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1. Listen and link.

2. Listen and tick.

1) What’s your favourite drink?

a) b) c)

2) My favourite fruit is…

a) b) c)

3) What yoghurt is the boy eating?

a) b) c)

4) What time does Anne have dinner?

a) b) c)

5) What does Peter have for breakfast?

a) b) c)
1. Look and read. Tick or cross the box.

This is an egg. 4) These are

2) This is spaghetti.
5) This is an
3) This is meat. ice cream.

2. Read and write Yes or No.

They are in the canteen.

1) The girl is eating soup. ___________

2) It’s half past one. ___________

3) The boy is eating fish and chips. ___________

4) There are three pears on the table. ___________

5) The boy is drinking water. ___________

3. Look at the picture and read the questions. Write one word.

1) What time is it? It’s half past ___________________.

2) What is the boy eating? _____________________ and cereal.

3) What is the girl drinking? ________________________________.

4) How many biscuits are there? There are ______________________.

5) What fruit has the mother got? An ____________________________.

4. Choose a word from the box and complete the text.

rice • clock • at
dinner • yoghurt

Hi! My name is Bill. My favourite food for breakfast is a 1) ___________________.

I have breakfast 2) ___________________ half past seven.
I have lunch in the school canteen.
I have 3) ___________________ with my family at eight o’ 4) ___________________.
My favourite food is meat and 5) ___________________.