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What is a screencast or a video tutorial? Is there a difference between the two?

Yes, a screencast only shows what's on your screen a video tutorial is a live filmed
video on a camera or phone with audio.

Why are they so effective or useful when it comes to learning something new
compared to traditional printed material? (Hint: what do they give you that paper

They give you a visual that is interesting and give you a better explanation than that of

What is Khan Academy? Why are their videos so useful? (2 reasons) So...how
are they better/different than learning from a real human teacher? Think...
Give me two examples of videos from Khan Academy ...yes you have to look :D

● It’s a site where you can get free online courses and lessons.
● Because they explain, show what they’re doing clearly, and repeat to make sure
the viewers get what is being taught. They do it slowly and steadily, helping the
viewers keep track as well.
● You can keep track of the video at your own pace, having it explained in different
ways as well to help you understand. You also don’t have to worry too much
about how much time you’re taking to learn the subject.
● Examples: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/trigonometry/trig-with-general-

Thinking about YouTube, find someone with a channel or online presence with
over a million subscribers and tell me what a subscriber is. Why do you think that
a million people follow this person? How does the person make money using
their videos/YouTube channel? Explain what monetization is.

● A subscriber is someone who likes your channel or online presence and wants to
watch more and to keep track of what they post.
● Looped has over a million subs(4,313,914 subs to be exact) because they show
cool videos about reactions to the end game and other movies.
Explain what "donations" are how someone can make one to a YouTube account
but then get it back/cancel it...how long do they have?
Once someone donates to a Youtuber’s channel, they have a day to ask for their money
back before it gets to the one they donated to.

What is "clickbait" and give an actual example/link.

When a video says one thing but it shows the other (on the Internet) content whose
main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a
particular web page the answers.

Lastly, tell me what things make an “amazing screencast/video tutorial”. Think...I

want three minimum. (Hint: good cartoon movies...why do you watch ce

● A clear voice or communication dont record in an echo place. (keep your face the
same distance from your mic) ( not like helen)
● Short and sweet (don't go on and on)
● Clear image
● Catchy music (no elevator music)
● Have a script (don’t say um a lot)
● Let your video flow (dont cut and place things together