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Make a Past and Perfect Tense

To Complete The Task Of English For Nursing 1 Subject

The Facilitator : Mr. Asih Nurakhir, S.Pd

Composed by :

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Anita Kusumawardani 22020116140095

Frieda Andini Wulan Samudra 22020116140094

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Make a past and perfect tense

A. It’s is a branch of medicine which studies about pulmonology, physiology, cytology, genetic,
osteology, anesthetics, and neonatology.
- Pulmonology
 Definition: a medical specialty that deals with disease involving the respiratory truct.
 Sentence: My brother had study about pulmonology
- Physiology
 Definition: The branch of the biological sciences dealing with the function of
 Sentence: She has learned physiology subject since 2016.
- Cytology
 Definition: The branch of cell science, to learn about structure and cell function.
 Sentence: Cytology investigation referred that cancer cell was spread in the others
- Genetics
 Definition: The study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.
 Sentence: I haven’t same genetics with Maici because we’re friend
- Osteology
 Definition: The scientific study of bones
 Sentence: I have study about osteology to become an osteologist
- Anaesthetics
 Definition: a drug that causes temporary loss of bodily sensations.
 Sentence: it was before the day of anesthetics which relieve all of these
inconveniences and above all, relax the muscles.
- Neonatology
 Definition: Neonatology is a subspecialty of pediatrics that consist of the medical
care of newborn infants, especially the ill or premature newborn.
 Sentence: I have gotten learned about neonatology when I have third semester.
- CRF (Cronic Renal Failure)
 Sentence: She has felt CRF (Cronic Renal Failure) since 4th month ago
- PR (Pro Rectum)
 Sentence: Dini was constipate since two days ago, so we have to direct her to give
pro rectum.
- RN (Registered Nurse)
 Sentence: My mother got registered nurse yesterday, so she could open her own
nursing clinic.
- IDDM (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus)
 Sentence: I’ve never absent for injection insulin, when I was diagnosed Insulin
Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.
- ICCU (Intensive Cardiac Care Unit)
 Sentence: Yesterday I went to ICCU to see my neighbor and there’s very sterile.
- PN (Primary Nurse)
 Sentence: she has become a primary nurse for 5 years
- ECG (electrocardiogram)
 Nina’s grandmother has electrocardiogram test since six months ago.

- SQ, Sub-Q ( Subcutaneous )
 Sentence: I’ve done subcutaneous acts to the patient in the lavender room, her
name is miss Ludya.
- Tab ( tablet )
 Sentence: when I was sick two weeks ago, I see the doctor. The doctor said I got
diarrhea and the doctor asks me to don’t eat food which contains acid or chili too
much. The doctor also gave me some tablet to get me well.
- TID, tid ( three times a day )
 Sentence: My doctor told me last week, that I should take antibiotics three times a
- Ud ( as directed )
 Sentence: Mr. Ana didn’t eat spicy food in this morning because she has
stomachache, so we have to direct her diet to healthy food