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Ann Hopkins (A)

1. What is the central problem described in the case? Why and how did it arise?

The Central problem described in the case are the partnership selection and nomination process and
discrimination based on gender. This problem rose when Ann Hopkins when she was denied her life long
dream of making partnership in Price Water House, yet she was the force behind the extraordinary
growth of Price Water House. Also the case is built up on the core factor that Ann Hopkins was denied
partnership just because she is a female.

2. Was the problem avoidable? If yes how?

Looking at the case, we can say that the problem was avoidable. The simplest way to avoid the problem
was to totally remove the gender based discrimination from the evaluation process for partnership. The
evaluation should be done in a modest way and there should be a feedback and evaluation guideline
should be established to confirm all the views and opinions eligibility. The firm also should have no
discrimination leveled against the female candidates, which may lead to legal implications.

3. What do you make of Thomas Beyer’s behavior?

Beyer is a perfect example of genuine mentor. Since from the begin he makes it his own objective and
mission to guide Ann Hopkins on the regions she needs to consummate on so as to get the partnership
approval. His comments that addressed Ann Hopkins feminism were completely put together and tied
down with respect to the need to list the fields he felt required cleaning.
Being a mentor, he has the commitment to call attention to fields of worry that could have an effect on
her chances t get selected. Rather than showering in griping with KrulWich about her drinking issue and
different concerns Beyer best had enlightened Hopkins regarding them with the end goal for her to
change and increase her odds of accomplice confirmation.
The advice he provided for Ann Hopkins were so genuine and honest in light of the fact that it was a man
saying the realities to a female. At no time did Beyer articulate his male high and mighty character to
embroil discrimination. However, he on a very basic level adhered to demonstrating Hopkins how unique
she would be seen whether she rolled out certain improvements with a correlation and guide to Sandy

4. What advice will you give to Ann Hopkins now?

The following are the advises for Ann Hopkins to improve her future:

 Ann's first advice is that she should continue the option of joining the international zone. You can
work freer and focus on improving your missing skills.
 It can acquire new skills in international business and should focus more on credibility and
 You must also be in constant contact with Thomas Baer to get insightful information. With
Thomas' advice she can plan the way to the club.
 You must be patient enough and wait for the right moment to take a step. That way, they can
focus on their own growth.
 By gaining credibility, you can easily prove that humans are wrong and eliminate the negative
stereotype framed against them. In the end, people's attitude to their approach will change.

5. What should PWC do to avoid such issues in the future?

 There should be awareness raising programs in the organization where awareness of gender issues
and careers can be increased. This helps others to avoid future conflicts.
 The vision of the organization must be properly communicated. This helps employees to
understand better.
 The vision enables employees to understand the importance of a diverse workforce, and the
company can take this opportunity to produce better products and services.
 The main objective should be to create a flexible working environment that takes into account and
takes into account each person's voice. People should not be judged by race or gender, but by their
contribution to the organization.
 PWC executives should play an active role in motivating employees and avoiding any kind of
difficult emotions. This helps PWC to avoid internal conflicts.
 There should be a monitoring mechanism to measure the causes of discrimination and adopt some
strategic plans to address this problem without delay.