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Instructions: This paper consists of FIVE (5) questions. Answer any FOUR (4) questions in the
answer booklet provided. All questions carry equal marks.

Question 1

(a) A right cylindrical tank with a radius of meters and a height of meters is surmounted
by a conical cap of the height meters, as shown in Figure 1. If the total surface area of
the tank is fixed to be squared meters, use the method of Lagrange multipliers to
determine the heights and so that the volume of the tank is a maximum. Leave your
answers in terms of √ .

Figure 1
(14 marks)

(b) (i) Evaluate ∫ ∫ ( ) .

(5 marks)
(ii) Evaluate ∬( ) over the region in the first quadrant.
(6 marks)
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Question 2

(a) Use Lagrange multipliers to find the minimum and maximum distances from the origin to
a point on the curve .
(12 marks)

(b) Verify Green’s Theorem for ( ) ( ) ( ) , over the region which is

in the first quadrant and is enclosed by the line , the curve and the -axis.
(13 marks)

Question 3

(a) Verify Green’s Theorem for ∫ ( ) ( ) , where is the boundary of the

region bounded by the circle for .
(20 marks)
dy xy
(b) Apply Euler’s Method to solve the equation  for x = 0(0.25)1 given that when
dx x  2
x = 0, y = 1.23. Compute your values correct to three decimal places.
(5 marks)

Question 4

(a) Given that the complex function

( ) ( )
is analytic, find the possible value(s) of and .
(4 marks)
(b) Consider the complex function
( ) .
( )( )
(i) Given that there is a zero of , a pole of order one at and a pole of
order two at , find the value of , and .
(5 marks)
(ii) Then, calculate the residues at each pole.
(7 marks)

| |
(c) Show that the Fourier Transform of the function ( ) { can be
| |
written as ( ).
(9 marks)
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Question 5

(a) A company produces batteries whose lifetimes are normally distributed with a mean of
100 hours. It is known that 90% of the batteries last at least for 40 hours.
(i) Estimate the standard deviation of the lifetime of the batteries, correct to three
decimal places.
(4 marks)
(ii) What percentage of batteries will not last for 70 hours?
(4 marks)

(b) The following table shows the data for the exerted pressure and the corresponding
volume of a particular gas.

Pressure 1015 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000

Volume 1000 505 330 255 205 170

The relationship between the pressure exerted by the compressed gas and the volume of
the gas based on the above set of data is given by

where is the pressure (in hPa) and is the volume (in mL).
(i) What is the volume of the gas if the pressure is 4875 hPa? Comment on the
reliability of the answer.
(3 marks)
(ii) Given that the correlation coefficient is , interpret this value.
(2 marks)
(iii) Calculate the coefficient of determination and interpret the value.
(3 marks)

(c) The quality control manager in a light bulb factory wants to determine whether the mean
life time of a large shipment of light bulbs is the same as the specified value of 375 hours.
Conduct the hypothesis test if a sample of 64 light bulbs from the shipment has a mean of
350 hours and a standard deviation of 100 hours. Use a significance level of 5%.
(9 marks)