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Lesson plan

Date: 28th of February 2019

Student: Albișoru Lavinia - Elena
School: Colegiul Național „Carol I‟, Craiova
Grade: 3rd
Textbook: Limba modernă Engleză, clasa a III-a, semestrul al II-lea, Elena Sticlea,
Cristina Mircea, București: Booklet,2015.
Topic: Animals, The Flying Book
Language skills: all
Classroom orgnization: T-Ss, Ss-Ss, pairs
Aids: textbook, notebooks, whiteboard, CD, laptop, cards, handouts, flag
Aims: At the end of the lesson, the students will be able:
- To name the animals;
- To make the difference between farm and wild animals;
- To use the new vocabulary in speaking and writing.

Stage Activity Timing

1.Lead-in The teacher greets the students and asks how they are 7 min.
feeling. Checks the absents and the homework.
Teacher plays the song „Old Mc. Donald had a farm” and
sings with the students. Then, she asks them what the
lesson is going to be about.

2.Elicitation Teacher shows some cards with animals. The students 4 min.
have to guess the name of each animal and so teacher
will know many animals do they recognise.

3.Presentation Teacher explains students that today they are learning 13 min
the animals. Students open their textbook at page 14
where they have the lesson „The Flying Book”. Teacher
writes the title on the whiteboard and students write it in
their notebooks. Teacher plays the CD with the lesson’s
reading. Students have to answer the questions:
What is the cat doing? The cat is....
What are the ducks doing? The ducks are...
What is the rooster doing? The rooster is...
What are the geese doing? The geese are...
If the students are not able to answer only after listening,
they will read the text.
Teacher explains the unknow words and tell students
that there are two kinds of animals: farm animals
(domestic) and wild animals (those who live in forest,
jungle, desert) and she names them again. Teacher asks
students to put the words under two headings: farm
animals and wild animals.
4.Controlled Teacher gives each student a handout with two 7 min.
practice exercises. They have to match the animals with their
actions and to look at the image and write what the
animals are doing, using Present Continuous. (Anexa 1)

5.Freer Students have to work on pairs. They write under two 14 min.
Practice columns what animals do they HAVE on their own
farm/house and what animals do they WANT to have.
They compare their lists and check out the differences.
Teacher gives students a handout. They choose the
animals’ name from a list and write it next to the suitable
image. (Anexa 2)
Students will play the flag game. They are allowed to
speak only when they receive the flag. They have to
name two wild animals and give the flag away.

6.Review and At the end of the lesson, teacher does a quick review to 5 min.
Follow up tie up the lesson. Teacher will check if students know the
new words. She show them the cards again and
students have to name the animals .
As homework, students will make six sentences with the
following words: roof, rooster, shepherd, castle, pond,