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i www.rer Rall No. [Total No, of Pages|: 3 a 74094 &F |B. Tech. VII Semester (Back) Examination, Nov-Dec - 2011 ma Computer Engineering é 7CS4 Artificial Intelligence ‘Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks ; 80 Min, Passing Marks : 24 Instructions to Candidates: Adempt any five questions selecting one question from each unit. All questions carry equal marks. Schematic diagrams must be shown wherever necessary, Any dava you feel missing suitably be assumed and stated clearly. Units of quantities used/calculated must be stated clearly. gional.ac.in Unit-1 La) Explain how the Branch-and-Bound technique could be used to find the shortest solution? b) Analyze the DFS algorithm, algo give example in which D'S is better than BFS. . OR 1. a) Solve the 8 - puzzle using hill climbing. Find heuristic function that makes this work, Explain how it works on the following example. start Goat rf2{sj 1]2]3 a| 5/6 4fsle af 7h 7/8 b) Analyze the Breadth first search (BFS) and also give an cxample in which BFS is better than DFS. Unit - 1 2. Write an algorithm to convert WEF in to clause form, also analyze the algorithm. Explain monotonic and non-monotonic reasoning. TE4094/201 a) {Contd... www.regional.ac.in www.regional.ac.in OR 2. Consider the folowing Knowledge base Vs y, y, a ») *) b) 5 7E4094 2, ¢at(x}a fishy) likes — to—eat(x, y) seatico(x) —>cat(z) : tuna charlie} ‘nana (Hevb) catica (Rush) Convert these wfl’s into Horn clause. Convert the Hom clause into Prolog program. Write a PROLOG query corresponding to the question, “What dose puss like to cat” and show how it will be answered by your program. ‘Unit - Explain Dampster-Stuafor theory. ‘Construct partitioned semantic net representation forthe following Every batterhita ball Al the batters like the pitches. OR ‘Show a conceptual dependency representation of the sentence “John begged mary fora pencil”, How docs this representation make it possible to answer the question “Did Joha talk Mary” Property inheritance is a very common form of default reasoning, Consider the Semantic act. 9) How could the information in this network be represented in a JTMS. ii) What will happen when the additional fact that the platypus jays eggs is inserted in to this system? @ www.regional.ac.in fi www.regional.ac.in 4. a) by 4 a) b) 5. a) b) 5. a) b) TEAM Unit-1¥ What are alpha-beta cut off8? Explain MINIMAX search procedure giving an example up to three-ply. oR ‘What is natural language understanding? Write major advantages of natural language processing. Explain various steps involved in natural language understanding process. Unit -V ‘Compare and contrast case based reasoning and learning by anatogy. What is learning in Neural Networks? OR Explain the architecture of rule-based expert system. Differentiate the following ; 1) Expert system and decision support systems i) Expert systems and neural networks, 8) www.regional.ac.in ianta