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Sensors & Accessories

Wind Sensors
Nexgen can offer a complete range of integrated products incorporating the latest in monitoring equipment, data
logging and sensor options. We have a wide range of different sensors available to suit your specific requirements,
which can be combined into a complete system to give you everything you need to monitor the wind.

The Vector A100 Anemometer The Vector Wind Vane

The A100 Anemometer has a 3 cup rotor Incorporating a precision wire-wound
running a shaft, and is available as either a potentiometer enabling wind direction to be
passive version using a magnetically- accurately observed. Marine and anti-icing
actuated switch or an active version using a hear options are available on request. The
chopped optical beam. Both versions provide instrument geometry meets IEA standards.
pulse signals proportional to the wind speed
being monitored. A MEASNET calibration
service is also available.

C3 C3C
The C3 sensor is a simple sensor designed The C3C anemometer is identical to the C3
to allow easy and cost effective monitoring. sensor but it has the added benefit of being
Both the rotor and base are made from a calibrated at Massachusetts Institute of
tough polycarbonate, to ensure exceptional Technology wind tunnel.
durability and long life.

NRG #40C Anemometer NRG #200P Wind Vane

Manufactured in a special robust plastic, this This competitively priced wind vane uses a
is a simple yet rugged performer. Cup potentiometer located inside the main body
rotation produces an AC sine wave voltage, which produces a resistance in proportion to
with frequency proportional to wind speed. the wind direction.
The #40C comes with a calibration certificate
that is traceable to NIST standards .

Temperature & Pressure

The Second Wind The RM Young
Thermistor The Setra Temperature
Pressure Sensor
Designed specifically for /Humidity Sensor
use with the Nomad 2 data A rugged design, high
This sensor has a high
logger, it measures the accuracy (0.25% FS)
accuracy, capacitance-
resistance of the thermistor and a low power
type humidity unit and a
and uses a lookup table consumption, all
precision platinum
with over 4,000 values to combine to make this
temperature unit in a
determine the temperature. an effective pressure
single probe. The sensor
The thermistor is housed sensor.
is housed in a radiation
in a radiation shield to shield to minimise the
minimise direct sunlight. effects of direct sunlight.
Sensors & Accessories
Booms & Arms
To meet the growing range of anemometer requirements
and proliferation of new standards for sensor booms,
Nexgen has created the ideal flexible solution.
Nexgen manufacture three ‘standard’ side booms:
manufactured from 304BP Stainless Steel and designed
to meet the IEC guidelines (6-1400-12-1). Sensor Arms
We can also supply a 'Top Boom', which is designed to The seperation distance between your boom and sensor is important
be mounted at the top of the Mast, with an incorporated to avoid significant flow disturbance. Nexgen manufacture sensor
lightning rod. arms suitable for different sensors with a range of heights, made
completely from 304BP Stainless Steel.

The Rain-O-Matic The RM Young 52202
A simple and inexpensive rainfall This high quality rainfall measurement sensor
collector with a switch to indicate consists of a large collection area (200cm2) and
presence of rainfall. Information on rain two tipping buckets with a switch. The sensor is
fall is useful when conducting designed to be self-cleaning, has levelling screws
background noise surveys. It offers built in and is available with or without a heater.
2.54mm level per switch actuation. WMO standard resolution of 0.1mm per switch
Accuracy is 2% and the sensor has a actuation.
maximum deviation of +/- 2%.

Lightning Kits and Aviation Lights

Solar Aviation Light
The A601 is an advanced LED aviation light
designed to provide an easy, low cost solution with
a visibility of up to 2 miles. It has an integrated
solar panel and rechargeable battery to provide a
long term power supply.

Aluminium Lightning Protection Kits

Designed to help to protect sensors and loggers from lightning strikes,
this protection kit conducts the energy down the length of the mast to the
ground. The kit contains a lightning spike, grounding rod and aluminium
wire to fit the size of your mast, and comes complete with a ground
joining length of copper tape and all the necessary connectors and mast
clips. The kit is designed to meet, or exceed BS 6651.

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