directors, and the American National Standards Instute, “This sandard is under continuous maintenance bya Stenting Standard Project Commitee (SSPC) for whch the Slanards Commitee has eslablshed a documented program for eguarpubeaon of addenda or revisons, inclurng procedures fo: rely, documented, consensus aoon on quests fr change to any pat of the san dard. The change subitalfom, nsruton, and deadlines maybe oblaned electronic form om he ASHRAE iebst,tshra.org ori paper form from the Nanager of Standards. Thelaest econ of an ASHFAE Standard may be puchased trom ASHAAE Customor Sence, 1791 Tullo Cirle, NE, Alanis, GA 90829-2306. Ennai orers@ashraeor, Fax 404-221-547, Telephone: 404-605-2400 (woréwida), oF tol fre 1-800527- 44725 (or orders in US. and Canad). © Copyright 2004 ASHRAE, he. iss 101 2396 Sointy sponsored by — IMuminating “& <, Engineering Society Udine, i ihre. of North America 420 Wall Streel, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10005-4001 American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. 1791 Tullie Circle NE, Atlanta, GA 30329 www.ashrae.org ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 90.4 Cognizant TC: TC 7.6, Systoms Eneray Utilization SPLS Lialsone: Achat Lato: wares, TESUALion Raa sy he a ihr rien Ent OBre0 Ynesit-Caim Vi-chor Renan nee dames A Rene ona Sir vewChar con eae mowan Kern Anne oy. tno de prcta Wagdy AY. Anis John F Hegen Michael. Rosenberg Anon ore Barun amen ss wan bac ion Hay tern Borie Geno © at Latta roses {Dou oes Van D. Baxter ‘Hyman M. Kaplan David A. Schoat, J Denise M. Beach Gersil N, Kay. Leonard C. Sctarra Donald L. Bi ‘Steven D. Kennedy Bipin Vadilal Shan Albert W. Black, Il Lamy Kouma_ Peter Simmonds Valerie L. Block Ronald D. Kurtz, ‘Stephen V. Skelko: Donal Booze Sonera ero Lary. Seep Erna A cn Whe! Lone Fn Sano crate te Dean ten sieht royoane Steen hn an soph Dage tho tod tee ee Dave bly Kerman ar ponies roth mean fora tate oe bro ee Tene pene ll Doug Etson Garett fateh Win Toes A Fe Foster ne Neto Vas, Chas RFotr Mio ese Allan B, Fraser Michael W, MehI David Weitz James A, Garrigus, Harry P. Misurielio. Robin Wilson Jason J. Glazer Louis J. Molinini Michael W. Woodford Ashok Gupta John Montgomery Dale L. Woodin 5 Pate rraren fone haan Thames oteee Katee aomece Fen tee Dana vr ‘Susanna 8. Hanson Ronald G. Nickson Stanley W. Zajac "ASHRAE STANDARDS COMMITTEE 2003-2004 Van D. Baxter, Chair Frank E. Jakob Davor Novosel, Vice-Chair Stephen O. Kennedy Donald 8. Bivens David €. Knebel Dean S. Borges Frederick H. Kohioss Paul W. Cabot Merle F McBride Charles W. Coward, Jr Mark P. Modera Hugh F. Crowiher Cyrus H. Nasser Brian P. Dougherty ‘Stephen V. Santoro Hakim Elmahdy ‘Gideon Shavit Malt R. Hargan David R. Tree Richard D, Hermans James E. Woods John F. Hogan Ross D. Montgomery, BOD ExO Kent W. Peterson, CO Claire B. Remspack, Manager of Standards: ‘SPECIAL NOTE “This American National Standard (ANS) is anational valuntary consancus standard developed under he suspices of the American Socielyo Healing, Retigerating and Al-Conclicrng Engineers (ASHRAE).Consonsusladafined by the Americen National Slandargs inal (ANSI, ofwhieh ASHRAE isa member and which has appreved this standard os an ANS, a6 “substantial agreement reached {yatecty ond matory feted ines calegortes. This digi thecoreurence ol mocethan s simpie maori butnot necessary Eranimity. Consensus fequres Int all vews and abjections be considered, and thal an ofrt be made toward tha rescluton” ‘Conmplance wih this slandard is voluntary unl and uniess a egal ziscicion mekes comptanee mancstory through legislation, TASHRAL cblaine eansersus through participation of ts nalonal and international members, associated societies, end puble NSHRAE Standerds are prepared by @ Project Commitee appolnied epecifcaly forthe purpose of wing the Standard. The Project Commies Car and Vice-chat ust be members of ASHRAE; wile fner commitee members may ormay notbe ASHRAE onber, ai must ba technicaty quai in Ue subjct area ofthe Standard, Evary efor is made to balanes the concerned interests ‘on il Prjact Commitiees. “The Manager of Stand of ASHRAE should be contacted for: ‘a. nterpreaton ofthe cortens ofthis Siandar, '.paricpation inthe nextreview of he Stander offering consVuctvecriicism for improving the Standard, 6. permission to reprint portions ofthe Standard DISCLAIMER |ASHRAE uses ts best olor lo promulgate Standards and Guidelines forthe beneft of te public fo Ight of arable ‘Nometion and sceepled industy pracives, However, ASHRAE does sot querante, cert, or assure the safely or tprformonca of eny products, components, o systems lated, installed, or operalad in accordance wih ASHRAE's Standards {Gr Guidelines o that ony tests cenductad undr is Standards or Guidelines wit be nonhazardaus or tee from rs, "ASHRAE INDUSTRIAL ADVERTISING POLICY ON STANDARDS: |ASHRAE Standards and Guidelines ore established lo atsst industry andthe pubic by offing a uriferm method of testing orang purposes by suggesting sae practices in éasiging and insaling enspment, by providing proper detntions forts equipment, and by providing oer Information that may sere fo guide the industry. The creation of ASHRAE Standards ‘and Gulosines s Geternned by the need for thar, and conformance fo them is comple voluniny. Tnratering to his Standord or Guidefine and in marking of equlpmant and in aversing, no cai shat be made, either stated or mpeg, hat the product Nas been approved by ASHRAE,