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Compare and contrast these

pictures. In your description, answer

the following questions:

 What aspects of globalization can you

 What are the driving forces of
 What fields of life are mostly affected
by globalization?
 How is local economy/culture/trade/
 How has your country been affected?
 What do you gain from globalization?
 What do you lose?
 Why do many people support
globalization? Who are they?
 Why do many people oppose it? Who
are they?
 How does globalization affect the
English language?

Word Bank

 driving forces: international trade,

investment, information technology
 rapid increase in economic/
technological exchange, free trade,
free movement of goods/resources,
multinational corporations, compete
on a global scale, competitive prices,
economic boom, greater choice for
consumers, lower costs for companies
 create employment, grow prosperous,
share information worldwide, new
demand on education/training, adopt
new values of democracy/human
rights, promote goodwill/
understanding among different
 new form of colonisation, profits are
taken out of a country, local
industries/businesses disappear,
unemployment is on the rise,
exploitation of workers, sweatshops,
increasing inequalities
 development of uniform /western
lifestyle, disappearing local culture/
cuisine/language, decrease in cultural