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On the basis of the result of the written part of the Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist
Examination-2017 held by the Union Public Service Commission in May, 2017, the candidates with the
under mentioned Roll Numbers have qualified for Interview/Personality Test.

2. The candidature of these candidates is PROVISIONAL subject to their being found eligible in
all respects. The candidates would be required to produce the original certificates in support of their claim
relating to age, educational qualifications, community, physical disability etc. at the time of the
Personality Test. They are, therefore, advised to keep the said certificates ready.

3. In accordance with the Rules of examination, all these candidates are required to fill up the
Detailed Application Form (DAF) which will be available on the Commission’s Website
http://www.upsc.gov.in and submit the same ONLINE along with the scanned copies of certificates. The
DAF will be available on the website of the Commission from 22.08.2017 to 31.08.2017 till 6.00 P.M.
Important instructions regarding filling up of the DAF and submitting the same ONLINE to the
Commission will also be available on the website. The candidates who have been declared successful
have to first get themselves registered on the relevant page of the website before filling up the ONLINE
Detailed Application Form. The qualified candidates are further advised to refer to the Rules of the
Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination-2017 published in the gazette of India, dated

4. The instructions for filling up DAF available on the website along with the Rules of the
Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination-2017 must be read carefully with regard to the
certificates that are to be produced at the time of Interview. The candidate will be solely responsible
for not producing sufficient valid proof in support of his/her age, date of birth, educational
qualifications, caste (SC/ST/OBC) and physically disability status. The qualified candidates must
bring all the original certificates during the Interview/Personality Test for verification

5. Interviews of candidates who have qualified for the Personality Test are tentatively scheduled to
commence from the month of September, 2017. The exact date of interview will, however, be intimated
to the candidates. Roll Number wise Interview Schedule will also be made available on Commission’s
Website in due course. The candidates are advised to check their e-mail also for further information.

6. No request for change in the date and time of Personality Test intimated to the candidates will be
entertained under any circumstances.


7. The mark-sheets of candidates who have not qualified, will be put on the Commission’s Website
within 15 days from the date of publication of the final result (after conducting Personality Test) and will
remain available on the Website for a period of 60 days. The candidates can access the marks-sheet after
keying in their Roll Numbers and date of birth. The printed/hard copies of the Marks Sheet would,
however, be issued by UPSC to the candidates based on specific request accompanied by a self addressed
stamped envelope. Candidates desirous of obtaining printed/hard copies of the marks sheets should make
the request within thirty days of the display of the marks on the Commission’s Website, beyond which
such requests would not be entertained.

8. The candidates are advised to notify changes in their address, if any, to the Commission
immediately through letters or e-mails.

9. Union Public Service Commission has a Facilitation Counter at its Campus. Candidate may
obtain any information/clarification regarding their examination/result on working days between 10.00
A.M to 5.00 P.M in person or over telephone Nos. (011)-23385271/23381125/23098543 from this




Subject: Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination-2017

The written result of the Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination-2017 has been
declared by the Commission and the same is available on the Commission’s Website




NEW DELHI- 110069, 14th August, 2017 /23 Shravana, SAKA 1939

1. You should bring the following certificates/documents in original, along with a self attested
photocopy of each for verification in the Commission’s office on the day of the Personality Test. (A broad
check-list has already been uploaded on the website of Commission).

(i) Original Matriculation/Higher Secondary or equivalent certificate issued by the

University/Board concerned for verification of your date of birth.

(ii) Original Master’s Degree (s) and other higher qualifications certificates in support of your
educational qualification(s) at the time of P.T. Board. In case original degree is not issued by the
University or is otherwise not available, you are required to produce provisional certificates/or
Marks-Sheets in support of your claim at the time of P.T. Board and or other certificates. If you
have appeared in the final Master’s Degree examination but have not been informed of the result,
you are required to produce a certificate issued by the Educational Institution concern clearly
stating this fact.

(a) FOR GEOLOGIST GR.-‘A’- Master’s degree in Geological Science or Geology or Applied
Geology or Geo-Exploration or Mineral Exploration or Engineering geology or Marine Geology or
earth Science and Resource Management or Oceanography and Costal Areas Studies or Petroleum
Geosciences or Petroleum Exploration or Geochemistry or Geological Technology or Geophysical

(b) FOR GEOPHYSICISTS GR.-‘A’- M.Sc in Physics or Applied Physics or M.Sc

(Geophysics) or integrated M.Sc (Exploration Geophysics) or M.Sc (Applied Geophysics) or M.Sc
(Marine Geophysics) or M.Sc (Tech) Applied Geophysics).

(c) FOR CHEMISTS GR.- ‘A’- M.Sc in Chemistry or Applied Chemistry or

Analytical Chemistry.


Master’s Degree in Geology or Applied Geology or Marine Geology or Master’s Degree in
Hydrogeology – issued by the University incorporated by an Act of Central or State Legislature in
India or any other educational Institute established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be
deemed as Universities under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act 1956 (3 of 1956)
for verification of Educational qualification.

(iii) Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Other Backward Classes Certificate, (in

original, (with a copy thereof) in the prescribed form with latest Creamy Layer Clause 2013 issued
by the competent authority of the District to which you belong (in case you claim to hold Scheduled
Caste/Scheduled Tribe/other Backward Clauses status) The name of the caste/sub-caste mentioned
in the caste certificate must be according to the Central SC/ST/OBC lists for this purpose. The
certificate should bear Office Seal as also Designation Stamp of the issuing authority.

(iv) Two Passport size copies of your photograph (4cm x 5cm approx.) taken recently (say
within the preceding three months) and one of them should be self attested. Four extra copies
of same photograph may also be kept ready for use at the time of your medical examination.


(v) Physically Handicapped Certificate in the prescribed form issued by the Competent
authority with the stamp of the issuing authority (applicable for candidates claiming
Physically Handicapped status).

2. It is further stated that the even if you do not present yourself for the interview /Personality Test,
you are required to submit the Original Certificate/Degree/Documents etc. called for in para 1 above to
the Commission for verification so as to reach Commission’s Office within three (3) days of the date
fixed for your interview/Personality Test, otherwise your candidature for the examination will be
cancelled and you will not be entitled to know your detailed result.

3. You should fill the T.A Bills, in duplicate with particulars in respect of both the onward and return
journeys and hand them over to the Officers concerned of the Account Branch as soon as you report to the
Commission’s Office for the Personality Test. The Commission’s contribution towards your traveling
expenses would be paid to you in cash on the date of Personality Test itself (applicable to Outstation
Candidates only). You should collect the same from the Cashier of the Commission’s Office before you
leave the Commission’s Office.

4. Please note that even if you are declared successful on the basis of the result of the Combined Geo-
Scientist and Geologist Examination-2017, you would not be appointed unless you are found to be
eligible, inter-alia, in terms of rules for the Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination-2017.

5. Your specific attention is invited to para-20 of the Rules for the examination in terms of which
medical examination shall be conducted only in respect of candidates who are declared finally successful
on the basis of the examination. A separate communication in this regard will be issued by the Ministry of

6. Please bring this letter with you when you come for Personality Test and report to the Reception
Officer at the Union Public Service Commission on arrival at Gate No.2. Failure to do so may result in
denial of entry into the Commission’s premises.

7. You should sent five copies of the enclosed Attestation Form duly filled in ink and signed (not to
be photocopied after filling the original Attestation Form) and affixing a recent passport sized photograph,
pasted on each copy (Five Attestation Form in all) directly to the Secretary to the Govt. of India,
Ministry of Mines, M.II Section, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 within (10) days of receipt of
this letter. You are also requested to indicate your Roll No. on the right hand corner of each
attestation form while sending them to the Ministry of Mines, New Delhi.



9. Mobile Phones, Pagers, Cameras, Bluetooth, Recording Device, i-pads, palm tops or any other
electronic devices/appliances etc. are not allowed inside the premises of UPSC. Any infringement of these
instructions shall entail cancellation of candidature and disciplinary action including ban from future


10. Any change in your postal address and /on e-mail should be communicated to the Commission’s
office immediately.

11. The prescribed format/proforma of SC/ST/OBC/PH CERTIFICATE/

ATTESTATION FORMS/T.A. forms may be downloaded from the Commission’s website

12. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter immediately indicating your Roll Number, if you are an
outstation candidate, and then please also state the address in DELHI where you intend to stay.


Please ensure that you bring all the relevant documents in original along with the photocopies
thereof on the date of Personality Test. The candidates are advised to carefully verified their documents
before hand and ensure that the following conditions have been satisfied.

(I) Name & Date of Birth : For name and Date of birth, Matriculation or equivalent Certificate ( or
if certificate is not available , at least the mark-sheet issued under signature of concerned officer of the
educational board, should be there) The Name and Date of Birth as recorded in the Matriculation or
equivalent certificate will be treated as final by the Commission.

(II)_ Educational Qualification The candidate must show the Original Master ‘s Degree (s) in support
of his educational qualification (s) at the time of P.T. Board. In case original degree is not issued by the
University or is otherwise not available, he/she is required to produce provisional certificates and /or
Mark-sheet in support of his claim at the time of PT Board and /or other certificates. If you are having a
Degree from a foreign university, such university should be recognized by the Government.

(III) In case there is discrepancy between the name as recorded in the Matriculation certificate and
as entered in Degree and / or PG Degree, Internship Completion Certificate and/or other certificate, the
following steps must be taken:-

(a) In case of minor discrepancy in the name of the candidate (or his/her father) due to a spelling
error, e.g [(Mohan and Mohun) (R. Mathur and Ramesh Mathur)], an affidavit in original may be
produced at the time of P.T. Board to the effect that both the names belong to the same person.

(b) In case of a major discrepancy related to the addition or deletion of part/parts of any name, (e.g.
Ram Kumar and Ram Kumar Singh) or (Ajay Kumar Singh Rana), a Gazette notification may be
produced at the time P.T. Board to the effect that the person has changed his name henceforth.

(c) In case of certificates issued by the State of Maharashtra, the name of the candidate is sometimes
inclusive of the name of the father and/or the mother. In such case, an affidavit may be produced at the
time of P.T. Board to the effect that the names on both certificates belong to the same person.

(IV) Caste/Tribe Certificates: candidates claiming to be SC/ST/OBC must ensure the following

(a) The name of the candidate and his/her father in the certificates should be strictly as recorded in
the matriculation or equivalent certificate.

(b) The name of the caste/tribe is included in the central list in respect of the State to which the
candidate or his/her father originally belongs.

(c) The name of the caste/tribe and sub caste/tribe (if it is mentioned in the central list) should be
strictly according to the Central List as is available on the website i.e socialjustice.nic.in in respect of
SCs, on census of india. gov. in respect of STs and ncbc.nic. in. in respect of OBCs.

(d) The residential clause in SC/ST/OBC certificate should be duly filled up.

(e) In case SC/ST/OBC certificate is issued to a candidate residing in a State on the basis of the
relevant certificate issued to his/her parent in another State, relevant migration clause should have been
duly filled up.


(f) The certificate should have been signed by a competent authority not below the rank of Tehsildar
with legible stamp of his/her designation either in Hindi or English.

(g) The certificate must contain a Seal of Office of the concerned issuing authority/Office. In case of
a Seal in regional language, another seal in either English or Hindi may also be got affixed.

(h) The certificate should be dated earlier than the closing date (i.e. 03.03.2017) for submission of
applications for this examination, as stipulated in the Examination Notice.

(i) In case of an OBC certificate issued prior to 1st April, 2011, a fresh certificate incorporating
therein the relevant provisions of DOP&T OM NO. dated 27-05-2013 pertaining to Creamy Layer must
be prepared inter-alia satisfying the above mentioned conditions at (a) to (i) and produced at the time of
P.T. Board.

(V) Persons with Physical Disabilities Certificate) In case of Persons with Physical Disabilities
certificates, the following should be ensured.

(a) The Certificate should strictly be in the prescribed Performa. The name of the candidate (and
his/her father) should be as recorded in the matriculation certificate.

(b) All entries are duly filled in and the extent of disability (40% OR MORE) is clearly indicated.

(c) The certificate should be duly signed by all the Members and the Chairman of the Medical Board
along with their seals showing name and designation.

(d) The certificate be also duly countersigned by the Medical Superintendent /CMO/Head of the
Hospital along with his seal. Even if the Chairman of the Medical Board is himself /herself is the Medical
Superintendent /CMO/Head of the Hospital, he/she is again required to countersign the certificate along
with his/her Seal as MS/CMO/HoD.

(e) The photograph affixed on the certificate showing the disability should be duly attested by the
Chairman of the Medical Board.

(VI) Other certificates: The certificates in support of age relaxation (other than SC, ST or OBC
category or the persons with physical Disabilities candidates) in original are also required to be shown.


संघ लोक सेवा आयोग , धौलपुर हाउस , शाहजहाँ रोड , नई िद ली . 110069 
यिक्त व परीक्षण हे तु ई-समन पत्र / e‐SUMMON LETTER FOR PERSONALITY TEST 
Exam/परीक्षा : सि मिलत भव
ू ैज्ञािनक एवं भिू वज्ञानी परीक्षा,2017/ Combined Geo‐Scientist & Geologist Examination, 2017 

ु मांक   _________________________  Photograph 
Roll No   
िपता का नाम 
Father's Name   
यिक्त व परीक्षण की ितिथ    
Date of interview   
यिक्त व परीक्षण का समय    
Time of interview  Bar code  

परीक्षण का थान 
Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi ‐ 110069 
Venue of interview 

1.  सि मिलत भूवैज्ञािनक एवं भूिवज्ञानी परीक्षा, 2017 के यिक्त व परीक्षण तर पर आपका प्रवेश उक्त परीक्षा के िलए िनधार्िरत पात्रता शत को पूरा
करने के अधयधीन
् पण
ू त
र् या अनंितम है । यिद यिक्त व परीक्षण के पहले या बाद म िकसी भी समय स यापन करने पर पाया जाता है िक आप पात्रता की
िकसी शतर् को पूरा नही करते ह तो आयोग वारा परीक्षा के िलए आपकी उ मीदवारी र कर दी जाएगी। 
1. Your Admission at the stage of Personality Test of the Combined Geo‐Scientist & Geologist Examination, 2017 will be purely provisional 
subject  to  your  satisfying  prescribed  eligibility  condition  for  the  said  examination.  If  on  verification  at  any  time  before  or  after  the 
Personality Test, it is found that you do not fulfill any of the eligibility conditions, your candidature for the examination will be cancelled by 
the Commission.  

2.  आप यह भी नोट कर ल िक यिक्त व परीक्षण की तारीख तथा समय म पिरवतर्न के अनुरोध पर िवचार नही िकया जाएगा। यिद आप िनिदर् ट तारीख
तथा समय पर यिक्त व परीक्षण बोडर् के समक्ष उपि थत होने म असफल रहते ह तो आपको यिक्त व परीक्षण म अनुपि थत माना जायेगा। इस संबंध
मे आगे कोई पत्राचार नहीं िकया जायेगा तथा सि मिलत भव
ू ैज्ञािनक एवं भिू वज्ञानी परीक्षा, 2017 के यिक्त व परीक्षण के िलए आपको दोबारा नहीं
बुलाया जाएगा। 
2. You should note that no request for change in the date and time of the Personality Test will be entertained. In case you fail to present yourself before the 
Personality Test Board on the scheduled date and time, you will be treated as Absent at Personality Test. No further correspondence will be made in this regard 
and you will not be called again for Personality Test of the Combined Geo‐Scientist & Geologist Examination, 2017.   

3.  जब आप यिक्त व परीक्षण के िलए आएं तो कृपया इस पत्र को साथ लाएं और अपने आगमन की िरपोटर् वागत कक्ष गेट नं. 2,  संघ लोक सेवा आयोग, 
धौलपुर हाउस, शाहजहाँ रोड, नई िद ली को द। यिद आप ऐसा करने म असफल होते ह तो आपको आयोग पिरसर म प्रवेश नहीं िमलेगा।  
3. Please bring this letter with you when you come for Personality Test and report at Reception at Gate No.2, UPSC Dholpur House, New Delhi. Failure to do so 
may result in denial of entry into Commission premises. 

4.1.    कृपया नोट कर ल िक यिद आप अपनी आयु,  शैक्षिणक योग्यता(ओं) (मासटर

् िडग्री पास करने या भाग लेने से संबद्ध),  जाित/ ेणी तथा शारीिरक
िवकलांगता के तर,  आयु म िरयायत आिद के समथर्न म मूल द तावेज लाने म िवफल रहते ह तो आपको यिक्त व परीक्षण के िलए उपि थत होने की
अनुमित प्रदान नहीं की जाएगी और आपको यात्रा भ ते/दै िनक भ ते का भुगतान नहीं िकया जाएगा। मूल प्रमाण-पत्र स यापन के बाद वापस लौटा िदए
4.1.  Please  NOTE  that  in  case  you  fail  to  bring  original  documents  in  support  of  your  age,  educational  qualification(s)  (Master  Degree  either  passing  or 
appeared), caste/category and PH status, age relaxation, etc., you may not be allowed to appear for Personality Test and No TA/DA will be paid. The original 
certificates will be returned after verification. 

4.2. यिद आप साक्षातकार

् के िलए िनधार्िरत ितिथ को उपि थत नहीं होते ह तो भी आपको आयोग की वेबसाइट पर प्रदिशर्त साक्षातकार
् की अंितम ितिथ
से पूवर् अपने मूल मूल प्रमाण-पत्र आयोग कायार्लय वारा सतयािपत
् कराने चािहए अनयथा
् आपकी उममीदवारी
् र कर दी जाएगी। 

4.2. In case of your non appearance on the scheduled day of Interview, you should get your original certificates verified in the Commission
before the last day of interview as displayed in Commission's Website, otherwise your candidature is liable to be cancelleld.  

5. उममीदवार
् को सलाह दी जाती है िक वे ‘िवसत
् त
ृ अनुदेश ’ के साथ दी गई ‘जांच सूची’ के अनुसार अपने दसतावे
् ज की जांच कर ल। 
5. Candidates are advised to check the documents in accordance with the ‘Check List’ provided with ‘Detailed Instructions’. 
अवर सिचव/Under Secretary

- 3 -


0000123 0000573 0000654 0000659 0000850 0001045 0001586 0001871 0001927

0001970 0002087 0002120 0002222 0002241 0002761 0002819 0003402 0003469
0003546 0003603 0004212 0004472 0004496 0004578 0004999 0005178 0005577
0006029 0006095 0006389 0006535 0007213 0007330 0007335 0007490 0007800
0007892 0008296 0008486 0009034 0009330 0009557 0009661 0010770 0010967
0011242 0012881 0013126 0013512 0016822 0017190 0017803 0018136 0020500
0020864 0023095 0023699


0000123 0000130 0000167 0000573 0000659 0000825 0000850 0001927 0001970

0002072 0002087 0002116 0002120 0002218 0002222 0002241 0002663 0002728
0002819 0002905 0002914 0003162 0003469 0003546 0003956 0004004 0004054
0004138 0004472 0004496 0004578 0004967 0004999 0005177 0005178 0006029
0006081 0006153 0006244 0007213 0007330 0007490 0007800 0007892 0008244
0008459 0008486 0009034 0010213 0010770 0010925 0010967 0011242 0012881
0013094 0013417 0013980 0014523 0014872 0015391 0015826 0015893 0016822
0016979 0017008 0017190 0020004 0020500 0020864 0021942 0023095 0023699


0000263 0000358 0001763 0001838 0002095 0002723 0002889 0003039 0003229

0003369 0003776 0004206 0004824 0004852 0005090 0005216 0005765 0006085
0006221 0006359 0007338 0007681 0008066 0008814 0010104 0010744 0012141
0012969 0014713 0018338 0019468


0000558 0001832 0002081 0002783 0003167 0003273 0003446 0003988 0004002

0004819 0004829 0004845 0005027 0005452 0006096 0006432 0007438 0007634
0008049 0008117 0010036 0014233 0016557 0023225




NEW DELHI - 110 069 - 14th August, 2017/ 23 Shravana ,Saka 1939.