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English III

Unit 1: Activity 3 - Writing assignment

Submitted by: Wilmer Alejandro Rodríguez León

Code: 1069853457

Group: 90121_16

Presented to:

Omar Augusto Gomez

Cead: Gacheta

October 2018

National open and distance university (UNAD)

Part 1: After checking the Unit 1 Topic 2: Modal Verbs, write 1 sentences using each one of the
following modal verbs regarding your daily life: can – could – may - must - should - ought to –
have to – need to- had better - would.

- I can be a better student if I propose

- Juan could buy his scoped motorcycle a credit to the bank
- May I close the window?
- Each student must update their data to be approved their credit
- She should try to finish her projects on time
- We ought not to ask permission before doing it
- I have to go to the dentist again next week
- She needs to buy new shoes
- He had better save his money.
- She would rather play the piano than the violin

Part 2: According to the topic Past Progressive (Unit 1: Topic 3), each student must write 10
things you were doing yesterday:

 I was watching the soccer match yesterday

 My cousin yesterday was practicing her presentation in my house
 Camilo was organizing his room all night
 I was packing the bag yesterday to travel
 she was swimming all day and that's why she's tired
 the teacher was preparing an integration activity
 Diana was using her dad's car the weekend
 Carlos was taking care of his nephews yesterday
 I was working yesterday all day
 He was driving a truck yesterday

Part 3: Write a text about the activities you were doing last Sunday; you can use time. Use at
least two pictures related to your day. You should write three paragraphs:

Each paragraph must have minimum four (4) sentences and maximum six (6) sentences. It must
have a title, from 220 words to 250 and it is necessary to use and highlight the following topics:

- Modal verbs
- Past progressive
- When and while
In the morning:

Start my day at 07:00 am so the first thing I did was go to bathe, after this I fixed my bed while my
breakfast was and I started my work; that day work with which I get to receive tourists and serve
them in the best way, make induction about what has the natural park chingaza to each visitor
who arrived, at ten as usual, a radio report is made informing how the post is located , at 12:30
p.m., ecotourism activities are completed and no more entry to the park is allowed.

In the afternoon:

Prepare my lunch and then go on a tour, around two I went to this tour of the park and to be able
to control within the area for possible people entering illegally, while making the tour I found a
well-known animal that is the Andean bear, which made a great impression on me since it is
difficult to see this animal; Around five o'clock I went back to the cabin where I work and made the
respective reports of the activities carried out during the day.
At night:

We watched a movie with my classmates while the food was going, at about eight o'clock we went
to a party that was in guasca, I stayed all night at the party until twelve o'clock at night and
returned to the cabin for the next day to continue with our activities.
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