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The Sweet Room




1. NURUL HIDAYAH BINTI BAKRI 264489 011-33367349
3. AMRINA RASYADA BINTI ISMAIL 264532 011-24070476
4. MOHAMAD AMJAD BIN ABDUL HALIM 264531 019-5079375
6. KU UMMI SYAKIRAH BINTI KU SAIDI 264547 011-24087536

After reads so many of definition and opinion about managements meaning from article,

internet, books and many more resources, our group members come out with our own opinion

about what we actually understand about management.

For us, we understood that management means a groups of people work and give opinion

together in order to achieve company goals and must have one leader to conduct this

group of people just to make sure in the end what ever happen, this group of people doings

must be in the right track which are to make sure company goals been achieved.

Based on what we understood about management, we bring in into our company by how we

going organized our company. Firstly like we mention early, in a group must have a leader to

lead others and in our company we have been conducted by our main CEO. And as like we all

understand management means a group of people work together so here in our company each

department have their own teams and been conducted by head of department of each


For us management is a way to make sure activity that done by employee should in right track

in order to achieve company goals and that why each of activities that have done must be

reported to head of department and CEO.


If we said that management is about a group of people work together to achieve company goals

then organization means individual that work with the other to achieved company goals

and this group or team we call as organization. To make it easier, our group understand that

organization means a group of people that need each other in their effort to achieve goals

and that group we call as organization.

In our company, I would like to said that we are is an organization because we work together

and every single decision making will involve almost everyone opinion and this is how we

bring organization concept in our business. We all also care in every individual opinion or

problems and try to connect everyone to make sure they know that each of them give a big

impact in company activities in order to achieve company goals.

1.0 Introduction

Company Background

Name: The Sweet Room

Location: Varsity Mall, University Utara Malaysia,

06010 Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman.

Contact: 012-2560100

Business Form: Partnership

Business Start Date: 10 December 2018

Initial Capital: RM10,000

Bank Name: Maybank Berhad

Owners’ Name: Nur Yasmin Syazwani & Ku Ummi Syakirah

The Sweet Room is a start-up pastry business which is located in Sintok, Kedah. The Sweet

Room aims to offer a pastries to everyone who loves sweetness. We choose the company name

as “ The Sweet Room “ because we baked a sweet cake made of dough that you will surely

loves it. Furthermore, based on our observation, we noticed that there is only one pastry shop

nearest in UUM so we take the chances to open our branch in UUM, Sintok, Kedah so that the

students in UUM will get to taste our unique pastry from other pastries. The Sweet Room was

to build a business with excellent customer service, and use the finest gourmet ingredients and

an artist skill to create and decorate a product.

1.1 Product and Services

The Sweet Room providing various types and flavours of cakes include cheesecake,

chocolate cake, birthday cake, and cupcake that can attract customers who like something

new and unique look. We also come out with desserts that are made from the finest

ingredients, such as real butter, cake flour, premium flavourings and Belgium chocolates.

We offers affordable students price for all student and staff in UUM. We also provide

delivery services to all the students and staff directly to their Inapan Siswa (inasis) that just

only takes a few minutes.

2.0 Company logo

Our product logo has been embraced by our group members. The creation of our logo is aimed

to make our company more familiar with no other impersonations elements from other bakers.

Besides, our logo also aims to attract customers to our store. The creation of this logo also aims

to inform our customers that our product is produced by 100% of our company. The production

of our product in our company is halal and high quality.

The following is the meaning of the logo which refers to above:

Chef Logo: Means that we are a group that produces 100% handmade of our pastries product

Circle of Symbol: We unite like circles in doing works together

Purple Colour: Means by royalty, luxury, wisdom, dignity and richness of our company

2.1 Mission

 Ensuring customers achieve their own satisfaction and wants.

 To spread the sweetness all over the world and to be a role model pastry company.

2.2 Vission

 Making the most popular pastry shop that offers a variety of flavors in terms of taste

and service at affordable price by 2020 and opening a new branch to expand the

market in the state of Kedah.

2.3 Objectives

 To increase sales by 15% per year

 To have 50% loyal customer by 2020

2.4 Core values

 Integrity: We provide honest, timely communication and service that shows

respect and kindness with each customer, teammate, supplier, and also competitor.

 Profitability: We create profits for growth, opportunities, job stability and the

future viability of the company.

 Safety: We ensure the healthy and well-being of all teammates and customers by

provide a safe work environment through Awareness, Communication, and

Training (ACT)

 Teamwork: We strive to create a positive and happy work environment by creating

the spirit of cooperative effort among individuals as one successful team.

3.0 The Management Function (POLC)

4 Basic Functions of Management is a systematic way of doing things. The Sweet

Room refer to management as a process to emphasize that all managers, irrespective

of their aptitude or skill, engage in some inter-related functions in order to achieve

our desired goals. Management process/functions involve 4 basic activities;

4 basic functions of management process are;

1. Planning and decision making

2. Organizing

3. Leading

4. Controlling


Planning is about setting the goals that a company want to reach. Planning also a process to

decide an action to achieve the goals. Through planning, managers must coordinate

company activities so that the goals can be achieved. A company can be successful depends

on the ability of managers to planning.

There are so many reasons why a manager must be good in planning a company goals.

Firstly, planning can help a manager to have a best performance from time to time. It will

give so many benefits to the company. Secondly, planning can help a company to minimize

their risk in future. It is because planning is a process to looking ahead into future of a

company. Lastly, planning can be a standard for a company to controlling. It can compares

actual performances with the standard performances and effort that was taken by company

to make the standard and performance same.

Company Goal

For The Sweet Room, our goal is we want to ensure our customers achieved their own

satisfaction and wants. We want to make sure that our customers can get their wants from

us. In six months, we want our company can get the best review from anyone that come to

our company. We need to make sure that all of our product can fulfil our customers’ desire.

In five years, we want to make sure that our company be a first choice to our customers. We

decide to fulfil our customers’ desire from time to time so that we can be a first choice to

our customers in future.

Types of Plans

1. Operational Plan

Operational plan is about how we want to make sure the thing we need to

happen. It can be defined as a plan prepared by a manager that clearly defines

actions take to support the strategic objectives and plans of upper management.

So, the most important thing now is a manager need to plan a good strategy to

make sure our goals achieved. For The Sweet Room, we decide to appoint the

best workers in our company and the most important thing is we want to make

sure the chef that our company appoint is the professional chefs. For the first,

we want to appoint a fresh graduate from a local university. It is because the

fresh graduate always up to date so they can know what today society’s taste.

Next, we want to appoint an experience chef that have work in bakery industry

more than 3 years. So that the experience chef can be a mentor to a fresh

graduate chef. From this we can make sure that our company can have the best

chefs from this ways. In this ways, our chefs can make a big impact in our

company so that we can achieve our goals that we want to be a first choice to

our customers.

2. Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is about why the things we decide need to happen. It can be

defined as our company process of defining its strategy or direction and making

decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend

to control mechanism for guiding the implementation of the strategy. It is about

our company long term planning. As for The Sweet Room, in five years we

want to make sure that our company be a first choice to our customers. So that

the most important thing right now is the planning on how to make sure that

goal can be achieved. There are some planning that was be prepared from year

one to five.

Years Actions

1 Appoint the experience chef and fresh graduate student from a local university to

be our company workers.

2 Always make a discount price so that it can attract our customers from time to


3 Prepared a delivery service and also be a sponsor for some program so that others

will know our brand company.

4 Appoint a celebrity ambassador because it can attract our customers’ attention.

5 Change the company theme to the newest trending so that it can attract the

customers because of the surrounding and our company can be the first choice

3. Tactical Planning

Tactical planning is about what is going to happen to accomplish the company’s

mission. It also can be defined as the steps or tactics needed to achieve the goals.

Tactical plan is going to help the company strategic planning to be achieved.

The Sweet Room want to ensure that our customers achieved their own

satisfaction and wants in our company. If this goals can happen, it really will

help our long term planning to achieve. So, the most important that we need to

observed our customers desire from time to time. The Sweet Room will make

sure that we will always fulfil our customers’ satisfaction from time to time. We

will appoint some of our workers to know our customers desire from time to

time. Based on the result, we will provide the best product to our customers. If

we can fulfill our customers so The Sweet Room will become a first choice to

our customers in five years from now

4. Contingency Planning

Contingency planning are made when something unexpected going to happen

in the company. It also define as a course of action designed to help our

company respond effectively to a significant future event or situation that may

or may not happen. Our company will refer to this plan if there are something

unexpected are going to happen in future. Basically, The Sweet Room will make

sure that all of our workers taking the right action in the company so that the

unexpected things are not going to happen. But we cannot deny that something

bad might can happen sometime. So if there is something unexpected happen in

our company, we will make an observation about what is happen and why that

thing happen. So the manager must do a big role at this time to find out what

has happen. The manager will make sure to find out the ways to solve that

problems because the manager at The Sweet Room is a professional and

experience manager.



Organization Chart

Table 1: Structure Organization of The Sweet Room









Function of the department


1. CHIEF  Planning and identifying company

OFFICER policies, defining missions,

establishing company rules and


 Formulate future business

development plans.

 Ensure the company’s operations

are running smoothly.

 Monitor internal and external

environments such as economy,

technology, culture, customers,

employees, competitors and others.

2. TECHNICAL  Ensures all the baking processes

meet legal requirements.


Implementing improvements to


 Representing The Sweet Room

on all technical-related matters.

 Ensuring all staff are competent

to do their jobs properly and able

to develop in their role.

3. FINANCE  Prepare the company’s monthly
and annual budget to be

customized as planned.

 Issuance of profit sharing, profit

and loss statement,

comprehensive income

statement and statement of

financial position.

 Plan investments.

 Distribute limited financial


resources in priority.

 Make forecasts of fund

requirements, manage funds

and decide on funds to be used.

i. Accounting Unit  Prepare and confirm financial


 Provide and report profit and

budget forecasts.

ii. Auditor Unit  To make annual audit plans

covering internal audit and

external audit.

 Managing communications with

all parties in relation to the

internal and external audits.

4. HUMAN  Responsible for planning,
DIRECTOR organizing, managing and

controlling employees and duties

in Sweet Room Pastry.

 Maintain the welfare of workers

such as providing sick leave as

well as rest days.

 Provide training and courses to


employees so that they can

perform their duties effectively

and efficiently.

i. Training Unit  List the types of training requires

and the name of staff to attend the


 Maintain training records, courses,

skill and assessment of training

effectiveness, staffing and

retention and update of databases.

ii. Administrative  Managing and organizing

meetings and meetings between


 Updating the records and services.

5. PRODUCTION  Ensure the quality of products
purchases for sale purposes.

 Ensure stocks are always enough

to sale.

 Consult with supplier of raw


 Ensure that you can get high


quality materials at minimum


i. Development  Conduct research on current users

and make reports on research to


 Those products that meet market


ii. Production Unit  Organize work schedules to

process schedules.

 Setting up raw materials used for

product production processes.

6. MARKETING  To know the needs and
requirements of customers so that

the goods sold by Sweet Room

Pastry get high demand in the


 Supervise promotion and spread

the company’s presence to the


 Identify weaknesses, competitors

and overcome and know the

advantages of the product that can

be used to overcome competitors.

 Advertising about companies to

attract customers and increase

sales revenue.

i. Sales Unit  Ensuring consistent message


 Viable company activities to buy

company products.

ii. Promotion Unit  Design of print and publishing ads.

 Make plans.


Leadership is the action of leading people in an organization towards achieving

goals. Leaders do this by influencing employees behaviour in several ways. A leader

sets a clear vision for the organization, motivates employees, guides employees

through the work process and builds morale.

Leadership in The Sweet Room

The third function of management is leading. In this step, Miss Yasmin spends time

connecting with her employees on an interpersonal level. This goes beyond simply

managing tasks; rather, it involves communicating, motivating, inspiring, and

encouraging employees towards a higher level of productivity. Not all managers are

leaders. An employee will follow the directions of a manager because they have

to, but an employee will voluntarily follow the directions of a leader because they

believe in who he or she is as a person, what he or she stands for, and for the

manner in which they are inspired by the leader.

Setting a clear vision means influencing employees to understand and accept the

future state of the organization. A new worker may not believe or understand in a

particular job they have to do ordered by their secretary’s leader. Miss Yasmin will

influence the new employees to perform their works by explaining the vision and

the importance of their role in the outcome. New employees will be more apt to


Motivating employees means to find out enough about the needs and wants of

employees, giving them what they need and providing praise for a job well done.

Miss Yasmin used the hierarchy of needs five-stage model to motivating it’s

employees. For any workers who is staying far from home, it is difficult for them to

attend to the pastry shop. Miss Yasmin knows this and will communicate with her

staff to learn more about their needs and wants. It may be as simple as giving her

workers a sweet treat for their efforts.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Need

When guiding employees, it is important to define their role in the work process

and provide them with tools needed to perform and participate in their efforts along

the way. Some cakes are difficult to make it. Often, orders are to bake the only simple

cake that include only certain materials like put only little amount of flour to make

the cake. But, Miss Yasmin as a good leader will explain the order (how to make

the cake), provide the all the needed materials to assists her workers if they run

into a problem.

Building morale involves pulling everyone together to work towards a common

goal. Let’s face it – so many order of cakes and breads are stressful. Sometimes

workers placed in high-stress situations. This can cause the employees to lose their

focus or, worse yet, shut down emotionally. Miss Yasmin will let her employees

know how much their work is appreciated. A special surprise for her employees can

burn the employees’ spirits.


The Sweet Room always influences our subunits and members to behave in ways that lead to

the attainment of organization goals and objectives. In order to ensure the satisfaction of the

products and services among our customers, plus become the most popular pastry shop in

Kedah, the managers use several approaches in improving processes, products, services, and

the culture in which we work. Our approaches involves all employees and managers in

continual improvement. Managers use strategy, data and effective communications to integrate

the quality discipline into the culture and activities of the company.

1. Employees

For the first approach, our focus is on the employees itself. Trainer will develop a process to

educate employees during new employee orientation and communicate the mission, vision and

values of the company. All the employees need to know how and what they do is tied to The

Sweet Room’s strategy and objectives. Managers will ensure that employees understand where

the company is headed (our vision), what it hopes to accomplish (mission) and the operational

principles (values) that will steer our priorities and decision making. Managers always

communicate with employees, so they are well-informed about the company and managers also

encourage them to ask questions and offer feedback. Effective communication could creates

trust and encourages our employees to assume ownership of the contributions the make as

valued members of the company. Managers also have to look for ways to make sure that all

internal processes are standardized and that employees receive the training to understand the


2. Managers

The Sweet Room is

very concern about our

staff performance

especially managers.

Thus, managers need

to focus on the things

that help move the

company forward and become the customers’ first choice. It is important to have SMART

goals, so there is a strategy and timeline for achieving targets. Our targets are the things that

affect the cost of production and increased revenues. Targeting these indicators and monitoring

them monthly will provides a quick visual for how successful our company is, and keeping

goals at the forefront, is the best way to ensure we are achieved. Managers should find the

alternative to reduce the cost of production, and yet still emphasizes the quality of the raw

material in order to gain more profit.

3. Customers

Our company has our own customers. We understand that the key of an organization whether

the company is succeed or not are the customers itself. Thus, The Sweet Room always

acknowledging that customers would always be our priority to fulfil their satisfaction. Their

satisfaction includes both the quality of the product and the services provided by the employees.

To know how well customers are being treated is by simply asking the question. Managers can

create a structured process to solicit feedback from each customer in an effort to identify what

is important to them. Some organizations often make the mistake of thinking they know what

is important to customers and ask the wrong survey questions. This type of feedback is obtained

through customer focus groups. From the feedback, The Sweet Room can improve our product

quality and also our services to ensure that the customers are satisfied with our company.

4. Product

Besides, to become the most

popular pastry shop in Kedah

and help customers achieve

their satisfaction, The Sweet

Room always improve the

quality of product especially

in baking cakes. A competent manager always aware of the changes in environment and also

in economic which could affect the company. So, in line with the changes, managers should

do some research and observation about customers’ favourite choice in choosing our products.

For example, lately most of the customers prefer cheese-based cake. In order to ensure that the

customers satisfied with our product and always choose The Sweet Room rather than the other

company, managers need to make sure the

employees can provide the most-tasty

cheese-based cake to the customers such as

Red Velvet Cheese and Blueberry Cheese.


In the end of our company report, we kindly to state that all of us work so hard in order to

make everything composed starting from how we share about our company background

and activity that we have been run in our business. We also prepare POLC (planning,

organization, leading and controlling) just to make sure our company activities being in the

right track in order to achieved our company goals. Each of us play our own part very well

and also we all follow the management and organization in order to make our company run

in a smooth way.


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