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Delivering Measurement Excellence

The confidence you need for all your flow
measurement and uncertainty calculations
“Even the smallest change in measurement
can have a big impact on your operational and financial
performance. KELTON's range of Desktop Calculation Software
gives you confidence in your design and calculation
accuracy, helping you to make informed decisions and
giving you peace of mind.”
- Iain Pirie, Managing Director

Fully accredited, KELTON™ is the leading independent
flow measurement consultancy and software developer
for the oil and gas industry.

Whether clients require inspection, auditing or

certification as part of System Compliance; uncertainty
calculations for System Assurance; or general System
Support – in KELTON they find a partner they can trust.

Experience Expertise
Since 1991, KELTON has provided consultancy Drawing upon their vast experience, KELTON has
services to some of the biggest names in the oil and developed a range of software solutions to support
gas industry – including both international and the design, operation and management of your flow
national oil companies – to ensure their full flow measurement system.
measurement compliance with industry regulations.
Expertly designed by measurement engineers for
Having completed over 2,500 audits and trained more measurement engineers, users can benefit from the
than 5,000 flow measurement professionals, KELTON most comprehensive set of calculations available. And
has earned a worldwide reputation for the provision with full traceability of all calculations to the latest
of outstanding flow measurement consultancy, industry standards, KELTON's applications support
independent audit and training services. continued system performance and compliance.

Desktop Calculation Software

The confidence you need for all your flow measurement and uncertainty calculations

The cost of calculation error It is therefore essential for flow measurement

Flow measurement systems are the cash register engineers and operators to have confidence in
of the oil and gas industry. Their accuracy is their measurement system, and be able to validate
paramount. and prove its accuracy. But with multiple systems,
varying parameters and process conditions,
Regardless of where you are in the process – from different regulatory standards and consequently
design to manufacturing, or site acceptance thousands of calculation permutations, accurate
testing to operation – errors in your measurement assessment is difficult.
system can have contractual and regulatory
implications resulting in dispute, litigation and
reputational damage. It can also impact your Expert simplicity
bottom-line through incorrect hydrocarbon KELTON Desktop Calculation Software combines
accounting. over 25 years of industry experience and flow
measurement consultancy expertise into two
easy-to-use solutions – giving you the confidence
you need for all your flow measurement and
uncertainty modelling calculations.

The most comprehensive set of calculations The desktop solution to remove the uncertainty
available to flow measurement engineers from your uncertainty modelling

Features at a glance


▪ Extensive library of verified calculations ▪ Aligned to the latest industry standards

▪ Aligned to the latest industry standards ▪ Full traceability on all calculations
▪ Full traceability on all calculations ▪ 95% confidence level
▪ Includes current and historical standards ▪ Enables modelling across a range of
▪ Microsoft Excel 32-bit compatible process conditions and production profiles
▪ Compatible with KELTON MeterManager ▪ Modules available for different
measurement stations
▪ Save, retrieve and export results
▪ Uncertainty estimate calculated for
common secondary instrumentation

Backed by more than 25 years of industry experience and flow measurement consultancy expertise

The most comprehensive set of calculations available to flow measurement engineers

Cutting through the complexity Delivering calculation confidence

Designed by measurement engineers for Accessible through its common
measurement engineers, FLOCALC helps interface, FLOCALC allows the selection
you to break through the complexity of of calculation options, engineering
flow measurement calculations. units and measurement resolution for
complete confidence in the calculation
Containing an extensive calculation being validated. And to support prompt
library, FLOCALC supports all your decision making, all calculations can
calculation needs – offering a complete be saved and shared with relevant
calculation suite within an intuitive user stakeholders across your network.
interface. This includes calculations to:
Available on a licenced basis, all

▪ assess the value and quantity of calculations within FLOCALC are regularly
hydrocarbons checked for accuracy and updated to
I absolutely love your product
▪ validate flow computer calculations ensure continued compliance with
and have no questions
▪ calculate mismeasurements the latest industry standards. With
whatsoever. It can calculate
▪ support system design full and provable traceability between
whatever I need without hassle.
▪ convert quantities between different the required calculation and relevant
Please give my regards to your
process conditions industry standard, FLOCALC gives you
development team.
▪ determine the energy value required the confidence you need for all your flow
A happy user, warmest regards.

for fiscal transactions. measurement calculations.

Gijs van den Top

Service Engineer
Krohne Australia Pty Ltd
Seamless integration
When combined with KELTON
MeterManager – the fully integrated
software suite to manage all your flow
measurement activities – dynamic
uncertainty and measurement values
can be automatically read from and
written into FLOCALC through open
platform communications to give
real-time performance insight. industry-leading Consultancy service.
Underpinned by over 25 years of flow
For enhanced flexibility, to support measurement experience and expertise,
comparison to other metrics or even FLOCALC continues to be used by
just for a familiar look and feel, live our Consultancy experts today and is
FLOCALC calculations can also be the trusted calculation tool used by
included within Microsoft Excel operators the world over – including
workbooks. Integrated directly into some of the biggest names in the oil and
Microsoft Excel, FLOCALC calculations gas industry.
can be performed using any common
metric or imperial engineering Regularly updated to meet the evolving
unit within a Microsoft Excel 32-bit demands of measurement engineers
workbook. and industry regulations alike, and with
full support included as part of the
annual licensing agreement – providing
Supported by the experts you with access to KELTON's in-house
Developed in-house by KELTON’s expertise and experience when required
measurement engineers and Microsoft – FLOCALC continues to spearhead
accredited software specialists, FLOCALC industry standards in measurement
was originally used to support their software excellence.

The desktop solution to remove the uncertainty from your uncertainty modelling

Simplifying uncertainty, The uncertainty in your flow

demonstrating compliance measurement will depend on the
Demonstrating the uncertainty of a meter selected, the standards used
measurement system is a contractual for the calculations, the manufacturer,
and regulatory requirement. Not model and range for each item of
maintaining an uncertainty budget primary and secondary instrumentation,
can result in exposure to conditions and factors such as whether density
such as measurement error bias, and is measured using a densitometer
without a prior and agreed knowledge or calculated from the composition
of the estimated uncertainty, a – all adding to the complexity of
meaningful comparison between target measurement uncertainty.
and actual performance cannot be
achieved – resulting in dispute. UNCERTAINTYPLUS removes the
uncertainty from your uncertainty
Measurement uncertainty should assessment by enabling designers, flow
therefore be considered throughout the measurement engineers and operators
entire life of a flow measurement system to determine the estimated uncertainty
– from system design and engineering of a flow measurement system for
prior to installation, and whilst in a given set of operating conditions.
operation. Furthermore, it will validate and prove
the actual uncertainty performance
However, there are multiple systems, aligned to the required standards.
designs and configurations which can
be used to measure oil and gas; each
with varying impacts on measurement

Supporting decision-making Delivering measurement excellence:

certainty Delivering peace of mind
Simply understanding your uncertainty Aligned to the latest industry standards,
is often not enough to support effective all calculations within UNCERTAINTYPLUS
decision-making. With high costs of are regularly validated and are fully
calibration, the need for accuracy and traceable to the relevant regulation. And
the management of risk exposure all with full support included as part of the
influencing decision-making, there is a annual licensing agreement – providing
requirement to pre-empt the impact you with access to KELTON's in-house
of your actions through effective expertise and experience when required
uncertainty modelling. – UNCERTAINTYPLUS gives you peace
of mind in your uncertainty calculations
To enhance decision-making processes, and flow measurement system decisions.
UNCERTAINTYPLUS facilitates ‘what-
if’ scenarios to model the impact of
changing equipment conditions, process
conditions or other parameters on your
uncertainty. And with a 95% confidence
level on all calculations, you can be
certain in your uncertainty modelling.

Benefit from the KELTON experience

>50 successful allocation projects

>2,500 successful audits
>5,000 individuals trained
>6,000 software installations

Other specialist applications from KELTON

KELTON MeterManager™
Combining five fully auditable applications into a common user interface,
KELTON MeterManager is the single software solution to manage, assess
and prove the accuracy of your measurement system.

KELTON MeterManager. Be certain about your uncertainty.

Delivering Measurement Excellence

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