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Vol. 1, Issue 9 / November 2010 By Chauncey Crandall, M.D.

Fight Heart Disease With

Dr. Crandall’s Life Plan Diet
W hen I have occasion to discuss diet with a
patient, he or she is usually eager to listen
because they have recently experienced a heart
Live Like a Caveman, Live to 100
Throughout my life I’ve had two great interests:
medicine and anthropology. I’ve traveled the world
attack or another traumatic cardiac event. Often,
to study ancient and contemporary cultures, and
the patient and spouse sit in my office, their faces
have learned to look at health as a culturally driven
drained of color, wondering if there’s hope. My
feature of human life. I have also learned that heart
message: There’s not only hope but the possibility
disease is a cultural phenomenon that is distinct to
of completely eliminating heart disease as a health
the modern Western lifestyle.
Other cultures simply do not suffer from
Most patients can hardly believe that such good
heart disease as much as Americans. This stands
news can be true, and are ready to leap tall buildings
as compelling evidence that heart disease is the
in order to realize this possibility. At least at first.
product of the way we live and eat.
Our instinct to survive is a powerful motivator —
This fact was brought to wide public attention
not the most powerful, but a close second. (I’ll let through the 2005 publication of The China Study
you know what I think is an even more powerful by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell.
motivation at the end of this issue of the Heart This book reported on the health and nutritional
Health Report.) practices among men in 65 rural Chinese counties
The way we live — our schedules, our jobs, where the population ate a largely plant-based
and our relationships with family, friends, and
community — largely rules how we eat. It has been
that way throughout human civilization. And the
truth is that almost every “diet” works. Not all are In This Issue . . .
heart healthy, but most diet plans, if you abide by
It’s Hard to Spot a Fat Finn........................................ 2
them, will help you lose weight.
Plant-Based Diets Can Treat Heart Disease.............. 3
But the opposite is also true: Diets don’t work.
Because unless we fundamentally change the way Dr. Crandall’s Life Plan Diet...................................... 3
we live, our long-term habits will eventually re- Case Study: The Dead Weight Fisherman................ 4
emerge and trump any dietary restrictions we try to Timetable for a Healthy Diet..................................... 5
impose on ourselves.
Quick Take: “Husky” Is Good..................................... 6
There will come a day when we’re tired, bored,
unhappy, or at our wits’ end — and then Ben and Dining Out Kills Diets................................................. 7
Jerry turn us back to Chunky Monkeys. Ask Dr. Crandall........................................................... 8
The Campbells’ findings on nutrition and diet
IT’S HARD TO SPOT offer important insights on how we think about
A FAT FINN health and the Western lifestyle. The present
epidemics of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and
Recently, I was on a speaking tour in even certain types of cancer are the product of
Finland, and I noticed how healthy the people widespread affluence in the post-industrial age. We
there are. I learned that Finns usually eat only are addicted to living on starches, sugars, fatty meats,
two meals a day. They have yogurt at breakfast, and salt, and sitting in front of the television as we
whole wheat toast, eggs, sliced tomatoes, consume them.
cucumbers, berries — whatever is fresh. At
dinner, their servings of meat are small, and Many people are taking these findings to heart.
they eat a lot of fish. It’s hard to spot a fat There’s a whole movement — often called the
Finn! Caveman Diet or the Stonehenge Diet — that
But the healthy Finns weren’t always so encourages people to eat as ancient man did before
healthy. Not so long ago, the country’s thriving agriculture set in and large grain crops started being
dairy industry would weigh down Finnish tables produced.
with butter and soft cheeses. In the 1970s, Hunter-gatherer societies still exist, of course, at
Finland had the highest rate of death from the fringes of civilization. They still live off the fruits
heart disease in the world. And in the 1980s, of local flora and the root vegetables on the ground.
its obesity rate was twice that of Great Britain,
They still catch and kill fish and wild game.
which has now become as fat as America.
Then the Finnish government began an There’s a wealth of evidence that hunter-gatherer
education campaign focused on resolving this societies, both ancient and modern, exhibit
problem. The dairy industry started producing remarkably low incidences of heart disease, Type
low-fat cheeses; school lunches were reformed; 2 diabetes, arthritis, and dementia. Some have
Finnish children were weighed every year as suggested that if we tailor our diet to that of the
part of their academic record, and overweight hunter-gatherer societies, we would find ourselves
children were sent for nutritional counseling. similarly free of the diseases that plague us.
The entire nation re-embraced traditional
The ultimate case in point comes from my
sports like cross-country skiing.
patients who are 100 years old and older. I have
The Finns are now much healthier —
another sign that health is all about how we
many in my care now, and every single one lives the
live and what we eat.
same way. My centenarians are active: They garden,
write poetry, paint, do chores around the house, and
take walks. They live highly regimented lives, waking
diet. The authors found that death rates from heart up at the same time every day, going to bed at the
disease among the sample Chinese population same time each night, and even eat the same foods
were 17 times lower than American men. And even every day.
though the rural Chinese men consumed more They will have an egg, a piece of whole wheat
calories per kilogram than Americans, their body toast, and a piece of fruit for breakfast. At lunch,
weight remained 20 percent lower. they’ll eat a small salad and a bowl of soup. At

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2 November 2010
dinner, more vegetables, a starch such as potatoes or Dr. Crandall’s Life Plan Diet
rice, and a small portion of meat.
There is now evidence to suggest that what
They never overeat and rarely snack. They have people often call the “Mediterranean Diet” is even
disciplined themselves to eat small portions, eating better than the plant-based diet for maintaining
to live rather than living to eat. long-term heart health. The Mediterranean diet is
That’s the way you live to be 100. also easier to follow for years on end. The inclusion
of Greek-style yogurt, olives, garlic, goat cheese, and
Plant-Based Diets Can Treat the occasional glass of red wine provide variety and
Heart Disease pleasure that make the diet more accommodating to
It’s long been known that eating right can epicurean tastes.
prevent heart disease and related problems such as “Dr. Crandall’s Life Plan Diet” incorporates
Type 2 diabetes. What fewer people know is that aspects of the Ornish/Esselstyn plant-based diet
with proper diet, heart disease can even be reversed. along with features of the Mediterranean diet.
The percentage of obstruction in the vessels can It avoids the dangers of Ornish/Esselstyn in
actually be brought down. It takes only a small recommending too much starch (which can lead to
improvement to make a major difference in blood weight gain) and too little protein.
Of course, I’d like to be able to tell you that my
Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn have diet contains some secret formula that no one has
been among the leaders in showing that a plant- ever thought of before, bringing about a complete
based diet can bring about an improvement in over revolution in nutritional thinking.
82 percent of patients with heart disease.
But, like most true things, my diet’s wisdom is
Just what is a plant-based diet? It’s a diet based on ideas that have been understood for ages.
concentrated on raw and cooked vegetables of every Much of it as simple as what your mother told you:
description, along with fresh fruit, whole grains, and Eat your fruits and vegetables.
legumes (beans). Dr. Esselstyn excludes red meat,
In fact, you should fill up on fruits and vegetables
chicken, fish, dairy, and oils from his plant-based
before anything else, because one of the amazing
diet. Continued on page 5
Dr. Ornish allows for egg whites and nonfat dairy
products. He also makes a distinction between what About Chauncey Crandall
he calls the “Reversal Diet,” which strictly excludes
meat products, and his “Prevention Diet” that allows Chauncey W. Crandall, M.D.,
for modifications. F.A.C.C., is chief of the cardiac
transplant program at the
While I have tremendous respect for the work
world-renowned Palm Beach
that Drs. Ornish and Esselstyn have done, I have Cardiovascular Clinic in Palm
come to believe that a strictly plant-based diet is not Beach Gardens, Fla., where
the best choice for many people. Let me say quickly he practices interventional,
that if you have serious cardiovascular disease, it is vascular, and transplant
absolutely the way to begin, and may be necessary cardiology. Dr. Crandall
indefinitely. received his post-graduate training at Yale University
School of Medicine, where he also completed three
At my medical practice in Palm Beach, Fla., we
years of research in the cardiovascular surgery
run a “Metabolic Clinic” for patients who have
division. He lectures nationally and internationally on
suffered a cardiac event. All such patients are advised preventive cardiology, cardiological healthcare of the
to go on a radical, plant-based diet and stay on it elderly, healing, interventional cardiology, and heart
until they hit a series of weight and blood profile transplants. Known as the “Christian physician,” Dr.
targets. However, once those targets have been hit, Crandall has been heralded for his values and message
the strict plant-based diet can be moderated to of hope to all his heart patients.
include a more well-rounded diet.

November 2010 3
Heart Health Case History of the Month

The Dead Weight Fisherman

In each issue, I will share with you the story the long term, as well as restoring his ability to lead
of one of my patients, detailing how making the life he loved.
changes to your life can radically improve your We started blood pressure control with a new anti-
heart health. Names and some details have been hypertensive pill that delivers three small doses of
changed for privacy’s sake, but the problems and different medications. The idea behind this drug is
their resolutions are real. that the combination of medications will give global
— Dr. Chauncey Crandall blood pressure control while minimizing side effects
with low doses of each medication. I also prescribed
Hunters tend to acquire the habits of their prey. Willie Metformin to control his blood sugar.
Turkeys are infinitely patient, stealthy, and cautious,
But the most significant therapy we offered
and hunting them successfully demands the same
Willie did not involve any medication. I sent him to
virtues. A safari to Africa after the big five — lion,
our recently established “Metabolic Clinic,” where
leopard, rhino, elephant, and cape buffalo — requires
counselors put Willie on a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet,
a steadiness equal to the cold-bloodedness of the
supplemented by six daily protein shakes. The diet
animals staring back.
was largely vegetarian, with small amounts of starch
The habits of catfish, on the other hand, are best and simple carbohydrates. Willie was also prescribed
not imitated. They lie in holes on the bottom of one hour of walking per day, every day.
sluggish rivers and lakes sucking up anything and
The initial round of medications had helped, but
everything that resembles food.
Willie only really began to improve when he started
Recently, I became the doctor of a man known following the Clinic’s diet and exercise program.
as Willie the Catfish King, the greatest cane pole Within two weeks, the Catfish King lost 26 pounds.
fisherman on Lake Okeechobee in Florida. He made In the first month, he lost an astounding 42 pounds.
his living selling catfish to the local restaurants, and
I always say that medications are meant to be a
he was known to give a fish head or two to the poor
folks living around the lake. bridge to health. They merely help patients achieve
desired target levels as quickly as possible in order
Like his favorite fish, Willie had spent too much to prevent the condition from worsening. The better
time sucking up his meals, living on fried foods part of healing begins when the body’s own curative
and beer. At 48, he weighed 388 pounds. Such girth powers are allowed to take charge.
might have made Willie a trophy catch, but it made
him a very sick man. That was what was happening with Willie. His
body did not want to weigh 388 pounds! It simply
Like many men, Willie was reluctant to visit a didn’t have a chance against the onslaught of bad
doctor, and only decided to seek medical help after diet and sedentary living.
experiencing severe headaches, which, I told him,
were caused by extreme hypertension. He also had After the first month, the new regimen had
adult-onset or Type 2 diabetes, with a fasting blood worked so well we soon had to cut back on Willie’s
sugar of around 170 (less than 100 is normal) and an hypertensive and diabetic medications due to
HgbA1c reading of 7.9 (less than 6 is normal). a significant drop in blood pressure and blood
sugar. But unlike the patients who find the first
Willie’s weight was also causing him problems in improvements a good excuse to revert to their old
his daily life. He was having difficulty getting in and ways of living, Willie stuck to the program. He
out of his small boat, and had narrowly escaped an continued to lose weight rapidly, and at four months
alligator attack on the shoreline because he could no was off his medications entirely.
longer run. He could hardly walk!
Today, Willie weighs just half of what he did when
Crossing the Bridge to Health I met him. These days, he jumps in and out of his
Medically, my immediate concerns were Willie’s boat, and can outrace any gator that tries to come
blood pressure and diabetes. But I knew that weight after him.
loss would be vital to getting both under control for That’s much safer for Willie in every way.

4 November 2010
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Glucosamine and Chondroitin Are Not Enough

Scientists at The Stop Aging Now Institute, a leading authority on
joint health, have spent years studying the effectiveness of various
natural compounds for joint support and pain relief. They’ve discov-
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blend of 4 ingredients are combined at precise doses, including:
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2. Chondroitin (1,200 mg): Rapidly regenerates new cartilage.
ChondroPURE™ is the purest and only U.S. made variety.
Continued from page 3 Timetable for a Healthy Diet
things about fruits and vegetables is that you • 6:00 a.m. I kick-start my metabolism with a glass
positively cannot stuff yourself with them. Unlike of water with lemon, then I go for an hour-long
grains and meat, fruits and vegetables send a clear walk to get my blood flowing. Fresh air and
signal to your brain that you are full, and it’s time to gentle, moderate exercise help get the day started.
stop eating. • 7:00 a.m. When I come home, I have a breakfast
In fact, over a period of two weeks to a month, of three egg whites and two egg yolks, sliced
if you eat fruits and vegetables and little else, you’ll cucumber, sliced tomatoes, steamed spinach, one
find the urge to stuff yourself going away. That won’t piece of whole-grain toast with a little orange
happen if you lard up your potatoes with butter; it marmalade, and a cup of coffee. Whole grains are
will if you just eat the potato. digested more slowly and evenly when they are
You can add small amounts of olive oil to your combined with protein. Eggs even out the insulin
salads, but my prescription is that you use olive oil production, and keep me feeling satisfied and
energetic much longer.
alone. People have been thriving for millennia on
olive oil. It has tremendous antioxidant and healing Not so long ago, I was eating only oatmeal and
properties. fruit in the morning, just as the Ornish plan
recommends. However, I found that I ran out of
When you are “dressing” a salad, remember to
energy at about 10 o’clock each morning. Even
keep it skimpy. Use the oil sparingly in a vinaigrette
whole-grain starches cause a pronounced rise in
dressing, and put your portion to the side where you
the secretion of insulin, which eventually leads to
can just dip your fork into it as needed.
a sudden drop in blood sugar.
The major difference between my diet and
• 12:00 p.m. For lunch, I have a salad with a strip of
Ornish and Esselstyn involves protein. Yes, it is
chicken or fish. I use very little dressing and always
possible to get protein from non-animal sources like
place it on the side. Once again, the protein helps
nuts and beans of all varieties. A diet that allows for
the meal carry me through the afternoon. For
goat cheese and nonfat hard cheeses contains an
variety, I’ll make myself a sandwich of hard cheese,
additional source of protein as well.
avocado, and sliced turkey on whole-wheat bread.
But there is a real role for animal-based proteins • 2:30 p.m. A handful of raw walnuts or almonds
in any diet. After all, human beings have been helps me get through a hungry spell in the mid-
fishing and hunting wild game for eons. Today we afternoon. I always have some nearby, just in case.
have to be more cautious about the meats we eat If I get really hungry, I’ll complement the nuts
because the way we get our food has changed so with an apple.
• 6:00 p.m. For dinner, I have fish, steamed
In times past, red meats were reserved for special vegetables, and a bowl of fruit for dessert.
occasions, such as a wedding feast. Not only that,
ancient people didn’t have cows raised on antibiotic- • Every once in a while I’ll have a piece of dark
laced feed or hormonally plumped lamb chops. chocolate as a healthy indulgence.
Continued on page 7
Red meat should be avoided except on special
occasions, and even chicken should be consumed
in small portions. Since red meats should be an Exclusive to Current Subscribers
infrequent part of your diet, try to restrict your red Current subscribers have instant access to any and every
meat to wild game like bison and venison. past edition of
I recommend that most of your animal-based Dr. Crandall’s Heart Health Report.
Simply go here: drcrandall.newsmax.com
proteins come from fish. Fatty fish are rich in
omega-3 oils; leaner fish are nutrient-rich without Check your e-mail inbox for this month’s password.
being high in calories. (Please remember to use lowercase letters.)

November 2010 5
Quick Takes: Tips for Better Heart Health Now
High BP From Boozing added only about 3 teaspoons of grains. The nutritional difference
A recent survey of 8,586 English sugar per day. between the flour used to make
subjects, conducted by Lloyds Soft drinks and processed foods whole-wheat bread versus white
Pharmacy from January through contribute the most to excess sugar bread comes from the additional
July of 2010, found that more intake. The average cola contains processing that strips out the
than a third of 16-to-34-year-olds eight or nine teaspoons of sugar, white flour’s fiber.
had high blood pressure. Worse for example, and 33 percent of Refined carbohydrates like
yet, 4 percent in that age range teenage boys consume three white flour are, to a degree, “pre-
were virtually off the charts, with or more such soft drinks a day. digested,” as their natural structure
a reading of 180/110. (Normal is You can certainly see how these has already been broken down.
120/80.) “hidden teaspoons” might add up. Thus, the body converts them
According to experts, binge quickly to sugar and pours out
Brown Rice — ‘Husky’ insulin for that purpose.
drinking, poor diet, lack of Is Good
exercise, smoking, and obesity Keep the fiber in your grains
The next time you go grocery and you’ll have a better chance of
are to blame for this high rate
shopping or eat at a Chinese avoiding Type 2 diabetes. You’ll
of hypertension among young
restaurant, buy brown rice also feel fuller, and feel that way
people. In the last five years, the
instead of white. According to a longer, after a meal.
number of adults diagnosed with
study published in the Archives
high blood pressure as the result
of alcohol consumption has
of Internal Medicine, replacing Nighttime Sleep Is Vital
the typical consumption of two It’s critical for children under
increased by 74 percent. Hospitals
servings of white rice a week the age of 5 to get enough
in England treated 191,000 people
(about 12 ounces) with brown nighttime sleep. A study in the
for alcohol-related high blood
rice lowers the risk of developing journal Archives of Pediatrics &
pressure in 2004-2005, and 330,000
Type 2 diabetes by 16 percent. Adolescent Medicine followed 1,930
in 2008-2009.
Replacing white rice with other children ages one to 13 from
Hypertension is an epidemic in whole grains lowers risk even 1997 to 2002. These children were
the United States as well, and the more, by 36 percent. divided into two groups — the
binge drinking common to college
White rice is derived from younger group were aged 1 month
life is certainly part of the story.
brown rice by removing the to 59 months, and older kids from
Sugar: White Lightning for husk-like outer layers of the ages 5 to 13 years.
Heart Disease brown variety. That layer includes After five years, 33 percent
Too much sugar can make nutrients like magnesium and of the younger children and 36
heart disease risk factors worse, insoluble fiber. The fiber in the percent of the older children were
according to a recent study husk works to slow down the rate either overweight or obese. Lack
published in the Journal of the at which the rice is digested; this, of sufficient nighttime sleep in
American Medical Association. in turn, slows down the rate at the younger children showed a
Excess sugar elevates triglyceride which the body produces insulin strong correlation with obesity.
levels and lowers high-density to aid with digestion. What’s more, it didn’t matter how
lipoprotein (HDL) — the “good” Wild swings in insulin much these children slept during
cholesterol. production lead the body to the daytime; the sleep they were
Researchers examined the diets become less sensitive to its missing at night could not be
of 6,000 adults, and grouped those presence. Fewer spikes in insulin made up through napping.
surveyed according to sugar intake production help the body use Haven’t you found yourself
and cholesterol levels. The average the insulin it produces more overeating as a means of
person in the sampling derived 16 efficiently. Insensitivity to insulin comforting yourself when you
percent of his or her daily calories can lead to Type 2 diabetes. haven’t gotten a good night’s rest?
from sugar. The top sweet-tooth What’s true of brown versus Similarly, when working long
group averaged 46 teaspoons of white rice is also true of other hours, it’s all too easy to eat an
sugar a day, while the lowest group whole grains versus processed extra meal to keep going.

6 November 2010
Continued from page 5

I eat like this every day, especially during the DINING OUT KILLS DIETS
work week. On the weekend, my wife and I allow In certain parts of America, many people now
ourselves a little variety to keep the diet from feeling dine out every night. But dining out is one of the
like a burden. That’s OK as long as you go right back biggest enemies to staying on my diet (or any
to the plan and stay with it. diet, for that matter), because when you’re in a
In sum, keep it simple, keep it light, and keep it restaurant you don’t know really what you are
fresh. Find healthy foods that you enjoy, and explore getting. And the calorie counts of many restaurant
the whole world of seasonings that can make dishes are astronomical.
healthy meals like this into real taste treats. Fast food in the United States constitutes
the fast lane to the emergency room. Make no
Lifestyle Change Is Necessary But Hard mistake, fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and
Hardee’s have done their homework in their quest
Many people ask how they can implement such
to make their food addictive. If you are overweight,
a diet gradually. The truth is, you can’t. You have
sedentary, and eating at fast food restaurants, you
to challenge yourself head-on. Throw out all the
will get heart disease, period.
junk in your house, go shopping with a completely
altered shopping list, and learn how to cook tasty,
healthy meals from the foods I’ve recommended.
The Most Powerful Motivator: Love
The other day, a somewhat famous person came
into my office. He was the brother of a big movie With patients who have a strong religious faith,
star, and he was accustomed to living the high life, I often feel I can speak more freely. I remind them
eating and drinking whatever he wanted, whenever that their lives ultimately belong to God, who made
he wanted. The result: He had a massive anterior them for a greater purpose than mere indulgence.
wall heart attack. His blood pressure and cholesterol All of us were put on this Earth to love our families,
were elevated; he was overweight and inactive. He our neighbors, and even our enemies. We can’t do
sat in my office with his wife, and I gave him the that properly if we are sick, and bad eating habits are
good news — that heart disease can be reversed — one of the main causes of sickness in this country.
and the bad news — that it was going to require a The Apostle Paul writes to the church in Rome:
complete change in his lifestyle. “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating
The man and his wife both balked. They enjoyed and drinking, but of righteousness, peace, and joy in
their lifestyle — or claimed they did — and didn’t the Holy Spirit.”
see the point in living if they couldn’t indulge Even if you are not a person of faith, you should
in their customary pleasures. They left my office be able to see that implementing the diet and
without taking any of my advice, and now my one- lifestyle changes necessary to beating heart disease is
time patient is likely on his way to a premature end. ultimately a matter of what you value. Fear of death
At least they were honest. Many people I see can only motivate you for a little while. In the end,
in my office believe the exact same thing, but the it’s what you truly love that will determine whether
fear engendered by a cardiac event masks those or not you take the steps to successfully fight heart
sentiments — for a while. Once they start feeling disease. That is the most powerful motivator in the
better, their addiction to indulgence resurfaces. world.
They quit their diets and don’t want to talk to their Do you love eating and drinking more than your
doctors anymore — until the next cardiac event. family? More than what you might yet accomplish
Such attitudes are one reason physicians do little in your life? Have you given up, or do you want to
more than prescribe drugs. Doctors don’t want to live?
take the time to educate patients because so few If you start eating as I’ve recommended, you’ll
patients are willing to comply with their advice. It’s feel so much better that you’ll rediscover the joys in
easier to control what medications the patient takes, life. Eat right in order to live a life that’s truly worth
and so doctors are content to control what they can. living — that’s my life plan diet.

November 2010 7
Ask Dr. Crandall
Dear Readers, with which I treated a woman were of little help
I will try to answer as many questions as I can. until she began praying regularly. A consistent half
However, because of the volume of questions, I hour to an hour a day in prayer can work wonders.
cannot answer each letter personally. Please include If you are not a believing person, simply sitting
your full name, city, and state when submitting. in silence for the same length of time and allowing
If you have a question for me, please e-mail it to: your mind to empty of cares and distractions also
askdrcrandall@newsmax.com. can be helpful. Find a comfortable, peaceful spot
where you can either pray or keep silent.
I have been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and If you implement the above and still find that
pulmonary hypertension. My treatment is 125 mg of you are hypertensive, be open to the medications
Tracleer, twice a day, and oxygen around the clock. your doctor prescribes. About 85 percent of people
Do you have suggestions for what else I can do? with “essential hypertension”— that is, high blood
— Ellen S., Bend, Ore. pressure not caused by secondary factors — will
In addition to the medical treatment you are require additional treatment.
currently receiving, you should be pursuing
pulmonary rehabilitation. I have found the best I have very high triglycerides. I take Gemfibrozil and
form of rehabilitation for patients with conditions it has lowered them dramatically to normal levels. I
like yours is rowing. Work out in an air-conditioned would like to be off of the meds. What can I do?
room on a rowing machine while continuing to — Thomas D., Jupiter, Fla.
take oxygen. My patients who have pursued this Believe it or not, a good treatment for elevated
therapy have seen dramatic improvements in triglycerides is a can of sardines packed in either
breathing capability. olive oil or mineral water three times a week. You’ll
be surprised at how effective this can be. Another
I am not overweight, I exercise regularly, eat properly, option would be to take niacin (vitamin B3). Start
and take heart supplements like fish oil and CoQ10, with 500 mg and gradually build up to 2,000 mg
but I am still borderline hypertensive. Is there daily, if you can tolerate that high a dose.
anything else that I can do without taking drugs?
— Frank V., Sanford, N.C. You should be warned that about 15 percent of
people experience flushing from niacin — growing
For many people, magnesium supplements help
red in the face and neck and sometimes other parts
control blood pressure. I recommend 400 to 800 mg
of the body, with a prickly sensation that can be
daily. There is also some evidence that biofeedback
intense. For that reason, don’t rush when elevating
is helpful, but it usually proves to have only a short-
the dose. Stay at a tolerable level for three months
term benefit.
before any increase.
Measures to reduce stress are also helpful. Are you
getting eight to 10 hours of sleep a night? Do you To your heart health,
take time to talk with people who are close to you
each day? Letting people in your life know what you
are up against is a primary means of stress reduction.
Finally, I always recommend prayer. In an earlier
newsletter, I noted a case where the medications

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8 November 2010