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Lesson Overview

Subject Business Studies

Grade 9 (Nine)

Semester and School Year 1 (One)/2018 - 2019

Created By Felicia Shan Sugata

Topics/Subtopics Learning Outcomes Assessment Time Allocation

Business activity and ● Understand the purpose of a business activity. Classwork: 2 weeks
Classification of businesses ● Demonstrate an understanding of a business ● Textbook exercises/worksheets
activity in adding values and helping to satisfy the
needs of customers in a changing competitive
● Describe and classify business activities in terms of
primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.
● Demonstrate an awareness of the changes that
have taken place in these sectors in different
● Classify business activities between private sector
and public sector in a mixed economy.
Enterprise, business growth ● Identify characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Classwork: 5 weeks
and size ● Identify and explain what is included in a business ● Textbook exercises/worksheets
plan and be able to explain how business plans can
assist entrepreneurs. Project:
● Multidisciplinary Project with
● Identify methods that Governments might use to
Geog and ICT: Business Website
help business start-ups and explain why they help
such businesses.
● Show knowledge and understanding of the
methods and problems of measuring the size of a
● Explain reasons why businesses might want to
expand, as well as reasons why some businesses
remain small and some fail.
● Describe the different ways that businesses can
grow, the problems linked to growth and be able to
suggest how these problems might be overcome.
● Identify the causes of business failure and be able
to explain why new businesses are at a greater risk
of failure.

Types of business ● Identify and explain the main features of different Homework: 1 week
organisation forms of business organisation. ● Research

Business objectives and ● Identify the needs for business objectives, explain Final Exam/quiz: 3 weeks
stakeholder objectives the different objectives that businesses might have ● Quiz (Case Study)
as well as explain the importance of them.
● Identify the objectives of social enterprises.
● Identify the main stakeholders, and their different
● Explain reasons why their objectives might conflict.
● Demonstrate an awareness of the aims and
objectives of enterprises in both private and public

Motivating Workers ● Understand why people work. Homework: 1 week

● Understand the concept of motivation, and the ● Vocabulary logbook
importance of the various motivation theories.
● Identify and explain the different methods of
motivating employees and be able to select and
justify appropriate methods to use in a range of
different situations.

Organisation and ● Draw, interpret and explain simple organisational Project: 4 weeks
management charts. ● Company Structure
● Understand the roles, responsibilities and
relationships between people in organisations. Exam:
● End of Semester 1 Exam
● Identify and explain the functions of management.
● Understand the importance of delegation and the
difference between trust versus control.
● Identify and explain the different leadership styles
and be able to recommend an appropriate
leadership style in a given situation.
● Understand what a trade union is and the benefits
to workers of being members.