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Concentrated Short Inquiry Project Proposal

Battle of Okinawa
Kristen- Overview and Role Responsibilities
Scholar- Project Plan
Evan- Conclusion
Tahzeen-Justification, Timeline

The topic that our group decided to research is the Battle of Okinawa from World War II. We are
collectively interested in this topic because in some part of our story, someone in our family has
been involved in war. During this project we will dive deeper into the history of the battle, what
weapons were used, political conflicts involved, the context, strategy, outcome, and statistics of
the battle. My great grandfather fought in this battle so it inspired me to propose this idea to the
group. Naturally, since our group has ties to war, it was a great topic that everyone can relate to.
It is also interesting and a big part of human history. There is a lot of information to explore and
a good topic to present. We will be working closely to deliver a clear and informed presentation
about the battle that will insure that everyone will learn something, even if they already know
about the battle.

Project Plan
Our plan for this project is to research using different resources. We will obtain stories and side
information from Kristin’s great grandfather while we collect factual information from resources
such as websites, journals and books. We will be creating a prezi to display our research. Our
research will be heavily based on turning points in the war and we will dive deeper into the
unknown stories/facts of the battle. The overall purpose of the battle and the outcome will be
portrayed and presented.

Our proposed project plan is appropriate for our topic because Kristen’s connection with the
Battle of Okinawa is strong through her family. Her great grandfather’s experience will give good
insight on how it connects personally with our group. Using factual information will provide the
support that is needed to explain different aspects of the war. Researching with websites,
journals and books will give us information that is new to us. Using a variety of resources will
give us all sorts of information on the battle like statistics, weapons, outcome, etc.. Our topic is
important for our audience because the war has been a part of most families’ histories. Battle of
Okinawa is the example we used for my group but it is something everyone can relate to. World
War ll was a big part of our history and many families were affected so it will a common topic.
Research about the battle will give the audience new information they didn’t know before.

The draft of the proposal of the inquiry project is due on March 11th. On this day all parts of the
proposal will be complete and brought to class to be reviewed. The final proposal is due on
March 15th and must be approved by Ms. Raymond. On March 29th, we will research our topic
during class with a library representative. Our group plans to meet at least twice outside of class
to work on the project. Our first meeting will be used to gather research and constructing our
powerpoint. The second meeting will consist of preparing for the presentation and dividing time
between each person. We will also use this time to finish all the details for our project and
practice presenting as a group. We will present our project on April 24th. We have about 5 and
half weeks to complete this project after submitting the proposal. On April 24th we will have a 20
minute presentation with digital support.

Conclusion:​ In conclusion, every one of us has a family member that has been involved in some
type of war with a mission to keep our country safe. There were many battles and war that
Played a historic role for the United States so the Battle of Okinawa seemed like a good fit
because it took place during one of the most gruesome wars that took place around the world.
We plan on ending our presentation by wrapping up similarities between our family members
and describing how our family members somehow relate to the Battle of Okinawa during World
War II. The overall message for our presentation war is a serious matter and everyone who has
taken part in representing our country should be recognized, no matter the role that they played.

Role Responsibilities:​ Kristen is responsible for the research, contributing to the visual and oral
aspect, and recording and reporting information found. She will research details about the Battle
of Okinawa, like casualties, dates and strategies. She is also responsible for reporting such
research in a visual and oral fashion. In the proposal, she is responsible for the ‘Roles and
Responsibilities’ as well as the ‘Overview’.Tahzeen will also be responsible for research on the
battle and presenting it. She is responsible for researching the uniforms, draft, and the location
of the battle. She is also responsible for the ‘Justification’ and ‘Timeline’ in the ‘Proposal’. Evan
is responsible for the research of the weapons used during combat, technology, and cost. He is
also responsible for the ‘Conclusion’. Scholar is responsible for the context, who is involved, and
turning points of the battle. In the proposal, she is responsible for the ‘Project Plan’.