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Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program

I​ndividualized​ ​L​earning​ ​P​lan ​(ILP) – Teacher Leader Project Option

Revised 1.1.19
Directions​: The ILP should be completed with Mentor input. Complete blue cells prior to classroom implementation. Complete orange cells after POP Cycle is completed. Cells will expand as
needed. When submitting completed ILP to instructor, please include copies of all instructional resources, including Google Survey used for assessment of audience satisfaction.
Section 1: New Teacher Information
New Teacher Email Subject Area Grade Level
Marcus Maher marcusjohnmaher@gmail.com Social Science 9-12
Mentor Email School/District Date
South Hills Academy/ N/A
Jeremy Ebbink jebbink@shacademy.org 3/9/19
Section 2: CSTP Areas of Inquiry
Directions: ​Identify 2-3 CSTP elements for ILP focus. Use most recent CSTP Assessment for Initial Rating. Identify both teacher and student rating for CSTP 1 and 2. See example.
CSTP Element Initial Rating Description Goal Rating Description
T - Facilitates systematic opportunities for students to apply critical thinking
T - Guide students to think critically through use of questioning strategies, T–
Promoting critical thinking by designing structured inquires into complex problems.
T – Applying posing/solving problems, and reflection on issues in content. Innovating
1.5 through inquiry, problem S - Students pose and answer a wide-range of complex questions and
S – Exploring S - Students respond to varied questions or tasks designed to promote S-
solving, and reflection problems, reflect, and communicate understandings based on in depth
comprehension and critical thinking in single lessons or a sequence of lessons. Innovating
analysis of content learning.

In my second year of teaching I have

Designs and integrates an assessment plan grown in a few ways toward applying
Collecting and that provides formal and informal knowledge of assessments. I have now
analyzing assessment data on student learning. begun tracking student data more
assessment data effectively by using google forms. For
from a variety of Integra Uses data analysis of a broad range of Integr example, I had a quiz on one of my units
sources to ting assessments to provide comprehensive ating and the majority of my students did not
inform information to guide planning and pass the quiz. When analyzing the data I
instruction. differentiation of instruction. found that the majority of the class got
every question on the quiz correct. Thus,
stating the students knew the content as a
My school reworking benchmarks this
year in the online system and a few times
Reviewing data, this year our entire school has gotten
both individually Reviews and monitors a broad range of data together to analyze data together. Adding
and with Integra individually and with colleagues to analyze Integr on to how our school has begun tracking
colleagues, to ting student thinking and identify underlying ating students between departments, we have
monitor student causes for trends. also tracked how students have
learning progressed between schools. This way we
can see how each school is in all of their
academic areas.
Section 3: Teacher Leader Inquiry Focus and Planning
Project Title Inquiry Question Project Objective(s)
How can Google Forms be used to
To help teachers utilize technology in
Using Google Quizzes to inform instruction quickly assess student data in order to
order to help them inform instruction.
help inform instruction?
How Project Fits into Professional
Audience for Project How Audience Satisfaction will be
Goals and/or
(Who Participates/Who Benefits) Assessed
Department/School/District Needs
Teachers in the history/electives department
The project fits into my professional
are the ones who participate. They also
goals and the department goals by
benefit as it helps teachers sort and grade I will be using the same method that I
using technology in order to better my
data instantaneously, as well as, see where am teaching about to assess the
teaching practice and the department
their students need to grow in order to help audiences satisfaction and I will use the
goals because it helps us track the
inform instruction. The project ends up assessment as a tool to model the
content and the skills the students
helping the teachers, students, and school as
were able to grasp.
a whole.
Special Emphasis: Teacher Leader Model Standards and NBPTS Core Propositions
Directions:​ Identify at least one NBPTS and at least one Teacher Leader Model Standards that are the primary focus of your project. Explain how these standards will be incorporated.
Special Emphasis Focus How Special Emphasis will be Incorporated
Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 1 of 4
One of the ways that I plan on integrating this into the project is by instructing the
Proposition 4: Teachers think systematically teachers in how to embed the content standards and skills that you are testing for into
about their practices and learn from the question so that when you sort the data given to you by the Google Forms you can
experience. use that data as a teacher to know what lessons the students grasped and which ones
the class as a whole had a difficulty with. This way the teachers have more data to
reflect on their practice.
Inquiry Implementation Plan
Analyze Results Discuss Results with Mentor
Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3
Milestone 4 Milestone 5
presentation on I analyze the
Identify name and date for department write lesson and google Discuss results
using google results of how the
activities. meeting schedule forms assessment with mentor
forms to drive presentation went
to work this in
03/13/19 03/15/19 04/16/19 04/30/19 04/31/19
Provide 1-2 sentence My teacher leader project is to instruct those in my department in how to use Google Forms to help drive
summary of your teacher instruction. I will show teachers how to embed the data you want to track and how to sort and read through
leader project. the data in order to inform instruction.
Summarize process for
I will use the platform that I am instructing the teachers to use to take a survey on the effectiveness of the
analyzing effectiveness of
leadership role. presentation. If the teachers will use it in the future and how they might integrate it into their classrooms.
Section 4: Inquiry Research and Exploration
Research/Professional Learning ​(Identify two articles that have informed inquiry focus. Provide title, URL or citation, and statement of what was learned.)

“Effective instructional leadership: Teachers’

perspectives on how principals promote teaching
“Using data to support educational improvement”
and learning in school”
What I learned from the article was how to use data and how to teach about using data. I found
In the second article I learned about what
it most interesting because the article has a portion on how to improve educator capacity to use
teachers found from their principals that helped
data and that is what I needed from it.
and hurt instruction in the classroom. In this
article I read about a few different ways I could
present the material that would be received

Colleagues (​ Summarize how two colleagues have addressed similar leadership roles OR the status of the issue at department/school/district level.)
One colleague that I have is firm in directing
Another colleague expresses how they have used data to help them in informing instruction.
instruction when it comes to analyzing data. Tells
What different acronyms that they use and what different data has meant to them in the past
the teachers what they should do and how they
and how that had helped them inform instruction.
should do it.
Section 5: Results and Reflection
Initial Revised
CSTP Element Evidence/Rationale for Rating Suggestions for Moving Forward
Rating Rating
Promoting critical To move to INNOVATING level:​ Consider how to increase
Teacher asked questions of analysis and evaluation.
thinking through T – Applying T – Integrating complexity of task beyond a single lesson so that there are
1.5 Students answered questions that included all levels of Bloom’s. Students created their
inquiry, problem S – Exploring S - Integrating continuing opportunities for students to engage in inquiry in
own math problems.
solving, and reflection complex problem. How could you extend lesson into PBL?

A good way to move forward in
The teacher took data from the google form by collecting and analyzing assessment
exporting the google spreadsheet and showed data would be to have all the
the teachers how to reorganize and sort the quizzes and tests that the students
data from a Integra Integrat
5.2 data for more in depth analysis. The teacher have taken, combine them into the
variety of ting ing
also took formative assessments like same spreadsheet and sort the data
sources to
comprehension checks in the form of per student so that I could see the
discussions. students growth throughout the
The teacher showed the teachers how to make A good way to move forward into
Reviewing questions in the google forms that would make innovating would be for me to
Integra Integrat
5.3 data, both it so that the teachers could review the data and embed the standards and skills I am
ting ing
individually see patterns. For example, the teacher showed looking to teach into my gradebook
and with the other teachers how to embed content so that we can target the specific
Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 2 of 4
colleagues, standards and historical thinking skills into their learning needs for each of my
to monitor questions which gives the user the ability to students.
student organize the data in a friendly way for the
learning. teachers to absorb the data.

Special Emphasis (Teacher Leader Model Standards or NBPTS Core Propositions

Key Learnings and New Skills/Knowledge Contribution to
Product(s) Generated
Developed by Teacher Others/Department/School/District
It was a contribution to our history and
Google sheet of a student test. elective department. Attempting to help
Proposition 4: Teachers think systematically the teachers think more about how they
about their practices and learn from Teacher used prior student exam for
assess their students and how they reflect
experience. teachers to practice on so he could use
on their practices. Using Google Sheets is
the data to show them how to use and
sort the data. a good way to quickly take and sort data
so we can track our students.
Mentor Feedback
Directions: T​he Mentor should Identify strengths and areas of improvement in each of the following areas.
Candidate gave a good presentation that was informative to the teachers. The handout
Effectiveness of resources designed by Candidate,
including presentation, notes, handouts, and other
and notes were of the presentation and we got to write on them. A few teachers wrote
resources. about the presentation. Mr. Maher could have gone slower in showing the teachers
how to sort the spreadsheet.
Effectiveness of Candidate in teaching and coaching Mr. Maher was effective in communicating with the other teachers. Candidate should
adults. (Refer to Adult Learning Principles in FOTIP
Handbook work on pacing for some aspects of presentation that could be more difficult for the
[https://www.fotip.org/adult-learning-theory.html]. listeners to follow.
The topic was valuable for the history teachers in the department but not as much for
Value of topic for audience. band and art. They were interested, but did say that they do not use the computers
very often in the classroom.

Overall delivery by Candidate of the professional

Overall Mr. Maher did well. He acted and dressed professionally ,answered any
development experience, including audience
engagement, pacing, tone, and response to questions. teachers questions ,and had a welcoming demeanor.

Analysis and Summary of Audience Assessment

Directions:​ Record assessment data into ​Assessment Data Table​ (see end of document). Include copies of assessment tool with submission. Include at least one graph in your summary.

Google survey assessment tool

Action Items (some may not be applicable)

For curriculum design, lesson Integrate more quick informal checks on teachers to see if the simple identification aspect on bloom’s is
planning, assessment taken care of. Then, test the identification and higher level questions to get a further understanding of the
planning students grasp of the content and the skills.
For classroom practice In classroom practice the best action items are more informal assessments.
For teaching English learners, Test the identification and higher level questions to get a further understanding of the students grasp of the
students with special needs,
and students with other content and the skills. If the student is not able to identify then it is most likely a language gap, not a higher
instructional challenges level problem.
For future professional
development Rework current assessments to hit more levels on bloom’s.
For supporting
For future inquiry I think I would choose another area to focus on. Once the levels are developed then the
school/district differing types of assessments.

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 3 of 4

Other Notes and Comments

Include copy of Google Survey Form assessment tool.

Google survey assessment tool

Individualized Learning Plan, Fullerton Online Teacher Induction Program (FOTIP), 2017 Page 4 of 4