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10-11 April 2019


Casa de Gobierno de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires,
Uspallata 3150, Parque Patricios, C1437JCL Buenos Aires
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Overview: meetings and side events

Tuesday 9 April Wednesday 10 April Thursday 11 April Friday 12 April

Safer City Streets Safer City Streets
(full day) (morning only)

Side events (tbc)  Welcome session  Infrastructure Side events include:

and problem solutions and  ITF workshop on
framing behavior change to Decarbonising
reduce the risk to Transport
vulnerable road

 Crash data  Partners’ updates,

collection systems next steps and
closing remarks

Parallel side events  Mobility data Side events include: Side events include:
include: collection methods  ITF workshop on  ITF workshop on
 Bloomberg Decarbonising Decarbonising
workshop Transport Transport
 UEMI workshop
 Transit safety

Simultaneous interpretation will be

available for the Safer City Streets meeting

Side events in preparation, as of 06-03-2019, various venues in Buenos Aires:

 UEMI Workshop “Safe and low-carbon urban mobility in action” - Event page
 WRI side event “Sustainable and Safe City Challenge”
 Bloomberg workshop, Initiative for Global Road Safety [closed meeting]
 SIMUS executive board meeting [closed meeting]
 SIMUS and Fundación Metropolitana: Multimodal Integration Forum
 ANSV workshop, crash data systems for cities in Argentina [closed meeting]
 Mujeres en Movimiento [closed meeting]
 ITF Workshop, part of the Decarbonising Transport Initiative [closed meeting]
Wednesday 10 April 2019

Registration, tea, coffee 09:00

Opening remarks from the chair 09:30

Welcome 09:40 10:00

 Juanjo Mendez, Secretary of Transportation, Government of the
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Paula Bisiau, Undersecretary of Sustainable Mobility, Government
of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Framing the objectives 10:00 10:30

 Stephen Perkins, Head of Research and Policy Analysis,
International Transport Forum
 Adriana Jakovcevic, Road Safety Observatory Manager,
Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Break 10:30 11:00

[1] Crash data collection systems 11:00 13:00

This session is to review progress, challenges and solutions to establishing
robust multi-source crash and casualty data collection systems. The goal is
to reduce under-reporting and to make figures comparable across time and
across regions.

Part (a) – Merging data from various sources, including police and health

 Sara Whitehead, Public Health Consultant, Vital Strategies

 Ezequiel Dantas, Fortaleza, Brazil
 Diego Vargas, Bogota, Colombia
 Rafael Godoy, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Part (b) – Crash data systems

 Eugenia Keller, Director of Road Safety Statistics, National Road

Safety Agency, Argentina (ANSV)
 Veronica Raffo, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, World Bank
 Sofia Salek de Braun, Solution Director Traffic Safety, PTV Group

Lunch 13:00 14:15

[2] Mobility data collection methods 14:15 16:00
The session will seek to identify best practice and value-for-money in origin-
destination surveys and on-street counts. The goal is to monitor mobility
and traffic trends, not only to evaluate the success of a sustainable mobility
agenda, but also to support the calculation of comparable risk figures.

 Marine Millot, Centre for studies and expertise on risks, the

environment, mobility and planning (Cerema), France
 Felipe Targa, Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank
 Federico Varone, Project manager, Buenos Aires City Government
 Paul Basnak, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
 Jacob Mason, Transport Research and Evaluation Manager, ITDP

Break 16:00 16:30

[3] Transit safety 16:30 18:00

The session will focus on reducing the number of vulnerable road users
killed and seriously injured in collisions with buses.

 Jane Lupson, Senior Bus Safety Development Manager, Transport

for London
 Viviana Tobon Jaramillo, Deputy Director of Mobility in the Aburrá
Valley Metropolitan Area, Colombia (tbc)
 Marta Obelheiro, Road Safety Coordinator, WRI Brasil Sustainable
 Marine Millot, Centre for studies and expertise on risks, the
environment, mobility and planning (Cerema), France

End of day #1 at 18:00

Thursday 11 April 2019

Registration, tea, coffee 09:00

[4] Infrastructure solutions and behaviour change to 09:30 11:15

reduce the risk to vulnerable road users
The session will focus on techniques for speed management and
infrastructure upgrades. This includes the identification of unprotected
routes to school, speeding hotspots. Solutions will include data collection,
enforcement, traffic calming and awareness campaigns. Innovative
solutions will be discussed.

Panel (a) safe speeds

 Natalia Lleras, Project Manager, Mobility And Road Safety, WRI
Ross Center For Sustainable Cities
 Claudia Diaz, Director for Road Safety, Bogota
 Andres Vecino, Research Scientist, John Hopkins University
 Isaac Vargas Gordillo, Project Manager Microscopic Simulation,
PTV Group

Panel (b) safe routes to school

 Bernardo Baranda, Latin American Region Director, ITDP
 Florencia Lambrosquini, Research Coordinator, Fundación Gonzalo
 Morgan Fletcher, Senior Engineer, iRAP
 Charity Hung, Deputy Director, Partnership for Healthy Cities, Vital

Break 11:15 11:30

[5] Partners’ updates 11:30 12:30

Organisations which are active in the road safety field will be invited to
share an update on their current activities
 Leandro Perillo, Manager of Mobility and Public Policies, FIA
 Ruben Ledesma, National Council for Scientific and Technical
Research – CONICET, Argentina
 Dagmar Köhler, Polis Network

Next steps and closing remarks 12:30 13:00

 Pedro Gouveia, Planning Team Leader, Vision Zero Action Plan,
Lisbon, Portugal
 Alexandre Santacreu, Policy Analyst, International Transport

Lunch – End of the Safer City Street meeting 13:00 14:15

Venue map

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