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2 Grade Classroom
May 2019
Email: mbeyer@lcusd.net
Website: www.pcr10.weebly.com/
Scholastic Book Orders: Please use code MJ947 to order online by May10th

ELA/Math Reminders
ELA- We will be reading Now and Ben. Students May 10: Last Scholastic
will focus on comparing and contrasting, using Book Order due,
context clues, and visualizing. This will be the last
Collaboration Day (Early
story covered in the Journey’s anthology.
Dismissal @11:35)
Math- We will continue to work on fractions. The
students are learning how to partition shapes into
May 21: Early Dismissal
equal shares and apply their ideas to further @ 11:35 and Open House
explore length measurement. They will also learn a
@ 6:30pm
new subtraction strategy based on place value and
continue working with equal groups. May 24: Celebrate America
Performance @ 10:45
and Last Spirit
Rally/Collaboration Day
Open House (Early Dismissal @11:35)

Mark your calendars for Open House May 27: No School

on Tuesday, May 21st! Please visit (Memorial Day)
our classroom with your child at June 5: Last day of school
6:30pm. The students have been (Early Dismissal @ 11:35)
working hard to create beautiful and
Students of the Month
insightful projects to share with you
on Open House. We are busily Abby
working to finish and can’t wait to Bea
show you!

No Homework/Spelling
The last homework will be due on Friday, May 10th. Be on the look
out for review sheets that will be sent home on an as-needed basis.
Additionally, use the time to practice the script for our Celebrate
America Performance.